Hotel Chocolat Patisserie Sleekster

First things first, I’m hosting this delectable competition to celebrate another competition with Hotel Chocolat whom I love. Keep up chocolate-lovers.

…Over on Hotel Chocolat’s site you can enter to win a six-month Tasting Club subscription – or six months free if you’re already a member – and have your very own chocolate creation brought to life!

Eton Mess, Mint Royale and Cara-sel: some of their most popular chocolates were dreamt up by our Tasting Club members as part of our Create-a-Chocolate competition and now you have that chance too. Just send in your drawing and an unforgettable name and it could go on to become the next award-winner or customer favourite!

Entries can be submitted all year round with a winner chosen every three months. Your chocolate could feature in forthcoming Tasting Club boxes, which will be scored by their members!

The Tasting Club is a monthly subscription, and 100,000 of their members come home to an exciting new box of chocolates. Every tasting box comes with a scorecard. By scoring chocolates they influence the development of new recipes, with the highest rated starring in Hotel Chocolat products.

Discover more details and ENTER HERE.

Hotel Chocolat

We are huge fans of Hotel Chocolat and adore their unique and outstanding Roast + Conch restaurants too.
You can read past reviews there on the blog in these posts: Roast and Conch review, Hotel Chocolat’s School of Chocolat review and Weekend in Pictures.


chocolate mousse cake

Now for my blog competition with Hotel Chocolat, enter below and this mouthwatering Patisserie Sleekster worth £22.50 could be yours! How incredible?!

Hotel Chocolat Patisserie Sleekster
Featuring 27 decadent dessert recipes, including: The Brownie, Mousse au Chocolat, Caramel Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, The Blondie, Raspberry Pannacotta, Billionaire’s Shortbread, Strawberry Cheesecake, Fudge Sundae, Tiramisu, Custard Tart, Lemon Cheesecake, Apple Strudel and Rhubarb & Custard, you will adore this chocolate feast.

Weight: 225g / 12.3oz

UK only

No cash alternative.

Ends May 20th 2016.

If the winner does not respond within 7 days from the email being sent, a new winner will be notified.

Good luck!
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189 Responses

  1. Tim Woolfenden

    Never tried these. I would give them to my son dependant on his A level results! 😉

  2. karen hill

    lovely, thanks for the chance to win a fabulous treat x

  3. Nora K

    I would love to win this for my friend who is going through a very tough time at the moment. She deserves a treat

  4. Lauren Reed

    I would love to win as hotel chocolat is my absolute fave, I would share with my mum when we enjoy one of our catch ups x

  5. Rachel Butterworth

    I would give this to my sister in-law to celebrate her pregnancy.

  6. Rennene Hartland

    I love hotel chocolate and i mean love so they would be all for me 🙂

  7. Jane wright

    I would love to win these chocolates, they would make a lovely gift for my workmate who is the ultimate chocoholic and has had a few rough months.

  8. Jamie Millard

    it would make a great extra birthday present for my mum

  9. Corinna Ball

    I’d love to win it for my daughter. She’s been so well behaved lately. It would be a great treat.

  10. Lauren Tourle

    Id want to win for my partner for our anniversary as he adores these 🙂

  11. Laura Craggs

    I would love to win these for myself and my husband as we love hotel chocolat

  12. Tracy Gladman

    I would love to win these for my mum. She lives abroad so I could take these over when I visit and give them to her for her birthday.

  13. Katie Kingsbury

    I’d love to win for my Mum – she is of the generation that finds it difficult to indulge themselves and as much as she loves chocolate she’d feel super guilty if she bought these herself. If I said they were a prize, she’d be a lot happier!

  14. Susan Laing

    These look wonderful, I would like to think I would share them with my partner but hey I’m making no promises.

  15. Julie Booth

    I would love to win this for my husband as it is his favourite chocolate

  16. ElizM

    The chocolates look amazing – of course I’d love to win them. I would share them with my kids – honestly

  17. Maxine G

    it would make a lovely treat for hubby (and I’d hope he’d share with me too!)

  18. rebecca smith

    i want to win to treat my husband to his favourite chocolates

  19. Hazel Murphy

    Would love to win these chocolates , what a lovely way to end my diet !

  20. liz ferguson

    I would like too win to serve these up too my friends when it is my turn too host the coffee morning xx

  21. betony Bennett

    Because chocolate is my most favourite thing everrrrr and I wouldn’t share with anyone 😮

  22. Laura Harding

    I’d give them to my husband, who absolutely loves Hotel Chocolat, massive brownie points for me!

  23. jill dean

    They would look lovely on the dining table with Sunday lunch. They would taste fabulous shared with the family over coffee to finish off our meal.

  24. Emma

    I want to win because these chocolates look utterly amazing,. I would (reluctantly) share them with my partner

  25. Diane Carey

    I would love to win this for my 86 yr old mother-in-law for her birthday. I’m sure she would enjoy these wonderful flavours

  26. C Kennedy

    I’d love to win these, they look delicious! I would probably keep them for myself but may share them with my other half if he’s lucky

  27. Kelly Jones

    I would love to win these – I could say I would share them but to be honest I would probably snaffle them all myself 🙂


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