Weekend in Pictures: Happy Days

I’ve not posted a ‘Weekend in Pictures’ for a while so I wanted to today.

This is one of my most treasured features, the ones we always look back on as a family: the happy days.


Weekends are always reserved for family and friends. They’re a chance to chill out, eat to our heart’s conten, go on adventures, explore, relax and simply come down from what is always a busy week, before.

It’s also a chance to eat ice cream.

ice cream

Last weekend was also all about spending quality time with some of my oldest, closest friends as we celebrated birthdays, new achievements and just being mates for decades! That’s quite an achievement in itself huh?!

First it was birthday celebrations for the beautiful little Henry who turned 4- and catching up with old friends Rachael and Stacey (teacher and founder of super blog The Teaching Mum) who I’ve known since we were sweet 16! These girls have seen my eyebrow game at its worst and my cringy obsession with concealer as lipstick! Those were the days hey!!

We’ve not aged a day!


And just look at the birthday boy. What a cutie!

birthday boy blowing out the birthday candles

They boys had the BEST time!

on quads

…After the party was the after-party (!) as I met up with Carlie, one of my besties (we met at 11) and her family for an Italian feast at my brother’s restaurant Giorgios before burning it all off at the picturesque Roundhay Park.

Roundhay Park

Running fields exploring boys running through fields

cutie Happy Ralph Lauren

Slide sweet portrait cute

After all that running, it was time for a hot choc recharge in Starbucks with the kids luckily receiving two rounds of complimentary baby hot chococcinos!

Starbucks drinking baby hot chocolate cheers

Do you think Xander enjoyed it?

hot chocolate faceNothing compares to being around real mates does it?! Those you trust with your life who’ve been there for the ups and the downs, the one who know you best.

I shared school, sixth form, city and career-changes, pregnancies and more with the ladies in this post.

That history means so much.


Last weekend was a reminder that the most meaningful of moments are when cameras aren’t rolling and you’re just with the ones you love, being right there in the moment.

Yes I will always share, I’m a giver baby (it’s my job and life) but so much of my life isn’t out there and this weekend was dedicated to being present and chilling out.  Those times are EVERYTHING. They remind you of what matters. They show you who you are. They reconnect you with LIFE. IRL.

This weekend was epic.

Exactly how weekends should be.


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