My boobs are not what they once were post-kids and breastfeeding (show me anyone’s who are, hey?) and whilst I’m totally cool with that- *weep, no seriously my chest’s AOK and breasts are breasts, right, I don’t get too hung up about my body now I’ve seen it morph so much over the years- I did have a bit of a bra epiphany the other week and have come to appreciate the importance of more support in that department.

I’ve accepted my 34DDs in all their big bosom glory despite the back pain and the fact backless tops will never be on the menu but I’ve yet to find ‘the one’ when it came to bra style. Until now that is. Whilst I’d bought bras in the past from the great Rigby and Peller, it was pre-pregnancy and since then, I’ve mostly been cheating on underwear with outerwear and completely missing a trick in the style stakes.

..Due to a large bosom, I’ve pretty much abstained from padded bras (apart from the lure of Wonderbra as a teen of course) and I’ve found for the most part, that a lot of the balcony styles I’d been wearing didn’t give me quite the push and lift I wanted.

Yes to a natural looking push, no to plumbing! You still with me?

Then, last week I headed to PINK-Victoria’s Secret to check out their sportswear with my best friend Rebecca and I hit upon a collection of bras I totally fell for.

Part of Victoria’s Secret, PINK stock swimwear, lounge and sportswear, and as I discovered, a killer lingerie collection with pieces in every colour imaginable and in pretty but supportive styles I loved.

They fitted me in the dressing rooms (the staff in the Leeds store were ah-mazing by the way) and showed me lots of styles as they went, recommending I go for a more petite style bra after assessing my shape, something which offered support and coverage along with the push-up effect I wanted.

I bought the date unlined bra below in black and white, and left the store one happy mama.

Now whilst I’m a full time blogger and work with brands day to day, this isn’t a sponsored post in any way (I always mark collabs as such, anyway), I simply wanted to spread my love for PINK’s bras which, have completely upped my confidence, enhanced my silhouette and made my clothes appear more fitted and flattering, thanks to the bras beneath.

I always knew getting bras and knickers to fit properly was the foundation to every killer outfit but I didn’t give it much thought until now. I just went with what was easy, headed back to the same stores I’d always shopped in, and got a bit stuck in a rut when it came to underwear.

Well, that’s now changed thanks to PINK.

Here are some of my fave picks so you can appreciate them too:

Date Unlined Bra by Pink
Date Unlined Bra, £27.27
Possibly one of the comfiest and most supportive bras I’ve ever worn. I love the sweet pastel blue hue too.
Date Plunge Bralette by Pink
Date Plunge Bralette, £25.91
For cleavage with wow-factor opt for this super flattering plunge bra.
Wildflower Lace Strappy Back bra
Wildflower Lace Strappy Back Halter, £22.27 
Dare to bare your straps and wear this halter bra under a strappy top. The stunning sapphire blue will add wow factor to any black vest top.
Date Lightly Lined Bralette in Red
Date Lightly Lined Bralette in Red, £31.77
This red hot bralette is guaranteed to get temperatures soaring.
Lace Push Up Bra by Pink
Lace Push Up Bra, £18.18 (was £31.36)
For extra va-va-voom, opt for this stunning lace push up bra. A snip at just £18.18 in the sale!
 I can’t wait to add more bras to my collection.

Have you tried them yet?

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  1. Susanna

    Oh wow ! These bras are amazing ! So pretty and so well priced. I’ve been meaning to update my underwear so this is a good place to start. xx


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