When You Feel Down About Your Weight Going Up


I’m currently feeling down about my weight going up…

Look, this is not about conforming, all bodies are wondrous and beautiful and I champion diversity, of course I flipping do,  but I also champion health too and putting on 10lbs since Christmas isn’t great for mine as a PCOS sufferer and I don’t take that lightly.

It’s a weird one when it comes to my figure as I eat like a little piggy for months then BOOM it appears to creep on as if overnight but I’m lucky that I tend to lose weight quickly too (despite the insulin resistance of PCOS) so when I put my mind to it, I can notice a big difference within weeks.

When I shot my book promo pics last summer, I was the slimmest I’d been in a long time and I can’t lie, I felt pretty confident. I don’t have a huge frame so you can see every single pound on me and whilst I support loving your body you’re in, I also advocate honesty and HONESTLY, right now I don’t feel or look my best. My confidence has taken a hit and hate how tight my clothes feel.

I’m a yo-yoer anyway as water retention can mean putting on 4 lbs with PMT or if I eat wheat, something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. I had to have my wedding and engagement rings cut off at the hospital 18 months ago after a week of wheat. It makes me blow up and look awful. It’s a terrible intolerance for me, no more so because I bloody love bread!

It is what it is: rounded arms, bigger thighs and hips. An accumulation of eating more than I needed but that’s life and it time to take a stand.

So I’m writing this to make me accountable…Accountable to eating less s**** because frankly that’s what I’ve been doing most days since December, accountable to keeping up the walking (something I’ve embraced fully since our Windsor move and my new FitBit) and accountable to sticking to my mate Libby’s Boot Camp over the next 8 weeks that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

This isn’t about fad dieting or making myself feel bad. It’s about taking action.

With my book out in May and lots of press scheduled as well as TV, the latter which makes you appear bigger than you are anyway, I want to get back to my summer bod. My summer mum bod because #mumtumforever but just smaller all over please. When I truly reflect though I’m not doing this for the media or for my peers, I’m doing it for me.

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When You Feel Down About Your Weight Going Up

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