dressing table with jade facial roller

What is a Jade Face Roller and How To Use To It

dressing table with jade facial roller

The jade facial roller has been used in China for centuries and has recently become a beauty phenomenon worldwide with beauty editors singing its praises and YouTubers creating millions of video tutorials on how to use it and its benefits.

I was kindly gifted this skincare tool a few months ago and felt that after road/ face testing it nightly during lockdown it was now time to feedback on how I’ve found it.

First disclaimer: I’ve inherited decent skin from my family and genetics certainly play a large part in skin health. Both of my grandmas, Annetta and Vikentia barely had a wrinkle between them into old age and both were strict about the quality of skincare products they used opting for natural oils and rosewater and they ate a healthy Mediterranean diet too. Their skin was flawless.

My own skin at start of use featured 2 deep eye bags in need of cement-thick concealer on a daily basis and frown lines on my forehead and the occasional hormonal spot.

I’ve not yet felt compelled to have Botox or any surgery (not that I condemn either by the way) and I’m always on the hunt for natural ways to boost my skin’s health and appearance.

In using this jade facial roller, I hoped to enhance circulation on my face and body (I roll it over my arms and legs a couple of times a week too), and it sits on my dressing table as a reminder to use it after I cleanse.

Second disclaimer: I’ve been using it for several months now, most nights, determined to give it a good old try before reporting back so here we are.

SPOILER: this bad boy works!

jade facial roller

But first, what exactly is a jade face roller?

A roller paint style tool, the roller is composed of 2 parts: a large jade stone for the wider expanses of your face: cheeks, jaw and forehead (my own forehead is baby-small though) and a tinier part (the baby to its mama) for the more delicate areas such as the eye and lips. You might use the larger part on your neck but I opt for the smaller side, for a more gentle roll there due to a thyroid op I had, 2 years ago.

The jade roller promises to drain the lympathatic system with every roll, toning slackening muscles and encouraging firmer, healthier skin.

The crystal jade-and do invest in actual jade not a replica gem-is also known to protect the user/wearer against negative energy whilst helping to combat anxiety and fatigue.

Why not consider plumping for another bejwelled gem stone facial roller to add to the collection such as healing rose quartz or amethyst? What a trio.

Not only does this derma tool enourage greater circulation and plumper skin, it can magically send small children to sleep too. Both my boys like me to roll the tool gently over their faces once they’re in bed as part of their bedtime routine.

The calming, repetitive action and cooling effect of the jade lulls them to sleep in seconds. Mum hack or what?!

I can’t promise they’ll stay asleep but it definitely cuts down bedtime stress.

jade facial roller

Like my kids, I tend to use the jade roller at night once my face is cleansed and moisturised and usually when I’ve used a facial oil (organic coconut oil works well) as it helps the oil penetrate deeply into my skin, aiding absorption.

I also like to pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling treatment and have found it helpful in treating heat rashes and hayfever-inflicted angry skin, as the jade diminishes inflammation.

You simply push the roller with a little pressure (it shouldn’t hurt) up and down and out to the side of your face, for the easiest and most effective facial workout. Don’t forget your neck too (I go gentle due to scarring I have there from a thyroid operation).

Start by rolling outwards from your nose, draining the toxins away.

Below is a video on how I use my jade roller if you prefer video tutorials.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you used a facial roller before?

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