The TW-650 from Epson is the most incredible projector for a cinema experience everyone can enjoy at home. Whether you’re watching movies or sporting events, playing computer games like Super Mario Odyssey below or hosting a birthday cinema party like we did for Alexander’s 6th birthday party in September, this impressive 300-inch display full HD projector will bring the screen to life and make all of your cinematic dreams come true.

Next up is a girly sleep over with my Mum friends and Pretty Woman on the projector! Oh yes!!!

Worth £599.99, this projector has transformed our living room into a home cinema (it’s huge) and those who follow my Insta Stories will know how much fun we’ve had with the TW-650 since it arrived last month. We adore it.

Super Mario Odyssey

What I love most, is how much it’s brought the family together on an evening with the projector unifying us whether it’s been watching home videos from when the kids were tiny to new releases like the life-affirming movie, Wonder (I was lucky enough to attend an intimate screening on release with a Q&A with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson but watched it again with the children) or old favourites like Home Alone, we pop the corn then snuggle up, bonding over film and food: our favourite things.

Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson

Below they enjoyed Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3.

Thank you Epson!

home cinema projector

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3

Luckily, I have a projector to give away to a lucky Honest Mum reader via Rafflcopter below so follow the instructions and you could be taking this beauty home with you!

The main features include:

Epson projector

Epson projector

  • 3LCD Technology that can create a 300-inch display, bringing the screen to life and achieving a display that is up to three times brighter than competitor products.
  • Equally high White and Colour Light Output of 3,100 lumens.
  • Its 15,000:1 contrast ratio produces clearly defined shadows and deep blacks.
  • Simple set up: hassle-free with features such as keystone correction to help quickly position the image.
  • With this model’s long-lasting lamp light source, you’ll be able to watch a film every day for up to 11 years.


Ends 30th November 2018.

UK only.

No cash alternative.

If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the notification email being sent, a new random winner will be selected.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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368 Responses

  1. HazelY

    I have long (oh, so long) been in total envy of a friend with an amazing projector like this. It would be wonderful to bring not only my family together for more evenings of enjoyment but to be able to invite friends for a great night in as well.

  2. Becki johnson

    My kids would love watching moana on this! But my husband would love watching the footie more!

  3. nic o'demus

    – used to help with a projection cinema, we had the bookcases lined with betamax videos for it (much better than vhs!). Dali silent surreal films and Hitchcock’s spellbound was one of the favourite combos (Dali designed the dream sequence). would be a dream to win anyway…..

  4. Sylvia Paul

    My Husband and Daughter both love watching movies but the cinema is so expensive. This would be the next best thing xx

  5. Lydia Graham

    We love to see things on ‘the big screen’. Unfortunately we can’t go often because of the cost and not having anybody to look after the dogs so this would be brilliant

  6. frances hopkins

    What a great bit of equipment to have, would be perfect for those Christmas movies

  7. Simon Tinsley

    In my spare room I have a mahoooooosive wall that’s painted white. It’d be perfect for this.

  8. Caroline Blaza

    We watch lots of movies especially during the winter. This would be amazing x

  9. alice lightning

    being a24/7 carer dont get out much at least i could bring cinema screen to my home wow wheres the popcorn

  10. Arabella Bazley

    I think these are such great fun because you can also use them for background sound/vision for a party or imaginative play. It would be just as much fun coming up with new ideas how to use it as it would be watching movies!

  11. Susan Willshee

    We’ve got a garage wall backing onto our garden. It is painted white and would make a fabulous outdoor screen for summer movie evenings

  12. Stev Rigby

    My granddaughters love the Disney Classics and this would enable them to be part of the action

  13. Louise Clarke

    I would love to win this for my grandson as he could watch all his music videos on the big screen

  14. Carly Belsey

    Wow the kids would love this and if it would make them happy then it would make me happy 🙂 Imagine all those Christmas films you can watch with a cinema experience. Would be fabulous

  15. Katie Walker

    Would love to win as I have movie nights with my sister and this would make them spectacular

  16. Emma Bennett

    It would be amazing to watch movies like going to the cinema, it’s so expensive these days. The idea of watching Netflix or Prime or renting a movie and watching it at home on a big screen is just brilliant!

  17. Gemma Holland

    I would love it so that my sons and I could watch Christmas films and they can use it for gaming

  18. becci cleary

    So I can play my new Nintendo Switch in style….imagine Mario Kart on this 😍

  19. Maria Jane Knight

    I would love to win for the most magical way to watch Christmas movies this year!

  20. Alison Clark

    My uncle used to have 1 of these when we were kids – well not sich a modern one but mbased on the same idea and i remember sometimes when we went over he would get all the old photos out and we would gather around to look. Happy memories.

  21. Chris McKendrick

    I’d love to win so i can use it for gaming, films, and for delivering visuals at my shows.

  22. paula cheadle

    I would love to win this for my son, as he loves things like this and is a huge gamer, so would be perfect for him

  23. Angela W

    I would love to win for my husband to be as he is massively into his gadgets and this would be me lots of brownie points 🙂

  24. Deborah Clarke

    This would be fabulous for movie night’s with all the family. The only question is who’s bringing the popcorn ? Thanks for the amazing and generous opportunity


    My grand daughters love to watch films with their grandpops and this would be absolutely fabulous for them. The full cinema experience with popcorn and pop they would absolutely adore this.

  26. Pia S

    Oh gosh, who wouldn’t love to watch movies or play games on a big screen! Or when my husband’s football team or my ice hockey team plays, have that on the screen! Popcorn’s ready! 🙂

  27. Frances

    What a fab giveaway! My kids would love this, they have a movie night downstairs once a month where we bring the mattresses down and they camp there all night. We recently just got a Nintendo switch as an early family Christmas present and I can imagine using a projector would make it so fun when we are racing on mario cart 😁 🤞🏻 xx

  28. Kim Lam

    I would love to win this for my boyfriend. He has been going on and on about wanting one for ages

  29. Katie Gale

    Why would anyone not want to what a fantastic prize I’d love to have a Xmas movie marathon using this

  30. Katie Gale

    This prize is epic I can just imagine having family Biggs sat watching films or looking back at precious memories

  31. Danny Evans

    my 3 sons and me are all avid gamers , playing games and watching movies on a big screen like this looks amazing. I would be a cool dad if I was lucky enough to win

  32. Georgia Pargeter

    What an amazing piece of equipment to have at home! Everything would be in real life!

  33. Amy Lambert

    would love to win as we could have a cinema experience at home our kids would love this especially with these cold winter nights


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