New Year's EveIt’s early January so I thought it was time I shared our new year with you guys-

The family got together for a little New Year’s Eve shindig at our house this year which was just so relaxed, warm and well, overflowing with laughter and love.

A mush-ball of a sentence I know, but so flipping true.

You know those nights you just want to bottle up forever so when life feels a little shizzle-ified you can look back on that evening and relive the joy a little.

We made a lot of those memories really this Christmas and it’s been a pretty awesome time for us all-a time to unwind, chill out, cuddle on the sofa and simply ‘be’….

Anyway back to the big night-

Papa G was doing his rounds at his restaurants (the Olive Tree) that evening (one of the busiest nights of the year for the branches) but he stopped by for a little glass of bubbles beforehand and to wish us all a Happy New Year. Getting this shot took about three takes!


This was also the first time in years that my brother, Solos, had a NYE’s night off, leaving his Italian restaurant Giorgios in the capable hands of his manager and staff, enjoying the night with his lovely girlfriend Lucy (or Juicy as Xander calls her-ha) and us of course!

The gorgeous couple-


After the photo-call it was time to eat-

Table setting

Mum and I were Head Chefs for the night, rustling up homemade tomato soup for a starter (Alexander declared it ‘super soup’) with gluten free bread (the latter was bought, we weren’t that prepared), baked salmon with garlic, chilli and organic vine tomatoes and for those who eat it, a roast chicken, sweet garlic bulbs and tonnes of oregano and lemon.

Our soup’s number 1 fan-

Tomato soup

Sides included roast potatoes, new and sweet (we don’t mess around here, people), brussel sprouts (at my request after weirdly forgetting to eat any on Christmas Day and I honestly love those little green balls of loveliness) followed by Marks & Spencer trifle and wheat free Victoria Sponge. I think I might still be full from that night in all honesty.

…Peter enjoyed the fizz a little too much I think as he managed to get a few shots of us before dinner but none of the actual food.

Poor guy, he’s always behind the camera and it was New Year’s Eve after all so he deserved a night off! You’ll just have to imagine the food shots #instafail.

Tellingly, he did get a shot of the champs being opened! Pop!


And now for my outfit. Hmmm. As you can see, I opted for some wet look leggings for the night, bought in what I think was now a moment of utter madness in River Island in the summer.

As ‘staying in’ is the new going out on NYE, I figured just because I’m not actually hitting a dancefloor doesn’t mean I couldn’t channel some disco queen meets Studio 54 style glamour.

However I’m undecided they even pull off School Disco aged 12, forget the late 70’s New York Bianca Jagger vibe- and I think they might well be going to some (lucky?) recipient at my local charity shop.

I paired them with my beloved fitted silk mix blouse with statement shoulders c/o Fever London and a vintage YSL (now Saint Laurent) necklace picked up in Paris yonks ago, a gift from my rock star of a Mama (so the top half works at least).

Oh and I like the heels by Mode in Pella too… So, all in all I think it’s safe to say you won’t be seeing the outfit on my style blog anytime soon and quite frankly these pictures have given those leggings quite enough screen time already…Moving on…

Once we’d eaten, I swiftly got into a leopard print Primarni onesie (good job Peter had put his camera away really wasn’t it?!) and we relaxed in front of the telly with two excitable children who eventually slept at 10pm before Jools Holland and pretty much all of my favourite singers -hello Ed Shereen and Ellie Goulding (bit awks) serenaded us into the new year.

I must admit I left a little something out there…I’m so rock ‘n’ roll that after drinking more than my ‘merry not drunk’ quota of 3 glasses of champagne, I actually nodded off at 11.15pm and woke up at 11.50 staying wide awake until 2.30am.

My husband missed the midnight kisses too as he’d fallen asleep himself. Pete!!!!

I think I only got a few hours sleep in the end too as the kids woke us up bright and early shouting ‘Happy New Year’…what happened the theory of late to bed, late out of bed?!

