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Earlier this month, George Osborne, gave his sixth budget speech with the chancellor’s new sugar tax dominating the headlines. This tax sees the Government take on the fizzy drinks industry in a bid to tackle growing issues around childhood and adult obesity.

The projected 520m from the tax will be put towards increasing funding for sports at school.

Of course, the news was bitter sweet (pun intended) for parents, as while the tax will help improve children’s health (hurrah!), it does mean that our beloved gin and tonics will also increase in price (sob!). At least Prosecco is safe (for now)…

But beyond the sugar levy, what else does budget mean for your family’s personal finance?

Prior to the budget, the free credit checking company, Noddle, surveyed 1000 of its 2m customers to find out what British people would most like to see for themselves from the budget.

The outcome?

We want the Govt to tackle our 3 P’s –Petrol prices, Pensions and Pay before tax (aka our tax free personal allowance).


Petrol prices are a big issue for this family too. Luckily both Peter and I work from home but with runs to the supermarket and after school activities, the costs mount up.

As you can imagine, public transport in the Yorkshire countryside is less than ideal (especially with kids!) so our car is an essential.

Plus, rather than always travelling abroad, we are keen ‘stay-caters’, regularly exploring our wonderful country by car.

The good news for families is that the chancellor delivered a freeze in fuel duty, while the personal tax free allowance will increase to £11,500 in April 2017 instead of £11,200 as had been originally planned.

Similarly, the threshold for the higher 40pc rate will jump to £45,000 in April 2017 and self-employed folk will also benefit as the rate at which you pay national insurance contributions increases from £5,965 to £8,060 per year.

Another issue I hold close to my heart is our beloved NHS and I would like to see extra funding for this strained but vital organisation.

This notion naturally chimes with the rest of the nation too as the Noddle survey reveals that two thirds of people want to see more investment for the NHS, while 74% want to see greater enforcement of taxes on big business by the Government. 

From Osborne’s speech, it appears that tax-avoiding big businesses are firmly in the Govt’s crosshairs with news of a clamp down on multinational tax avoidance which is expected to raise £9bn over the next 6 years. Only time will tell how effective this will actually be…

However, disappointingly there was no mention of the NHS in the chancellor’s speech and it was later revealed that the NHS would be £650m a year worse off as a result of the chancellor’s policies hidden in the small print.

One thing was clear from the chancellor’s budget is that although the UK economy is currently growing, these are still turbulent economic times with threats from a weakening global economy and volatile international financial markets.

As we saw in 2008, it only took America to sneeze for the world to catch its cold and today we face similar uncertainty with the Chinese financial markets.

In times of uncertainty, it is crucial that we are certain about our own personal finances, which is where Noddle comes in.

credit check

By signing up for its free credit rating checker and report you can gain a thorough understanding of your own personal finances, how you can improve them and closely monitor any fraudulent activity.

This means that you can make informed and better decisions about your money.

Oh and did I mention it’s completely free? Yes that’s right! No hidden charges or fees and no 30 day trials either!

To find out more about Noddle head over to their website.


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19 Responses

  1. Lizzie Somerset

    Such an informative post Vicki, I have been known to bury my head in the sand with regards to politics as it sometimes feels so overwhelming! You have broken it down into language I can understand. I am happy with the sugar levy, I think as a nation we eat far too much sugar and I’m totally convinced that it is one of the big hitters in the decline in our NHS with so many needless illnesses being treated. Obviously the decline in budget being another. One question about the Noddle credit rating, does checking your credit rating actually affect your credit rating? I’d heard you can’t do too many and having undergone credit checks for our mortgage and cards a few years ago I wonder if I can do another. Lizzie

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Lizzie for your fab comment. Checking your own credit report doesn’t impact your credit score. In this instance you’re not performing a credit check but looking at your own data. It’s a good idea to do this once a month as you can then keep an eye on your information and spot anything that is out of the ordinary nice and early x

  2. Bella

    A great post and very informative. I’ve done a credit check in the past which was highly useful but I will definitely check Noddle and revisit my finances! So important to be aware of what is happening money wise. The NHS is so vital here in the UK and although under so much pressure it keeps on going and hopefully will improve where it needs to.

  3. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    I feel a bit silly, but I have never done a credit check for myself either. I do not look after the family finance, it’s my hubby who does, and am sure he has done before, but will tell him about Noddle. I think it’s great it’s free and no need to sign-up for free trials as I believe that would discourage many people from using it. Thanks for sharing lovely!

  4. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum

    Petrol makes a difference for us definitely. The children attend a school that is a 10 miles journey each way, we attend church 30 minutes away, my husband drives around like it’s mario kart for his job. Our credit score will always be shocking until issues my husband had before we met fell off. Just another year to go. Can’t wait until we can buy our own home.
    Great informative article xxx

  5. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Doing a credit check is one of those things like checking your car oil – we often don’t till it’s too late! Thanks so much for the reminder, I’m off to have a look at Noodle now, and also very much agree that issues such as the NHS and petrol costs are so key – we are privileged in this country to have a free healthcare system, and it’s unbearably sad to see it less than cared for. Xx

  6. John Adams

    A very detailed post here Vicki. I too, would love to see more funding for the NHS in the budget. I have noticed a real difference over the last couple of years. Simply trying to get a GP appointment for my kids is increasingly difficult and just this weekend I had to take one to A&E for a minor ailment simply because I couldn’t get her to see the GP. ANyway, as regards to personal finances, it’s glad to see someone like Noddle offering free access to credit scores.

  7. Juliet McGrattan

    Thank you for unravelling some of this for us Vicki. I’m right with you on the NHS underfunding, it’s very existence is in jeopardy at the moment which I find terribly sad. Like you I live in a rural area with poor public transport links and filling the tank was getting so ridiculously expensive. Making sure the family has a secure future isn’t easy is it? Think I’ll head over to Noddle and check it out. Thank you.

    • Honest Mum

      Really isn’t Juliet and the NHS being at risk is heart-wrenching. Thank you for your comment and checking out Noddle, a super site x

  8. Ebabee

    Gosh, can’t remember when I last did a credit check on myself! It sounds like a good idea though and for free – whenever I did one last I’m sure I paid. Lots of great info in this article. Thanks xx

  9. Sharmin

    Great and informative post hon! It’s vital to have your own personal finances in order but sometimes a bit overwhelming so Noddle sounds like a really useful service. Will check it out! x

  10. Natalie

    I think it is scary how fast things change and what they can mean to us alll.
    I have a son with a chronic condition and he
    Is under the NHS and I always worries me x

  11. Amanda

    Wow, the stats sure mount up! Giving this CR checker a go – and it makes a nice change to actually get something for nothing! Thanks for for highlighting the important stuff!

  12. Maggy, red ted art

    You know, I don’t think I have ever done a credit check on myself! I never use a credit card.. and I believe that that can be a “bad” thing in the credit rating world!. Ha. Better get one. Thanks for this comprehensive article.


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