This weekend has been pretty damn perfect.


Bright blue sun-filled skies (we’ve patiently waited all winter for), happy children, a chocolate workshop with Harrogate Chocolate Tree (more coming soon)-read VERY happy children, a muddy walk through RHS Harlow Carr in all its floral springtime glory and a Sunday lunch feast with lots of family members to finish off the day.

Harrogate Chocolate Tree

Harrogate Chocolate Tree

Great food, conversation, laughter and plan-making (christenings and weddings on the horizon, good times to come), cuddles and kisses with my baby nephew Zachary and 10 month old second cousin Leo, chubby cheeks, little toes, that baby smell so sweet, it makes me want to have another and happy faces everywhere!

And sun, sweet, sweet sun which makes life so much better…

Harlow Carr: our happy place.

mother and son

RHS Harlow Carr


sculpturelook flower beautiful flowers spring flowers RHS Harlow Carrwoodland map tree

3 year old

cute pretty spring flowerslavendar snowdrops iris flowersThis isn’t a long post because it doesn’t need to be.

This weekend was full of joy.

There’s been a lot of sadness in my world over the last few months. Words that have not been written here and never will for they are stories not mine to tell. Times which were terribly tough and have made us all the more grateful for good health and love, abundant, unconditional, ever-present love.


I looked into my husband eyes tonight as I switched off the lights downstairs earlier, Oliver, 6 and Xander, 3 snoring loudly from their bedrooms and felt so grateful for all that we have, for each other, for right now.


For feeling content.

And loved.

To be around my family who through whatever life throws at us, are there like buoys in the ocean of life, determined to hold one another up, fearlessly hand in hand riding the waves, big and small, together, determined.

My beautiful, loud, smart, funny family.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

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18 Responses

  1. Lizzie

    What a gift, a weekend to treasure that you can all hold onto. Gratitude isn’t always easy I know when hard times roll in, this post just shows your character in so many sweet ways, thanks for sharing xo

  2. Tracey Williams

    Aw what a lovely post. It sounds as if you have had a pretty perfect weekend, surrounded by love and your family. I think we all need to stop, look around and be content with what we have. Hugs xx

  3. Rosemary Rowe

    You’ve shown how much beauty and love surround you and your family in photos this time, Vicki. You really have blossomed! And as for those tough times, well, that’s life – and to be honest, it’s always going to be a series of ups and downs. But, you’re such a strong, lovely woman and all your priorities are in the right place xx
    PS – My lovely DD gave birth to her beautiful boy on Saturday evening after all the trauma and he’s so worth it!! Thanks for your kind words during her high-risk pregnancy, I shan’t forget that 🙂

    • Honest Mum

      Oh Rosemary what wonderful news, huge congratulations, I hope Mum is doing well too, these high risk pregnancies are so tough. Thank you for your kind words too xx

      • Rosemary Rowe

        Well, she’s magnificent!! She got home from hospital yesterday and immediately cleaned the house so that she felt it “baby-clean” – my daughter’s amazing! Oscar is so tiny that many of his clothes don’t fit, so they’re off out today shopping for a few outfits for pre-termers!! He must know how much he’s loved as he’s so content, bless him! I have never known such joy and my heart is full to bursting – every photo she sends us turns hubby and I into Grand-jellies, lol! xx
        PS – I may have to start a Nana’s Blog!

  4. Mim

    I’m so sorry that you have had some tough times recently and sending love to you and everyone involved. You’re absolutely right, these times give us a big chance to reset and to realise how grateful we are for what we have. Lots of love to you x x x

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you darling, I’m sorry you’ve been unwell darling, seeing your attitude has been inspiring, lots of love xx

  5. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Darling, so happy you finally had a nice weekend too, and you are so right, treasure every moment of happiness with your loved ones xxx BTW, stunning photos, love seeing your boys xxx Cannot wait to see you again on Thursday

  6. Mama Bear

    What a lovely post! We’ve recently had a week which has reminded me of the good things as well – sometimes it only takes something small to reaffirm that despite everything, life is so good. The photos on this post are gorgeous as well!

  7. Laura wilson

    Absolutely stunning pictures and family and you can feel the love and happiness just jumping out <3 those flowers are stunning!!! Hope you have a lovely week xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks darling, it was such a perfect weekend, I literally shut the lights downstairs and had to write about it immediately so as to treasure it. I hope you had a lovely weekend too x


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