…Inhaling smoked salmon scrambled eggs and wheat free toast, we pulled on warm coats, hats and scarves and headed to our happy place, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for fresh air and a four mile walk, of which two miles, little Alexander insisted on walking too.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Happiness is a run in the park…

walk in the park

And a little tree climb (or jump)-

tree climbing

Before a tree hug of course-

Thanks Muddy Puddles for the wellies!

Tree hug

Mr Alexander loved exploring too-

exploringIs it a bird?

Is it a bird

Is it a plane?

Is it a plane?

It’s a- conservatory and inside stood a fountain which the boys found captivating. The heat inside and the soothing trickle of water soothed us into submission-


Before Oliver reached in for the touch-‘Look, some dripped on my hand’


After all that, we seemed to have worked up a mammoth appetite (yes this family is TOTALLY obsessed with food, did you notice?) and found ourselves ready for yet another feast, this time at The Olive Tree Headingley where mixed seafood, Greek dips, baked sea bass with spinach and feta, moussaka, beef stifado and chicken hydra in a creamy and white wine sauce were ordered-

As pescatarian Peter and I stuck to fish and seafood and we loved this assortment of calamari, scallops and king prawns in a delicate chilli and garlic sauce

mixed seafood

Dad tucked into Beef stifado-

Greek beef stifado

And here is Lucy’s lovely Chicken Hydra!

Chicken HydraOrhan, the Head Chef of that branch, is one truly gifted and accomplished chef and lunch was nothing short of epic as you can see for yourself. Talk about having a happy new year!

…The next day we headed to my folks’ house for lunch (I’m not sure we’re ever not eating or planning to eat in this family) and here the boys are rocking some pieces kindly gifted by my darling friend Nomita, brilliant blogger of Ebabee and founder of the most chic kids’ e-shop ever-aren’t the spotty trousers on Alexander and khaki jacket Oliver wears, just so uber-stylish?

Please do check out her store for girls and boys’ clothes you’ll love!

Striking a pose-


Crunch stop-

spotty trousers


smileAnyone for a game of tennis?

spotty trousers

…After a prawn stir-fry, some bouncy fun on the trampoline in my folks’ garden (that I like to hog myself), we headed home to simply lounge around. We’ve done a lot of that and eating this holiday and it was fabulous, darling!

…They do say the festive season is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year and in 2014, for us, it really has been.

Surrounded by close family and friends, it was pretty much one big magical love-fest, folks.

I feel so lucky and grateful for my precious little family and I feel the most content I think I’ve ever felt (and I’m a pretty happy chick most of the time).

These last few calm but fun weeks have proved to be the perfect foundation for bringing in the new year, offering me greater clarity and a renewed sense of vigour to face the future with.

2014 taught me so much (about how beautiful but how fragile life can be, to follow my dreams, to be kinder to myself and others and to cherish life, always)…and I just can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

Happy New Year you lovely lot, thanks so much for your friendship, love and unwavering support-you all rock.

I would love to read what you’ve all been up to too in the comments…



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20 Responses

  1. Donna

    It looks like you had a fabulous New Year! Such a lovely family post x
    Donna recently posted…Point + Shoot – 1/52My Profile

  2. Lucy

    Vicki I absolutely love this post and am honoured to feature in it! As always you tell the story so well and the pictures compliment it perfectly. It really made me smile. My friend commented on your outfit as soon as she read your post as she absolutely loved them saying how great you looked. You go girl 🙂 xx

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks Lucy, so lovely to have spent New Year with you guys, it was such a fun few days. Your friend is lovely too, might not bin the leggings after all! x

  3. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Happy New Year Vicki and family. It looks like a lovely New Year indeed and don’t you look so much like your brother? x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…Three Christmases- Our Christmas 2014.My Profile

    • Honest mum

      Thanks, it was lovely and relaxed. Happy New Year to you guys. Yes, Solos and I look really similar x
      Honest mum recently posted…Win Hotel Chocolat’s Sports Performance Chocolate Gift BoxMy Profile

  4. Beth Twinderelmo

    Happy New Year lovely!
    You all look fab and so lovely to hear what a wonderful time you all had over Xmas & New year. Tut tut to hub for not staying awake!! x
    Beth Twinderelmo recently posted…Weight Loss MummyMy Profile

