Honest Mum with activity tray EasyXplorer TrayMumboss Lucy Brackett created the EasyXplorer tray during her maternity leave in a bid to entertain her kids on road trips with something other than an iPad.

The tray has lots of essential pockets for toys and snacks and she created an erasable drawing surface so kids can draw directly on the tray then wipe clean and start again! Her husband designed the world scene on the tray for extra play activities so the product is a family affair for the Bracketts.

pens in the EasyXplorer

My own son, Alexander loves to play and draw, so the EasyXplorer was the ideal companion over Christmas when we travelled to Bruern at New Year and back home to Windsor. It was lovely to witness him being creative in the car colouring in the castle image, without a single, ‘I’m bored’ to be heard!!!

child with EasyXplorer

Excitingly, you can win one for yourself worth £23.80 at the bottom of the post.

Here are the features in greater detail:

happy child with EasyXplorer


At EasyXplorer, they know how hard it can be to keep kids entertained on long trips which is why they designed the EasyXplorer travel activity tray to provide the ultimate portable play unit for the car, stroller or airplane.


The EasyXplorer travel tray combines the versatility of a play scene mat with fun design to appeal to children with an erasable drawing surface. There is a special plastic layer over our play scene, allowing children to add to the design as their imagination takes hold. They can also use their specially created inserts to play games and practice writing.


Prevent boredom! The EasyXplorer activity tray has space for a drinks bottle, snacks, toys and pens all within easy reach, just pack up before the start of your journey and let your child choose what they want to play with next.


Their exclusive inserts are designed to encourage independent play and stimulate learning. They use a combination of games and handwriting worksheets to engage children in a fun and entertaining way.

FREE no mess pens included – they know how messy children can get so their specially designed pens allow you peace of mind while your children are busy creating! Once they have finished, the surface can be simply wiped clean with paper towel or wet wipe. Their pens easily come off hands and wash out of clothes.


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Ends 19th March 2019

UK only

No cash alternative

If the winner does not respond to the notification email within 7 days, a new winner will be randomly selected

Good luck


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105 Responses

  1. Jules page

    I would love to win for when I ha e the grandchildren in my car. And that’s a lot!

  2. Sian Buckingham

    I’d love to win for my little boy as it would be perfect for when we are out and about!

  3. Jodie W

    This would be amazing for when we travel to visit my family, its an 8 hour drive away

  4. Mandy Doherty

    Love to win for my granddaughter who would enjoy using this on car journeys

  5. Amanda w

    How much of a godsend this would be!! What a fab idea! Deffo need to look into getting a couple of these for my monkeys!

  6. Robyn

    We live about an hour away from my mum and we often go and visit, my son gets really bored in the car, this would be perfect for him.

  7. Katie m

    Would be perfect to keep my little sister entertained on car journeys

  8. becci cleary

    For my 3 year old Lexie…. She is a nightmare in the car, forever dropping her dummy, drink, snack or whatever else she has hold of…. She’s not the patient kind of child either… Driving along the m53 and she wants her dummy picking up off the floor there and then 😂 😢

  9. Kirsty Bowers

    We are driving up to scotland on holiday soon and this would be perfect for my little boy! Its a long drive and he needs to be kept busy

  10. Kim Neville

    Would come in very useful for my son when we are on our travels and keep him amused

  11. Simone Griffin

    This is a great idea! It would be perfect for my 6 year old son on long car journeys x

  12. Rebecca Whatmore

    Would be great for use when we are travelling long distances for holidays

  13. Jeanette Leighton

    For my daughter Sheriah 6 when we go to visit my dad in the summer holidays the car journey is almost 3 hours , this would be good fun

  14. Sarah A

    I’d love to win to give my son something to do on long journeys, I’d like to avoid the ipad!

  15. Paddington18

    I remember nightmare car journeys as a child, so this would be great to make it enjoyable for my son and also easier on me!!

  16. Nicola Marshall

    I would love this for my little boy, it would be perfect for him to take on our holiday this year.

  17. Sam Cornford

    Perfect for my daughter when we take the 5 Hour drive to Dartmouth.

  18. Hayley Turner

    My son is always saying he is bored on car journeys, we’ve had to do a lot of travelling to London and he’s always fed up…. can’t blame him 4 hour drive. Cannot use his ipad when travelling as looking down at it makes him ill

  19. Jo Bickley

    This would be fab for my little boy, he gets bored on car journeys and it takes just over 2 hours when we visit hubby’s parents so this would be great!

  20. Janine

    Id love to win for my daughter, we have a few long distance journeys to make this year for family events and I’m dreading the car journey but I think this would be so useful.

  21. Susan Willshee

    I’d love to win because it might prevent me having to stop every few minutes because of ‘I can’t reach my…’ whines from the backseat!

  22. Anthea Holloway

    I want to win so that I could keep my grandson occupied when he comes to stay with me!

  23. Maxine Lewis-Enright

    I would love to win as I think this would keep my daughter entertained on our long journeys. She loves anything like this. Thank you for the chance to win xx

  24. Kerry H

    We’re planning some trips to visit family and it would be fantastic to keep my son distracted.

  25. abigail edkins

    I would like to win as Lillie pops gets very bored and irritable when we go out in the car on journeys longer than about 15 minutes

  26. Carla Mooney

    These look fantastic and would definitely keep my kids happy in the car on long journeys. Very handy idea

  27. Claire Marsters

    because this would give this mama some peace whilst on long car journeys to visit family

  28. Michaela Turner

    I would love to win because i struggle with ways to keep my little ones entertained on car journeys and this looks perfect

  29. Clare Hubbard

    This would be perfect for my son for long drives, it’s usually hard to keep them entertained!

  30. claire griffiths

    i would love to win this for my son as it would keep him entertained and his mind off long journeys

  31. Amy Bondoc

    how cool is this, id liove to win for when ive got my nieces and nephews in the car!

  32. Jo F

    We are off to the south of France over the summer which means lots of hours in the car so this would be great at helping keep the children entertained

  33. Ursula Hunt

    This would be great for my granddaughter who starts with ”Are we there yet?” after 5 minutes in the car

  34. Amy Denney

    What a fab prize. Perfect for my little girl when driving in the car. Thank you for the chance

  35. Lynn Neal

    This would be great for keeping my grandchildrens things neat and tidy in the back of the car whwn we are out and about!

  36. Tracy Newton

    This is a fabulous idea. It would be really useful to entertain my son on our long journeys visiting friends and family and holidays.


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