When You’re Feeling MEH


This past week has seen me feeling a bit MEH if I’m honest… I know I’ve been through a lot with a big thyroid op and just three weeks ago so need to be kinder to myself and accepting that meh-dom is to be expected…Plus it’s that dreaded time of the month (sorry if that’s TMI for you, but considering the majority of my readers are women, I’m thinking it’s not) so I wanted to jump on here and be real about it, because it always helps ME to write about the bad times (it’s cathartic and therapeutic and why I started this blog in the first place) and I also hope it helps YOU too. That by reading about my MEH time, you know that you’re not alone…That if you’re scrolling through FB and Instagram thinking everyone is living out their best lives right now, IT SIMPLY ISN’T TRUE.

We are ALL going through s*** times, we all have struggles you can’t see with many of us are feeling MEH and sadly, worse rn too (that’s ‘right now’ by the way, yep, I had to Google it when I first saw it too).

So what am I doing about it bar eating as much vegan chocolate as I can stuff into my mouth?

I’m taking some time-out for myself. Despite deadlines, ironing piles and the fact wallowing in sadness under covers and watching Friends re-runs is what I’d like to do.

First up, I had a full body massage yesterday with the wonderful Hanna Byrne of Sands of Siwa who I’ve since renamed MAGIC HANDS such is her gift (you can read about her brilliance here as she’s helped war veterans, athletes and even actors feel their best thanks to her skills in muscle therapy) and I’m heading off to Champneys Spa in an hour for the night with my girl Mirka of All Baby Advice and Fitness 4 Mamas to de-stress and rest. The timing for these kind offers couldn’t have come at a better time and I’m really grateful.

It’s time to put self-care first, to rebuild myself back up and stop feeling MEH and starting feeling YEAH!

You don’t need a spa trip to feel better either, just go for a stroll and smell those sweet roses, do some yoga at home even if it’s 10 minutes while the food’s in the oven, heck, take a proper lunch break to enjoy every mouthful and stretch out at the end of the day… Finish that book (mine: Mumboss, hopefully) and simply treat yourself like you do your best friend. Speak to yourself as you would your loved ones. Repeat after me, ‘Everything will work out’. ‘I am enough’. ‘I am loved’…

Look after yourself before your wreck yourself.

As Hanna reminded me, you can’t fix anyone else if you feel broken yourself. She’s a wise one, that Hanna.

So what are you going to do to put yourself first today?

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