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Why I Kinda Love the Kardashians

The Kardashians-Honest MumSo hear me out-yes I realise the Kardashians and their multi million dollar world take-over is largely a constructed reality served to us by this shiny-haired, perfectly coiffed family who play up to their self-created/perpetuated ‘characters’ and all look great in white, but I actually really flipping enjoy it!

There, I’ve written it down in black and white-I kinda love the Kardashians because their world is such unreal, pure escapist, LA-living, Birkin bulk-buying madness most of us will never experience EVER (if we don’t watch E! that is and live vicariously through them as if borne from the K-procreating Matriarch and power-house that is Kris Jenner)…

And why is it so appealing anyway?

Lets start with the ‘characters’- botox and surgical enhancements aside, this family is undeniably pleasing to the eye with protagonist Kim the most beautiful and lusted after (finally a curvaceous role model) her good looking brood of sisters and sole brother in her shadow yet funny and relatable, we follow them unflinchingly as they embark on relationships, many bad (mostly Kim) and weddings, sometimes several (mostly Kim), family feuds (mostly Kim), constant selfies (OK I’ll stop) and unrelentless shopping trips, holidays, personal appearances, product launches and joint family business ventures after ventures, from clothes lines to perfumes and beyond.

These guys are enterprising, I’ll give them that and the American dream in action sure is inspiring!

And let’s not forget, this family are making livings giving us what we want (and love) because we buy into this world and the programmes, magazines and spin-offs that feature them and we my friends are helping to make them rich! The richer they get, the more elaborate their lifestyles, the more we watch!

Craziness aside, for me, as much as I love coveting their wardrobes, I mostly relate to their family life, their Armenian background (I’m originally Greek Cypriot), their loud, excitable, larger than life family, the fun they have with one another, the camaraderie, the silliness…

Everyone is in each other’s business, affecting decisions, lifestyle choices and even partners (hello Kris Jenner, I’m sure my mother relates to you) and however much their lives are exaggerated, episodes scripted and planned, the love and (often temporary hate) this family has for one another is REAL, it’s what’s normal and binding and keeps most of us coming back for more!

And while I’m in confession mode, let me tell you, I’m also a little bit in love with ‘Kimye’ too-yes Kanye needs a stronger-willed publicist to curtail the ego/mask for insecurities in interviews he does and should request he smiles more, but he’s undoubtedly a genius who has met his match in Kim, offering one another stability and understanding in this media circus that’s their lives, before they were together and now much more so…and the wedding of the century of course (don’t pretend you wouldn’t go for that too if you were them)!

Oh and not forgetting that US Vogue cover which made it’s mark showcasing the first mixed heritage couple on a cover-(why so long Vogue?!) and importantly, more than anything, I think their union will last, I really do.

Yes our lives are saturated with celebrity-culture, role models for women and young girls are diminishing and questionable for the most part, Kim included, she’s not the ideal in many respects but in all fairness, she’s successful in everything she does and I know what you’re thinking on what launched her-she sued the company that leaked her sex tape for 5m and won… and she’s a family-focused entrepreneur so it could be worse…

Without a doubt, this all-pervasive reality TV phenomenon won’t change the world, yet we’re consuming, buying, lapping it all up and wanting more and more, and it’s cheap to make so won’t stop anytime soon…and to be totally honest with you, when it comes to the Kardashians and their family’s lives, I’m not sure I want it to either…

What say you?

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