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This was written prior to me becoming vegan.

A couple of weeks ago, my eldest son Oliver, 5, and I, took part in an exciting shoot for the très stylish French online outlet, La Redoute, which merged three of my greatest loves: family, food and fashion.

Kindly commissioning me to share one of my all time favourite French recipes: warm Salad Nicoise, and model for their site and this blog, they also sent over a new wardrobe of my choice for both my sons and myself.

I am once again reminded of how lucky I am that blogging is my job. This was another dream collab for me, and Oliver and I had so much fun cooking together and getting ‘our pose on’ in the garden!

That morning, we made a trip to my favourite Leeds grocer ‘The Fruit Stall’ in Chapel Allerton to pick up the ingredients for the shoot.

Oliver sweetly carried a straw basket around the store for me, carefully selecting the longest green beans he could find, ruby red vine tomatoes, fresh gem lettuce, red onions and huge heads of garlic, stuffing them all into brown paper bags and watching in awe as everything was weighed and bagged for us.

Nothing quite compares to smelling and touching fresh fruit and veg and choosing your own, market-style, a joyous first part to our cooking extravaganza!

fresh vegetables

fresh fruit and veg

Conveniently, a few shops down, we stumbled upon a fishmongers: ‘Tarbett’s’, all monochrome, shiny tiles, bright lights, and the freshest fish in town.

We picked up two red, meaty fillets of tuna, an ample one for Mama, a ‘baby’ one for Oliver. Beautiful.

tuna steaks

Once home, we embarked on an impromptu shoot dans le jardin (!) before getting stuck right in to chopping, preparing and cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

My trusty photographer husband Peter was on hand to shoot so it was definitely a family affair. Being part French too, this really was the perfect campaign for us all!

…For those not in the know (where have you been?!) La Redoute is an elegant style hub (French style made easy), featuring its own namesake collection along with many French favourites too.

la redoute
For this project I’m wearing a feminine sleeveless Mademoiselle R neoprene dress in black with delicate bow detail, and a Laura Clement silk, black cardigan with lace inset I know I will just wear and wear.

Oliver is rocking a Breton striped long sleeved cotton tee (which comes in a pack of 2, the other being a cool graphic fish and chip printed short sleeved t shirt).

Jeans are a deep blue straight-cut coated denim jeans, all by La Redoute.


Warm Salad Nicoise Recipe with La Redoute


And now for the food-

Warm Salad Nicoise Recipe:

Serves 2:


  • 400g baby new potatoes, halved
  • 4 hard boiled eggs
  • 200g green beans, ends chopped
  • gem lettuce, washed
  • a handful of tomatoes from the vine, washed and halved
  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • small handful black olives, stones removed
  • small handful of capers
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • juice 1⁄2 lemon
  • squeeze of red wine vinegar
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • drizzle of mild olive oil for cooking
  • 2 tuna fillets
  • sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


Add the potatoes to a medium pan of boiling water. Cook for 10 minutes.

boiling potatoes

In another 2 small pans boil the eggs (depending on how soft you like them-hard boiled 10-15 minutes) and cook the green beans.


green beans

preparing veg

boil green beans

On a griddle pan, drizzle mild olive oil and place the tuna to cook (10-15 minutes)

seared tuna

cooking tuna

Tear the lettuce leaves and arrange in a bowl/ plate


tearing lettuce

cooking as a family

Arrange the tomatoes, red onion and olives



preparing onion

cooking with kids

Drain the potatoes and add.

Check the tuna is cooked to your liking (mine was medium rare so was removed earlier than Oliver’s whose was well done).

Slice the tuna with a sharp knife and add to the plate.

Scatter the black olives and capers.

making salad with kids

peeling an egg


little chef

child chef

salad nicoise


For the dressing, stir or whisk the garlic, lemon, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Add some sea salt and ground pepper for yourself ( I poured Oliver’s without first). Pour over the salad and serve.


making salad dressing

making a dressing

salad dressing

tuna nicoise

nicoise salad


We made a smiley face for Oliver’s plate and omitted some ingredients he doesn’t like.

tuna nicoise

Et voilà, a tasty, nutritious meal for all the family.

So do you like our style and recipe?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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78 Responses

    • honestmum

      Aw get some in there dude, I always feel better when I eat less sugar and more tasty good carbs, fats & protein-brain and soul food x

  1. John Adams

    I just love the sight of fresh vegetables ready to be turned into a healthy meal. I also absolutely love La Redoute’s men’s range. May have one or two items in my wardrobe as it happens! Good luck with the campaign. As ever, thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts

  2. Alison

    Oh, that looks delicious, and I love the clothes, particularly that dress. Very chic. #brilliantblogposts

  3. Emma T

    I used to love La Redoute when I was at uni, and afterwards, but haven’t bought anything from there for years.

