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I’ve long suspected I suffer with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder which sees my mood affected over the colder, darker months.  I wish I could relocate to Oz right now. Winter is not my friend!

Help is at hand however, and thanks to a recommendation from my blogging bestie Mirka at All Baby Advice, who kindly put me in touch with light therapy leader Lumie, giving me a light lifeline to help me feel happier.

Lumie recently launched their Lumie Vitamin L (RRP £90),  a slim bright light for SAD and well-being that you can use literally anywhere! Lumie Vitamin L simulates a UV-free sunlight to improve mood, energy and focus. I use mine first in the morning post-school run and once I turn my computer on.

The Lumie has a rippled diffuser to create a soft comfortable light that emits 10,000 lux at 20cm and sits on my desk every single day now.

Typical treatment time is 30 minutes which can be taken over more than one sitting if you prefer but I like to get it done first thing in the morning, a bit like taking a vitamin.

It worked from day 1 and felt like I’d spent time in the sun. Over the last few weeks I’ve felt happier and I’ve even had less severe PMT. I can’t recommend this magical box enough!

Vitally, as with Lumie’s other light boxes, Vitamin L is a Class IIa medical device which means it’s rigorously tested to European health and safety standards so you can use it with confidence.

“Bright light has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on our level of alertness, mood, well-being and sleep patterns. The compact and slimline design of the Lumie Vitamin L makes it easy to take it between home and work and allows you to reap the multiple benefits of light wherever you are and whatever you are doing”- Dr Victoria Revell, Circadian Rhythm Expert, University of Surrey.

Available now for pre-orders on Lumie.com and amazon as well as all branches of John Lewis, amazon, Boots and Selfridges.

Honest Mum

Check out Lumie’s credentials too:

Based just outside Cambridge, UK, Lumie has been researching, designing and developing light therapy products for over 25 years. Lumie lights treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues; boost mood and energy levels; improve sleep and waking; optimise sports performance; treat jet lag and acne. Their first Bodyclock dawn simulator – an alarm that wakes you up with increasing levels of light – was the world’s first wake-up light and brought light therapy into the mainstream. They also designed and developed Lumie Clear, a unique hand-held device that uses combined blue and red light therapy to treat mild to moderate acne.

As Europe’s leading light therapy specialist with the broadest range of products in Europe, they have strong connections within the scientific community including at Cambridge University. They’re also a member of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR), an international group devoted to promoting research and knowledge about the biological effects of light.

Lumie is certified to the ISO 13485 medical device standard and, with the exception of children’s sleep aid Lumie Bedbug, their products are certified to the Medical Devices Directive (EC 93/42) which means they’re rigorously tested to European health and safe standards and must be backed up with published scientific evidence. The distance and lux level (the standard measure of brightness received) specifications for their lights are all independently verified.

They even supply to the NHS on an occasional basis and their lights are recommended by SADA, the UK’s only registered charity dedicated to SAD. Their lights are also enhancing the study environment at Cambridge University Library and they are proud to be a long-standing official supplier to the British Swimming team.

Two of their wake-up lights, Luxe and Active, provide white noise as an option. If you are trying to sleep in a noisy environment or during the day, white noise helps to muffle other sounds, like traffic or people talking.

Thank you Lumie Vitamin L for lifting my mood and helping me to feel happy as larry again!

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239 Responses

  1. Gwyn Sharps

    Because I really struggle with the darkness of the winter months and I’d love to give one of these a try to see if it helps.

  2. sandy ralph

    because of the menopause, i have been told this could help me with my mood swings, so i would love to try it to see

  3. Sarah Hutt

    Both myself and my daughter struggle through the winter months to win this light box would be amazing .

  4. Zoey P

    I generally feel down during winter as cold and dark, would love to see if SAD lamp could help

  5. Lisa George

    The Lumie Light Bright Light! I have been told these really do help with depression and SAD but I haven’t tried it yet. For some reason I’ve managed to ward off the winter blues for the last few years but not this year. I would love to try this and give feedback.

  6. Julie Edwards

    I would love to win this fantastic prize as it will help me with my depression


    I get depressed quite a bit and when I do I bring down my whole family with me which isn’t great so this’ll be beneficial for me and my loving and supporting family! 🙂

  8. Tracy Gladman

    I find winter quite depressing so think this would make me feel better.

  9. laura cooper

    Been thinking about getting one as my mood has been low all Winter. Would be great to beat those Winter blues!

  10. bex allum

    I REALLY struggle in the darker months first thing would love this light to help aid my mood during those dark months.

  11. Becky Duffy

    I think it will help with my overall wellbeing this winter as lack of sunlight does affect my mood

  12. Keith Hunt

    We are a family of night workers and there is weeks that 1 of the family never sees day light.

  13. Linda Curtis

    It would be fantastic to feel happier more alert and with it rather the down miserable and can’t be bothered

  14. Judith Gutowski

    I suffer with SAD, and have wondered about buying one many times. Good ro read of someone’s experience.

  15. katie smith

    Would like to win for my partner’s office as he works from home! The office doesn’t have much light so think this would be fab.

  16. Emma Moss

    Honesty time – I’ve struggled with depression for about ten years. It’s akways worse in the winter and I’ve had this waiting on my amazon list since October, but as a single parent I had to think about Christmas first. And next up it’s my sons birthday, so it’s postponed again. This would make a real difference!

  17. Mum Reinvented

    Having moved back to the UK from abroad we’re finding the lack of sunlight a real struggle. Needless to say we need a little sunshine in our lives literally and figuratively, so this would be fab!

  18. Michelle Kinsey

    I suffer from a severe Vitamin D deficiency and SAD, and for the foreseeable future, I take a strong daily dose of Vitamin D capsules to alleviate my symptoms. I’d love to win my own Lumie Vitamin L Bright Light for SAD so I can return my friends light box back to her, which she kindly loaned to me.

  19. Genevieve F

    This time of year is so depressing – going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark. I’m hoping the lamp will help get the day off to a better start.

  20. Katie Skeoch

    You don’t realise how much the lack of natural light affects you. I’d love to win to feel better & more energised in winter

  21. Eve H Ogden

    Because I get Ever-So down and fed up in the winter and this would help me masively

  22. Debbie W

    I am the family alarm clock. I get up in order to get everyone else up. This is no problem in the summer months but at this time of year, I feel really groggy as I stagger round the house with my eyes half shut. I could really do with giving myself a half hour boost first thing in the morning. Also, the rooms in which I spend most of my day have poor natural light and need at least one light on all day in the winter. I’d love to try this is these rooms to see if it would make a difference to how we feel.

  23. Isabell Whitenstall

    We have just realised my husband gets a bit down in the dumps when the dark nights come along. I hope having a SAD light would brighten him up during the winter.

  24. Tracey Mitchell

    I would like to win this for my eldest daughter who struggles this time of year.

  25. renae

    In Summer I seem to wake up full of energy whereas in Winter I tend to wake up feeling very sluggish and just want to roll back over, I think this would really make a difference to my mornings.


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