Why You Shouldn’t Try TOO Hard


If you’re short on time, let me save you some trouble….

Informing you that you shouldn’t try too hard is me advocating that YOU GO LOVE YOURSELF. That’s it, no need to read the rest of the post unless you want to dig a little deeper that is.

I’m all FOR ambition and working hard but equally believe that you can push too hard, I know I have myself in the past and it can come at the detriment of your emotional and physical well being. It can limit time with those you love and make you feel miserable.

And, it’s unnecessary. Working endlessly doesn’t mean you’ll get the desired results. It’s more likely to break your spirit. Finding balance and taking time out only enhances the quality of your work, the clarity of your thoughts and your inner self-worth. You have to live life to write about life.

So yes, put the work in but enjoy yourself, and most importantly, go with the flow, trust the timing of your life and respect and love yourself in the decisions that you make, safe in the belief that things will be OK, sure, they might not pan out exactly how you planned but isn’t it more exciting this way. The plot twists and turns, the lessons learned, the pivoting and change in plans; the personal growth?

People can sense when you’re desperate, and it’s not attractive. Just think of relationships and how off-putting it can be when someone appears far too keen far too quickly. Stifling. You want to run a mile. So, go easy. Don’t play games, or over-compensate because you’re trying to be ‘cool’ (whatever that means), be honest and real and let things flow and go in their good old time. Don’t force milestones or equally relationships in life or in work, simply do what you love, commit to life-long learning and prioritise what makes you happy. Lean towards the sun as sunflowers do.

Embark on therapy to love yourself more if you feel you need to (it’s helped me, hugely) working through past problems that might be stalling you from feeling happy, and surround yourself in a blanket of unconditional love, swerving those who make you feel bad about yourself.

Remember that when you don’t try too hard, and simply be yourself, positive people and opportunities will gravitate towards you because as my Mum always says, ‘There’s nothing more magnetic than someone happy in their own skin’.

Shouldn't Try Too Hard


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