Honest Mum and family

Weekend in Pictures: Kids Fashion Show + Southbank Centre Food Market

Honest Mum and kids

Thanks to Next for our outfits.

Argh I’m two weeks late with this one and I’ve not even blogged last weekend but oh well, who cares, who’s counting or observing or even bothered. I don’t mean that in a self-critical way, it’s just we so often get ourselves tangled into knots over things no one should or does rightly care about. I don’t blog about all of our weekends anyway, just the odd one here and there but I do like to get round to them if I do, within a few days. The last few weeks have been a bit bonkers though and it’s currently a ‘ride by the seat of my pants’ (American version of pants) kind of a time at the moment from TV appearances to campaigns, writing for newspapers and seeing my book, yes my book take up a whole window in Waterstones Winsdor. The stuff dreams are made of!

MUMBOSS in Waterstones' Windsor's window

There’s been a birthday party (Alexander turned 6, look at that vegan cake by the Berkshire Bakesmith), work lunches, another Creative Women’s Network with my co-founder Red Ted Art (photos by Laura Shimili) I loved every minute of, and approx 264863597060034 emails I still need to get through in my inbox. Thank you to anyone who is reading this and is due an email from me (eek), I appreciate your patience.

vegan 6th birthday cake

Creative Women's NetworkSorry for sounding like a moan-y Margaret too, WE ALL have a million things to do, emails to reply to blah blah blah because we all have crazy busy lives and I don’t want this to read as a  ‘woe is me’ style post as I know how lucky I am to have a job that is flexible and fulfilling, I just feel like I’m endlessly chasing my tail at the moment and it’s hit me a little out of the blue post summer and a calmer way of life.

Oh well, back to the blooming weekend…it was London Fashion Week and I while I couldn’t attend a single show (and I’ve also declined Paris and NY due to work and family commitments), I did pop to East London for the Mini Mode children’s fashion show featuring cutting edge kids’ designers and it was FABULOUS DARLINGS. I bumped into lots of people I know both on and offline from fashion designers to journos, stylists and blogger friends and it was warm, dazzling and as unpretentious as you like.

kids wear Next son boys style smart boys style East London

Below with the wonderful Cecile of The Frenchie Mummy and Rebecca of Wishes & Wellies

Mini Mode

Isossy Children - Photography Credit - Emma Wright Photography

Photo by Emma Wright.

Deena London - Photography

Photo by Emma Wright.

So pretty, I wanted everything in my size!

We then walked to Waterloo, feeling like tourists in East London, observing the abandoned City, asleep on a weekend, buzzing in the week, Peter snapping away as the kids and I posed as per.

East London tea street art cute

bronze statueWe finally arrived at this family’s happy place: the Southbank an hour or so later (we took it easy strolling and eating Turkish bread from a Continental store we passed) we arrived at the Southbank Centre Food Market: our favourite place to eat on a weekend.

Southbank Centre Food Market cake stall pancake cake stall

Hello Corn on the Cobs drizzled with olive oil and every cuisine under the sun imaginable: Italian, British, Indian and more. I dare you to go there and ever want to leave. Energy was burnt off playing TIG on the green as we whiled away the say, the sun on our cheeks, and a cheeky nap from me.

corns corn on the cob

The perfect Sun-day with my sons/suns.

Sunday in the sunshine

Kids Fashion Show

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