This moth’s Who’s the Daddy features Al Ferguson, the founder of The Dad Network on the similarities between a parent and their child…

Over to Al:

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. That’s what they say anyway.


Each weekend, I take Ted out for a walk with my dad. Three generations of men from the same family out doing something they enjoy. I remember my dad taking me out as a boy on walks; after nursery we’d walk round a local ‘secret’ cemetery and kick the leaves. Perhaps this is where my love for being outdoors and walking came from. It got me thinking though…

…The more I watch Ted grow & develop, the more I believe the ‘acorn’ saying is true. He’s becoming more like me each day that passes. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, the jury’s still out, but I like to think it’s good.

People say he looks like me. I can’t see it personally. What do you think?

Al and Ted

He’s also started to show huge similarities to me in his personality. An example being his new found humour for all things toilet related. I know! At just 6 months, he finds wind hilarious whether it’s top or bottom end!

He’s also adopted his old man’s lack of enthusiasm for being dragged round the shopping centre…

Al and Ted

He’s followed in my footsteps when it comes to football too. From the word go he’s been an Arsenal fan and even enjoys the early morning re-runs of Match Of The Day.

Al and TedHaving only recently started weaning, he’s taken to solid foods like bees round a honey pot. A boy after my own heart! By the time he’s a year old, between us both, our shopping budget could well have doubled!

Al and TedHe’s clearly got my athleticism as you can tell from his guns!


We’re both absolutely besotted with mummy! (And just to clarify I am referring to my wife, his mum…not my mummy!) When she walks in the room both our faces light up with joy. And I’m entirely confident that it’s purely boob related!

Al and Ted

Our fashion sense is obviously on the same page as you can see here with the braces. Not everyone can pull that look off you know. I guess it’s because we’re both dressed by the same women!

Al and Ted

He’s also adopted my love for music. He’s dynamite on the Early Learning centre tambourine & maracas!

Al and Ted

It’s a funny thing being a dad; I think it’s perfectly natural for dads to want their children to grow up being like them. I certainly want to raise Ted showing him the things I enjoy in life and hoping / teaching / indoctrinating him to enjoy the same things. I want us to laugh at the same things, cry at the same things and worry about the same things and I hope that our relationship is one that reflects our similarities.

The thing is though, I’m well aware of my bad bits: the annoying habits, the irritating traits and the frustrating way I do things and as much as I want Ted to grow up to be like me, maybe not in every way. A nice blend of my good bits, his mum’s good bits and some of his own unique good bits thrown in for good measure!

That’s what we hope for isn’t it?

For them to be like our good bits and hope that the rest gets filtered out. I guess it’s a balance between the best of dad and the best of mum.

One thing I do hope, is that myself, my dad and Ted are still going out for walks in 20 years time.

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18 Responses

  1. Adrian

    Ahh. Sweet post Al. I can see you but also your wife in him. I think Little B is going to turn out very differently to me. He’s very much his own person already and I think he’s going to be a lot more practical (which he probably gets from his grandad!) And he’s a lot more adventurous than I was. But I’m looking forward to getting to know him however he turns out 🙂

  2. Mike Smith | Sunshine Dad

    Great post Al, it is fun to think about what our kids will be like and if they’ll take after us (particularly the boys). It makes it even sweeter when you have a great relationship with your dad too!
    I appreciate everything you try to do for other dads.

  3. Mama and More aka Zaz

    I just love hearing dads talk about their little ones, and yes, he does look like his dad! It is indeed what we want for our children – to be the very best of us, to be the new-and-improved versions, while accepting that they will need to make their own mistakes along the way. Wonderful post, and those tshirts are crazy cute!

  4. Dawn of the Dad

    Great post Al! As you say the apple never rolls too far from the cider press. I’m sure he will turn out to be awesome. When’s his first Iron Man? ?

  5. Lucy Bishop

    Hehe awwww what a super-cute post! Adorable. And very funny. It reminded me a lot of my hubby’s early blog posts about Bert (sadly, he hasnt kept up the regular posting but his early posts are well worth a read babe, hilarious!) Little Ted is absolutely gorgeous, a proper #boyscanbeprettytoo candidate. Loved it. Beautifully written & very touching.
    Liam’s blog URL is if you get a chance to read xxx

    • honestmum

      Oh wow going to check out Liam’s blog, get him blogging more, love reading Daddy blogs! How gorgeous is Ted, absolutely perfect to join our boys in the #boyscanbeprettytoo campaign. A wonderful post, lovely to feature Al here x

  6. Ebabee

    Ha, ha – this is so funny! Ted does look like Al though, I will give him that! I love that three generations go for a walk each weekend – what a lovely thing to do. Love discovering new dad blogs and bloggers so thanks for sharing x

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, me too, that really touched me, so many incredibly talented Daddy bloggers out there, feel privileged to share their work here x

  7. Michelle Reeves (The Essex Barn)

    Love this – and yes he does look like you! Our Little Man is the spitting image of my husband and shares his love for anything with an engine – from tractors to F1 racing. It’s so lovely to see them bonding and like you I hope that it continues for many years x


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