It’s a real pleasure to share this dreamboat of a competition on the blog today where you can win a luxurious set of Emporio Armani Fragrances for him and her worth £115. 

Honest Mum x Armani Beauty

I’m a long time fan of Giorgio Armani who in 1981 (when I was just 1 years old) set up his eponymous, distinctive label which embodied youth and freedom. In 98 the first Emporio Armani fragrances were launched and now n 2017, we have these two new bold and addictive scents I know you’ll love. My husband Peter and I wear Because It’s You and Stronger With You daily and and have found our new signature scents in these parfums.

They’re a romantic pair of fragrances equal in strength that are both memorable and seductive! 

Let’s take a closer look:

Emporio Armani YOU fragrances


Hers is happy, delicious, sparkling, simply irresistible with combination of neroli, vanilla and musk, revealing a complex and incredibly deep sensual scent I’m obsessed with. 


This spicy accord in the top notes houses a mix of cardamom, pink peppercorn, and violet leaves which is both elegance and magnetic. I love using men’s fragrances too and have been rocking this some days as well. 

The clean lines and rounded bottles are recognisably the style of Giorgio Armani. 

YOU frangrances

Go enter to win and I’m also hosting competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Because It’s YOU – RRP £66 50ml

 Stronger with YOU – RRP £49 50ml

To find out more, head to

UK only.

Ends November 25th 2017.

This is a sponsored campaign.

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330 Responses

  1. Teresa sheldon

    My faith makes me stronger I’m not a very religious person but i do have a strong faith that i call on when i need a little bit of strenght.

  2. etleva

    Life is tough, keeps me going, motivation is everywhere, just embrace life I guess

  3. Suzanne Gaulton

    My children – I have discovered strengths I never knew I possessed since I had them – and have grown so much as a person too.

  4. Susan Hoggett

    my husband, he’s always there for all of us and is a tower of strength

  5. sarah brokenshire

    my mum makes me feel stronger – shes been through so much and is one tough cookie x

  6. Iris Tilley

    I’ve endured alot over the yrs but my innerself keeps me going with a fighting spirit and humour I love smiling

  7. Deborah Mackenzie

    My children as we have endured many problems together due to a variety of disabilities and illnesses. They have always given me the strength to aim higher and do better.

  8. Lorraine Stone

    My friends, they make me feel better when I can’t see my way through a problem.

  9. Jessica Quinn

    My wonderful hubby makes me feel stronger! On days when I feel like I’m useless, he picks me up and reminds me of how awesome I am!

  10. Jisoo Park

    My two girls. They make me try to be the best version of myself everyday and bring such positivity in my life.

  11. kayleigh white

    Me! Having to run around after my parents and being an aunty to 14 (with my first great nephew on the way), I need to be energetic and powerful!

  12. Anne Woodthorpe

    My family give me the strength to keep going even though times have been very testing and are very tough.

  13. Alan Youngman

    Family and close friends who supported me when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009. “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche, my mantra for life.


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