face renew-Honest MumStunning skincare set!

This luxury 4 Piece Complete Skin Brightening Starter Kit by Thea Skincare is the ultimate in organic skin care helping you achieve clear, smooth and radiant skin! Amazing!.

These 4 restorative products contain natural fruit enzymes that renew and brighten complexions by removing dead skin cells, repairing, hydrating, firming and adding a healthy glow.

I love how they lifted and reinvigorated my tired complexion after nights of disturbed sleep and that their ingredients are all natural and organic and suitable to my sensitive skin.

What you could win:


Fruit Enzyme Creme Exfoliator, 15ml
Renew, lift & smooth with a natural and organic, fruit-based Alpha Hydroxy exfoliator that gently removes the dull surface layer of the skin, unblocks pores and regenerates new cell growth for a brighter, plumper complexion.

Fruit Enzyme Creme Cleanser, 50ml
The deepest natural cleanse possible. This amazing fruit-based Alpha Hydroxy cleanser feeds water beyond the surface of the skin, facilitating the highly efficient removal of dirt and impurities. Deeply hydrates and purifies the complexion.

Fruit Enzyme Rejuvenating Toner, 50ml
Recondition and refresh your skin by adding a natural Alpha Hydroxy toner to your daily routine. Natural fruit enzymes deeply penetrate the surface of the skin, removing any remaining impurities whilst smoothing fine lines & wrinkles. pH balance is restored and skin tone is beautifully enhanced.

Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser, 15ml
Plump and deeply moisturise your skin with the added benefit of highly nutritious natural fruit enzymes which deeply penetrate the surface of the skin, drawing in maximum moisture and nutrients whilst minimising wrinkles and banishing dead skin cells.

Stylishly presented in a beautiful box that makes the perfect gift.

UK Only

Good Luck!

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122 Responses

  1. Natasha Gandy

    I would love to win this to help cheer myself up as recovering from 4 breaks to my jaw ! Have had to have 2 lots of surgery (so far!) and the stays in hospital and generally being ill, has wrecked my skin which now needs some serious TLC! x

  2. Irene Murdoch

    I’ve had a horrible week waiting for a biopsy and could do with cheering up

  3. Kim Styles

    I would love to win this because ,When I recently started my menapause it seemed like an overnight change in my skin.It became dull and lifeless- I reached in despair for foundation to cover it up whilst searching for something to give it a boost and renew the youthful skin I had before. I think it needs treating by removing the dead skin cells, repairing, hydrating, and firming .I nkow I can’t turn back the clock ,but I can try to look after my skin with the best products I can find

  4. Iram Batool

    I probably want it the same reason as everyone else 🙂 My skin could do with some love.

  5. Deb Hambleton

    Struggling with my skin now that i am nearing ‘middle age’! Really need some help!

  6. Natalie Gillham

    I would love to win this as my skin is damaged and I am trying to look after it and improve it’s condition 🙂

  7. Rachel Whatmore

    I’ve been struggling with breakouts and oily skin since March, after previously having nice clear skin. It’s knocked my confidence and it’s all I tend to think about. I would love to try the Exfoliator in particular, as it has AHAs in it. Great for removing dead skin cells. Fingers crossed!

  8. laura horton

    I would love to win this for my mum for christmas as after a year of been poorly she is finally on the mend! and this will give her TLC that she needs!

  9. alice lightning

    this sounds gorgeous I,ve been run down lately ,unfortunately my face shows it, I could do with a pick me up to give it a bit of a sparkle


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