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When Will Came Round For Dinner

Vicki and Will-Honest MumIt’s funny how things can work out just when you need them to…I was feeling a bit down in the dumps that I’d not seen some of my closest London mates for what feels like forever when I received a text from my male best friend Will that he’d be in town for an anesthetist conference pretty much round the corner from where I live in Yorkshire-yay!

After an emotional rollercoaster of a week as Oliver started school, dinner with one of my oldest, closest friends made me feel like my old self again.

Amazing how great friends can do that to you isn’t it?!

best friends-Honest Mum

All the shared history means that it doesn’t matter a dot if you’ve not seen each other for a while…and most importantly we had some amazing news to celebrate as Will and his gorgeous wife Sarah had welcomed a beautiful baby boy Henry two months earlier!

We’ve had a family Google hangout so I’ve e-met Henry but I really need to squeeze his cheeks soon in real time… in the meanwhile it was wonderful to spend quality time with Will (who granted, I mothered through med school and is now a father himself)! to catch up and discuss life with a little one!

roast chicken-Honest Mum

I cooked my Dad’s famous roast chicken for us-stuffed with lots of fresh lemon and garlic, roasted sweet potatoes and made avocado salad followed by an exotic fruit salad with Yorkshire tea to boot!

fruit salad-Honest Mum

Peter put Oliver to bed but Alexander was too far too excited to see Will and wanted pre bedtime cuddles and some of our chicken (what a cheek)!

As you can see he’s too cute to refuse! And Alexander’s not bad either!

Will and Alexander

Then it was catch up time…

…I loved Will’s musings on new fatherhood, overcoming the evil colic (“we tried EVERYTHING”) to those “but is it normal…?” type questions I answered with, “basically I’m blagging parenthood Will so do what you can to survive”, the frank chats about how life changes once babies arrive (the good, the life-affirming, the dog pooh that needed cleaning off the buggy wheels in marigolds)…

…How friendship can change, those without kids don’t always get it (how can they?) and the special ones who do whatever… and for hours on end through late night yawns and too much food, we laughed and laughed, buddies who used to go clubbing in Soho most nights at uni to parents of little people who don’t like sleep… And it made me think more than ever, that I’m so flipping lucky to have real friends like Will in my life to share all this utter craziness with…

Then Alexander woke up!

Daddy with child-Honest Mum

Have you got a Will in your life?


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