    I love proper fresh tuna, but the OH doesn’t. I’d love this (minus the olives). Great photos.

    • honestmum

      Thanks Emma, like with Oliver’s you could adapt the salad to make it work for you, does your husband like salmon, it works well with that or even chicken. So impressed with the beautiful pieces from La Redoute x

  4. Rob

    What a great way to bring many of the things you like together into one post. The salad looked really tasty and didn’t look too complicated to make. Great job. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  5. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Vicki this looks soooooooo delicious!! The photography is fabulous as always and the dress is very, very cute (love those bows). I was LR’s brand ambassador for 2014-15 so I know very well how fabulous their collections are – there’s almost too much choice!!

    Catherine x

    • honestmum

      Thanks beautiful, I remember, you were the most amazing model and ambassador for them, I love their pieces and really enjoyed merging my love of food and fashion with this campaign x

  6. Lizzy

    What a gorgeous post. Your son is adorable and the recipe looks divine. I love the dress Vicki. The bow is so cute. Thank you for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts xxx

  7. Michelle Reeves (The Essex Barn)

    Mmmmm… salad nicoise is a big favourite of mine and this recipe looks delicious! Love the pieces you choise from La Redoute, fab brand, and you look stunning in that dress honey. Hope you had an amazing holiday too and can’t wait to read about it xxx #BrilliantBlogPosts

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, the pieces were gorgeous, I’ll be sharing more across both blogs soon, we had a lovely holiday thanks darling, seems so long ago now and we’ve only just got back, hope you guys are well xx

  8. Random Musings

    Welcome back, can’t wait to read about your Spanish holiday 🙂 I love the dress you are wearing here! Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts

  9. Ali

    I love La Redoute but must admit I forgot about them for a while and only recently re-discovered them when shopping for a raincoat for my daughter. They have some great clothes, I’ll definitely be shopping more with them in the future.

  10. Gemma

    Wow sounds like a dream! The salad looks so yummy! Will definitely have to try this one. Gemma xx http://www.jacquardflower.uk

  11. ali

    stunning photos as usual, you’re both so photogenic. I love La Redoute, good classic clothes and not a bad price, thanks for sharing the recipe, I’ve been waiting to make something with tuna ever since my mum returned from France saying how much better they are fresh. #briliantblogposts

    • honestmum

      Thanks beautiful Ali, I love La Redoute, the pieces they’ve sent us all are so well made and of course so chic. Are you part French? Hope you love the recipe as much as we do x

  12. Katy

    I love La Redoute, have a few of their pieces myself. I love tuna but have never thought to make this at home- only seem to have it when I’m out! xx

  13. Laura Evelyn Bee

    The food looks absolutely gorgeous as do your clothes! I love the black dress!
    I love La Redoute but haven’t looked at their site for a while…will be taking a look soon! x

  14. Kay

    Looks delicious! I love cooking when my daughter can get involved, something about it I find so relaxing!

    Kay xxx

  15. Nancy

    This looks perfect! Photography is so inviting, I’ll definitely be making this soon. Love the dress, simple classic lines, lovely.

  16. Emma's Mamma

    I love that dress, the bows are so cute! Love how you got to do it with your son! The salad looks amazing 🙂 x #BrillantBlogPosts

  17. Maria @ Suburban Mum

    This looks delicious! I love a tuna niscoise – and your boys eat it too which is fab! Mine are not fans of lettuce of any kind but love carrot, cucumber and beetroot.

  18. Lins @Boo & Maddie

    How fun to have a little helper about the place, I can’t say my dog is as useful 😉 The dress you’re wearing is stunning, such a gorgeous shape and I’m SO happy that’s a recipe for 2, perfect for me and Pete! Beautiful photos as always X

  19. Zoe dunn

    This looks lovely I’m a bit boring when it comes to making salads but think this might have inspired me to try something different. #brilliantblogposts

  20. Milly - DamBaby

    With you all the way on tuna niçoise salad, also one of my favourites. Particularly when it’s with a delicious, fresh piece of tuna steak. My mouth is watering … thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts

  21. Gemma - @mumofabean

    Wow, that looks gorgeous and I don’t even like tuna hahaha!! Congrats on the colab, its clear you work super hard so you deserve this 🙂

  22. Tanita

    This looks so delicious. What great photos. Your photos always look so professional and are lovely to look at. WelcomR back from holiday ? x

  23. Mim

    It’s only 7am but this is making me long for lunchtime – it looks delicious! Love the smiley face version too 🙂 Oh I used to love La Redoute – you’ve inspired me to have another look 🙂 Mim x #brilliantblogposts

    • honestmum

      OOh you must, fab brand and I adore the pieces they sent for all the family, so glad you like the recipe too, thanks xx


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