  5. Babes about Town

    What a delicious post. Happy New Year lovely people! Although I might have to unfriend you now that I’ve learned you love brussel sprouts (yeuch)! 😉

    And don’t get rid of the leggings, I love ’em, very Olivia Newton John in Grease – you’re the one that I want! You all look fab and that food is drool worthy as ever. Looking forward to more yumminess from the Honest brood in 2015. Big love xoxo

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks my number one Babe, we’ve missed you and can’t wait to read about your adventures in Nigeria, Happy New Year darling to you and your beautiful family xx

  6. Ebabee

    What a beautiful post. And stunning pictures as always. Thank you so much for featuring the clothes – means a lot. Now lets get to the serious stuff – those leggings! I did a double take when I first saw them but I think you’ve managed to pull it off! Wow – brave choice but it worked. xx
    Ebabee recently posted…Merry Merry and Happy happy!My Profile

    • honestmum

      Haha! My whole family did a double take when I came downstairs. Am I going through a crazy 34 year old ‘I’m not 21 anymore’ induced fashion crisis?! At least the boys stayed stylish this season thanks to you darling! Mwah x

  7. Alex Bump to Baby

    Aww your new years sounds like it was just perfect. Love looking at all your family shots (as usual) – you all seem so close. It’s lovely! x

  8. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Vicki, I’m absolutely gutted that Peter put the camera away before you got your onesie on (is it weird that I have never owned one?). I want to talk to you about the leggings. Call me crazy, but I love them. I’ve been shopping around for some shiny black skinny things for some time. Even more crazily, I’ve actually had my eyes on some GOLD ones, since I saw a girl on The Voice wearing some a couple of years ago. I do not have the legs for these types of garments, and actually believe that I have reverse body dysmorphia (I believe I’m considerably thinner than I am). Anyway, that’s my long-winded way of saying do not bin the leggings! Fashion knows no rules (in my rule book). I love that you posted pictures despite hating them. You’ve got more guts than me, girl. You rocked them well, nevertheless.

    My goodness, did Alexander walk two miles?! And love that your dad had a little mud situation his trousers the next day too. Glad to hear Pete had a good time!

    Love the shot of Oliver with the rain coming down.

    As for food, you guys are so similar to my lot. Everyone is obsessed with food (this is my mother’s doing). New Year over here was a sleepy affair – I haven’t partied at hard, at home or otherwise, since before Finley was born. Maybe this year we’ll let our hair down a bit.

    Loved this post. Happy New Year honey xxx
    Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…The Kids’ First Swimming TripMy Profile

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks darling girl, think I’m the same with the reverse body dysmorphia too, I’m confused that my body isn’t a 19 year old’s anymore. Loved your comment, I was flipping brave and I really didn’t like these pictures but I’ve rolled with it seniors I’m honest mum and all 😉 You have a gorgeous figure and could totally carry off gold leggings girl seriously. OK maybe I won’t bin them just yet… xx

      • Fiona @ Free Range Chick

        I have a feeling I’m going to be a very bad (but oh so good) influence on you. I do tend to throw caution to the wind and roll with stuff, regardless of whether I should or shouldn’t be doing it. Not sure if I really could pull off the gold leggings, but I’m going to purchase some shiny black ones (or leather trousers) – something outrageous!

        Yup – why on earth am I not in my 19-year old’s body?! And what on earth is going on with my stomach? It’s almost like someone lived in there for a while… xxx
        Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…The Kids’ First Swimming TripMy Profile

      • honestmum

        Haha same, I’m keeping Spanx in business! OOh now leather trousers I seriously want and have lusted after for ages. I was actually thinking the last time I wore some was about 10 years ago. Those ones might have been pleather though! Let’s go wild together! xx

  9. Clementine Buttercup

    We’re round at friends for NYE. Kids ate early and then watched a DVD while the grownups ate. Worked out so well and all of us had a great time!
    Clementine Buttercup recently posted…Beauty: Winter Makeup FOTD – Embracing the New YearMy Profile


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