Unfollow Negative People Now


Are certain people making you feel bad online? Then what are you waiting for? Unfollow them for Pete’s sake and pronto.

I’m all for giving people chances (boy, do I give people chances) but there comes a time in life on and offline, (and your gut will usually get the memo before your logical brain does) when you NEED TO WALK AWAY because some people won’t ever change however much you hope they will or however lovely they seemed at first. You need to cut loose, free up your time and timeline, and move the heck on.

It might sound harsh and let me state right now that I’m not referring to being there for your friends when times are hard (there will always be hard times and that’s what REAL FRIENDS ARE FOR), this is about distancing yourself from those who consistently make you feel s*** about yourself, chase DRAMA endlessly instead of working through their own issues and thrive on spreading bad vibes and negativity. These people need intensive therapy not Facebook.

To be honest, your reasoning for breaking free doesn’t even have to be that acute anyway. You just might not gel with someone online for whatever reason and need to stop feeling some kind of duty to follow or interact with said person. We all come to others with our own distinct baggage and frankly, as my Mum would say, ‘If in doubt, leave out’.

Make it your motto to break free from negativity.

My advice: clean up your social media handles, and your precious physical space to make room for more meaningful connections, trust and joy. Nobody’s got energy for draining shizz day-to-day. No one, and that includes you.


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Unfollow Negative People Now - Honest Mum



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