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Who’s the Daddy with YouTuber Christian Hughes of How 2 Be a Dad

christian of how2beadad

It’s an honour to welcome Christian Hughes, filmmaker and YouTuber, with over 3 million views (WOW), to Who’s the Daddy!

Over to Christian-

How To Be A Dad?

When I first saw that positive pregnancy test, a rush of joy came over me – this was what we’d talked about, planned and wanted for the last year, but over the next few days, the nagging pangs of self doubt crept over me.

Was I going to be a good dad?  What if I messed up?  What if my child hates me?!

I obviously talked about my concerns with my wife, but I wondered if the wider community of soon to be Dads and Mums had similar feelings to me. 

I decided to use the power of YouTube, and set up a channel, featuring vlogs detailing my experience, hoping that others might share similar experiences, or even watch my videos and understand that this is a common way to feel.

My apprehensions were finally eased 7 months later when our incredible baby boy Josh was brought into the world.

The funny thing was that as soon as Josh was born, a lot of my concerns and worries disappeared.

Yes he was incredibly small, fragile and precious but whether it was that I was either too busy or tired to think about it, something inside me seemed to just come to life – a paternal instinct that told me what to do and that everything was going to be ok.

Babies are more forgiving than I gave them credit for!  Of course, having an amazing wife who took to motherhood like a duck to water made the whole thing a heck of a lot easier too!

Saying that, I was surprised just how life had changed.  I decided to create a video which depicted just what our life was like now that we had a newborn baby.

This was nearly 5 years ago now, and since then Josh has grown into a funny, charming and healthy 4 year old.  His most favourite person in the whole world?  His sister, the amazing Poppy who was born 18 months after him.

I look back now at myself 5 years ago and fully understand where my concerns and worries were coming from. 

Becoming a father is an unbelievable privilege, honour and responsibility, and I know now that it was this weight of responsibility, the desire to do the very best I possibly could as a father was what inflicted me with worry. 

This can only be a good thing – it meant I cared so much about doing the best job I could, and since then it is the thing that has driven me to spend as much time as possible with my family. 

That might mean rearranging my work/life balance, or routinely having story time before bed, but what these five years have shown me is that in the blink of an eye your children will have grown up and these precious moments will just be memories. 

Now is the time to face up to my responsibility and be the best Dad to Josh and Poppy that I possibly can be.

About How2beaDad 

Christian Hughes is managing director of Liverpool based Production Company Curly Productions  He also, together with his wife Amalie set up Toddler Fun Learning, making fun, free and educational videos for toddlers to watch for free on YouTube 

Follow How2beadad on his Youtube channel , Twitter and website 

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