Peter and I

I’m going through that stage where I physically can’t wait to meet my baby and see his little face. You know that crazy ‘time-stops-still’ moment where they hand you your offspring for the first time and you remain in shock for the next two years, yeah that…

Above are Peter and I: the parents. I think our first son Oliver (below) is a real combo of the pair of us.


I now really want to know who son number 2 will look like and am praying Papa G’s big nose skipped a generation and Uncle Tony’s curly moustache is nowhere to be seen! One thing I know is, there’s a big boy in the bumper as at 34, nearly 35 weeks I’m measuring 36 and 4 days and tall ones are definately not from my Greek side!

All this did get me thinking and reflecting back on baby photos of the husband and I (he’s going to kill me when he sees this post) but they are too cute not to share. I have to say when I first saw Peter’s baby pictures I hoped to recreate a little boy just like him one day-he was so utterly beautiful.

Enjoy our walk down memory lane.

80's baby postcard

Above, me as a child and below, husband Peter!

80's baby

Photographs © Peter Broadbent and Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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15 Responses

  1. sharcasm

    I’m so excited for you babe. I just cannot wait to see what baby boy number two will look like and to what extent he will resemble Oliver, i’m sure he’ll be just as handsome and incredibly cute too. Fab mix with two very good looking parents. x

    • honestmum

      @sharcasm thank you so much sweetie, that moment where they hand you your baby is unbelievably crazy-in a good way x

  2. Kate

    Hi Vikki,

    Aw it’s so exciting. You know when Youngling was born I couldn’t believe how exactly like his scans he looked. We had no idea we were having a boy but when we compared his scan to a picture of him at 36 hours it was amazing. I know that sounds random – of course he’ll look like his scans it was him. But you see where I’m coming from? 😉

    All the best babe, Take care, Kate
    (aka Makeshift Mummy from

  3. Alexander Residence

    So I’m guessing your son’s beautiful hair tones are a mix of you and your husband’s fair and dark locks. Ooooh I am so excited for you, met my brother’s baby boy again last week. Babies are ace! He’ll be a stunner that’s what! xxx

  4. Babes about Town

    Boy am I excited! He’s going to be beautiful no matter what. And what sweet pics – how blonde was your hubby?! Maybe you’ll get a little blondie! It’s amazing how the genes get mashed up into something totally unpredictable and yet completely familiar too 🙂 x

    • honestmum

      @Babesabouttown thanks gorgeous, Peter was blond until he was 14! Genetics are crazy aren’t they-got a feeling this one will be darker than O but who knows xx

  5. brian

    That made me smile. Myself and Sarah used wonder what Joe would look like. He’s turned out Just beautiful..although i wish he had hair like Oliver.
    I love being daddy daycare a few days a week. Its great looking at the world through his eyes, makes you appreciate things again. I seem to spend half my life in parks and farms….and i’m loving it.

  6. Capture by Lucy

    The funny thing is you wait all that time to meet them and when they first come out they are all squished and red! Well mine were anyway! I bet another gorgeous boy awaits you both! xx

    • honestmum

      @Capturebylucy thank you lovely, I had an emergency section with O so he wasn’t too squished but wow what a shock when they hand them to you-mad! Cannot wait now x

  7. I Am Into This

    Aww, I’ve been getting this lately too! I’m hoping he avoids my nose, gets hubby’s skin and my eyes…but, let’s face it, I’m going to think he’s a heartbreaker no matter what 🙂 So exciting!!


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