What a whirlwind our move to Windsor has been.

I literally can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we left Yorkshire and started our new lives down South.

Cliched af but it’s honestly flown by!  Oh and another cliche incoming..it really does feel like home already. I think the fact my husband Peter and I have moved around a lot over the years, living in different countries and cities has meant we can adapt easily. I mean, we even feel at home on the first day on holiday. My Mum always feels this way too. Maybe it’s hereditary!

Windsor life

Peter and I actually hope to move to LA in a few years, and knowing how well we tend to adapt to new places, makes me feel certain that if we go for it, things will work out!

All this positivity doesn’t mean the move hasn’t been emotional, however. I miss my best mates and family so much it hurts but knowing they’re just an ‘M1 away’ makes me feel better about everything, and I’ve scheduled a visit in soon so my heart feels less heavy.

Plus, I have to admit moving is freaking stressful-the boxes in every room, the chaos and upheaval is full-on…It has been worth it though and we know it’s 100% the right thing for us all.

cute kid

Plus, the people of Windsor have been so incredibly welcoming and kind. Readers have approached us to say ‘hi’ in the street (and Waitrose of course, where I’ve been spending all of my money !) and I’ve received lots of sweet emails from followers on social media who live nearby congratulating us on our move, as well as offers from businesses, parks and favourite places, which have warmed the cockles as we say up North!

One of those aforementioned kind emails came from the exquisite, and renowned Cliveden House, a mere twenty minute drive from us, inviting us over for lunch at their on-site restaurant (and perfect al fresco dining spot) Astor Grill last week. Joining me was my fabulous friend, fellow blogger Jacqui of My Little Monkey  who had first introduced me to Cliveden when we were house-hunting. Our children get along so well, it was an absolute pleasure to hang out at this historical hotel and National Trust gardens together.

I’ve included some pics from when our paparazzo Peter was with us the last time we visited, as well as some of Jacqui’s dreamy shots.

Cliveden House

half term at Cliveden House

maze at Cliveden House

Cliveden House

Delicious, seasonal food along with attentive service from all the staff, and a special welcome from manager, Tony who gave me a tour of the Spa there (which is out of this world by the way and houses the only Grade I listed swimming pool in the UK), as well as time to enjoy the achingly beautiful grounds, woodlands and play areas, made for the most perfect day.

Cliveden House

Astor Grill

lunch at Astor Grill

We were in foodie heaven here, and Jacqui and I, can’t wait to return for a spa day soon! Thanks for inviting us Cliveden House.

kids enjoying Cliveden House

…Now aside from Windsor and the surrounding areas having literally everything a fashionista mum could wish for (yes Topshop, Zara and H&M I’m looking at you), being just thirty minutes away from Paddington by train has made life a million times easier be it for work meetings or simply taking the kids out for the day.

We have been spending most of our time in Windsor though as living in the centre means being able to nip out for lunch or dinner with ease, and with parks and playgrounds on our doorstep, the kids are never bored.  It’s been quite the relaxing summer and I can’t wait to see the Long Walk as the seasons change, wellies on with more adventures to follow…

Windsor life

boys playing


playing with big sticks

Windsor life

playing with sticks in the park



..As we near September, school is upon us and whilst the boys haven’t gotten into the same school sadly, they’re both first on one another’s waiting lists, so we hope they’ll be reunited soon.

Their respective schools are close to one another at least and Peter and I will tag-team the school run and collection, so it’s not all bad.

Plus, it means I’ll get to make two sets of parenting friends in the school playground and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone (please say ‘hi’ to the new mama on the block if you see me).

So, there you have it: our new Windsor life. We’re absolutely loving it!



Xander’s face below because he wasn’t centre of attention for once (bahaha)!



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Windsor Move: 2 Weeks In!

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16 Responses

  1. Lisa Pomerantz

    Nothing feels as good as settling in after a move! Mazel Tov to you all! Your pictures are divine, and I can actually picture some of this since I have traveled to Windsor for work! What a gorgeous place to be! #brillblogposts

  2. Emma Peach

    Good to hear that you’ve all settled in so well. Fingers crossed for the school situation, that’s always a headache when moving with kids. We moved to Cheshire from Nottingham just before Isobel started school so that worked out ok, although being even further away from my mum is hard. 2.5 hours each way to Cambs by car is too far to do in a day. Cliveden House looks stunning!

    Emma xxx

  3. Kim Taylor

    Glad you are enjoying your new home! but you are right, moving it so stressful, we moved when I was 38 weeks pregnant – never again! x

  4. Victoria - Lylia Rose

    I’m so pleased to hear the move has gone well and you feel at home already – that’s an amazing start 🙂 It’s a shame about the school situation and I hope it’s rectified soon for you!

  5. Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie

    Such lovely photos…you really do look like you are having a ball down in Windsor! Cliveden House looks so gorgeous…and I am loving the sound of that Grade 1 listed swimming pool and spa…sounds like my kind of place!!! Eb x

  6. Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    I’m so pleased the move has gone so well for you. We are nearly ready to move but we might put it off because of the upheaval to our elderly dogs. We have four, but 2 are pretty elderly now so we might wait a few more years. Cliveden house looks fabulous! x

  7. Lucy At Home

    Wow so many gorgeous photos! It sounds like you’re settling really well which is fab. We had a bit of a mess up with my daughter’s school when we first moved house too, but despite having to move schools after just 1 term, it all worked out in the end. The National Trust place looks stunning! It’s so great to hear that everything is falling into place down there for you 🙂 #brillblogposts

  8. oldhouseintheshires

    Oh I’m so glad everything has worked out well. My friend lives in Windsor and it looks like a great place to live and you are so close to London. Good luck to you boys. My children are at different senior schools and it has worked out fine.
    Cliveden House looks stunning; that garden. Looks like I may have to visit!

    • Honest Mum

      Oh lovely! Gosh hoping they get into the same school soon. Sorry to hear you have the same issue. Hampton Court is beautiful x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks darling, we love it here. The house you refer to is our house in Yorkshire (we’ve popped a tenant in there)..our place here is beautiful too and we are constantly out and about as the castle and Long Walk are on our doorstep-feeling very lucky and grateful x


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