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Wearing Black in the Summer and My Secret Style Trick To Feeling More Confident

Vicki PsariasI know summer should mean bright colours and clashing print but I love chic black any time of year. It’s timeless, flattering and I honestly don’t feel any warmer in darker hues than bright shades plus there’s less chance of bee stings when I’m not in busy florals! Yes, I’ve already been stung this season! Ouch and poor bee!

…Lapping up the sun in London, I got my pose on (what’s new-ha) rocking my new Gucci shades which are the ideal shape for my oval face. Shout-out to the Sun Glass Hut for the reduction on these bad boys when I was buying them in store. A lovely surprise and much appreciated!

Vicki of Honest Mum wears ribbed black dress

I love how the dress suits my hourglass figure and isn’t too short either. It works well with my rose gold Converse as much as high wedges.


Isn’t London a babe?

I almost forgot to mention #badstyleblogger but the ribbed dress is New Look’s finest (my latest obsession after a mum friend introduced me to the store-where have I been?) and I also got the dress in the multicoloured style too which I’ll showcase another time aka when Peter can take it on his ‘proper camera’ not my phone which never looks as crisp despite me forking out for the iPhone X (argh).

Anyway, back to the LBD. Easy to wear, easy to wash and comfortable too, I paired it with these Kurt Geiger silver wedges that were just £20 in the sale a few months ago I’ve worn on repeat since (soz to my other sandals that haven’t had a look-in this season).

I love wearing wedges (even if I trip up in them at least once a day when I do) but these beauties are comfy af and I’m often stopped by strangers complimenting them which FYI we all need more of (stop someone today to tell them how good they look). These silver sandals also shine brightly in the sun which makes me feel a little bit like a magical princess! Yes, I’m still 5 inside!

Now to my all-important secret style weapon which helps me feel more confident when wearing summer dresses. Especially clingy dresses like this one. I simply wear shorts on, underneath. Not Spanx (although I’m a fan) but cycling shorts or my own DIY version where I cut leggings into shorts and pop them on over underwear, under a dress. It means I can run around in dresses without the fear of showing my knickers and equally they hold in the mumtum (but are not painful), giving me a more flattering silhouette.


All you need is some leggings and scissors et voila!

I wish I could say I didn’t care about my mumtum, but I do and embracing Body Neutrality recently has taken the pressure off me feeling the need to feel or say otherwise.

We all have our flaws, it’s about accepting them, but also not feeling the need to deny how we feel either or for wanting to improve our bodies. Taking the pressure off needing to be endlessly positive positive, removes the onus from our bodies and makes me personally feel happier for it.

So (if you’d like to), go embrace those shorts babes!

Are you feeling my look du jour?

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Wearing Black in the Summer and My Secret Style Trick To Feeling More Confident

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