Want to Feel Instantly Happier? Hang Out With Your Friends


I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re ALL flipping busy but let me tell you, when I take time out for my friends, consistently (and that’s IRL meet-ups or long phone calls) I feel 10974656854684036 x happier.

Nothing beats hanging out with like-minded, brilliant mates.

Last night was mine and my wonderful partner in crime Maggy of Red Ted Art‘s Creative Women’s Network Christmas knees-up (yes it appears to be 1689!), an informal gathering of gals at Las Iguanas in Waterloo, London for drinks, a natter, loads of laughter and getting myself drunk on a single beer. Really. Having drunk very little since my thyroid op 5 months ago, I’m honestly the cheapest date around. Peter is one lucky, lucky man ;)!

I woke up tired but content af.

It’s so important to make time for people who get you and bring out the best (and drunk #kidding you can have fun teetotal of course) in you.

I tend to see two friends in Windsor most weeks for a Costa catch-up and walk on the Long Walk which is basically therapy. I chance to chat through problems, get some fresh air and unwind.

I speak to my best friend Carlie who lives in Manchester every week pretty much without fail too. That girl is the Ant to my Dec and life feels odd if I go longer than a week not speaking to her.

This morning I got to hang out with one of my closest blogging friends, Mirka of Fitness 4 Mamas and All Baby Advice this morning for brunch and it truly brought home to me, how vital time with my friends is.

Seeing one another is an act of self-care. It combats loneliness and much like spending time with your partner, being around friends is both nourishing and uplifting. I want to be there for my pals so will always make sure I dedicate time to seeing/speaking to them when they need me and JUST BECAUSE.

These precious times together be it long phone calls, quick hugs or even cocktails for a couple of hours on a school night (!) keep me buoyed up for the entire week and I frankly, feel low if I go too long without them. They get me through the trickier bits life can bring, make me feel loved (aw) and allow me to show love in return, and laughing like a hyena and being your monstrous, naughty self with those who love you anyway, is good for the soul.

So, this is a short reminder to make that call, book those Christmas drinks in, accept that invitation even if it means a long train home or whatever because it will be WORTH IT. For the laughter, the connections and joie de vivre. Go take take the time to see your friends. You deserve it and so does your family, as you’ll return back home, happier and stronger for it.


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