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Uncle George Clooney

A bit of fun for you all but doesn’t my Uncle Mike look like just like Mr George Clooney?He’s even had people run up to him in the street thinking it’s the A lister himself-unlikely as Mike lives in Manchester not LA but stranger things have happened, right?!I’m a bit biased but Uncle Mike like so much of my family are all rather gorgeous (inside and out) and they sure make for a pretty blog that’s for sure!

Here’s George, I mean Uncle Mike below at a family party with his wife Zafira (A Greek Catherine Zeta-Jones don’t you think) and other photogenic relatives, Aunty Angelou and Uncle Tim!

Family-Honest Mum

Only one of these is a Lookalike-


Do you resemble anyone famous?

I often (and very flatteringly) have people telling me I look like random celebs from Kelly Brook (was asked by a well known Lookalikes agency if they could represent me as her when I was at Uni-erm no!)… to Olivia Palermo and JLo and recently a professional gymnast on Tumble whose name escapes me!

I’ll take them all thanks very much!

But seriously though, Uncle Mike (my Mum’s brother) really looks like GC doesn’t he?

In fact one of the most popular search terms, which no doubt brings all the girls to my yard is, “Is George Clooney Greek?”…A Greek journalist friend of mine once interviewed George Clooney and asked him that very question but sadly the answer is no…although looking at my Uncle Mike, you’d never believe it right?!

So have you got any Uncle George Clooney’s in your family?

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52 Responses

  1. Katy {What Katy Said}

    Wow he really does!! I don’t look like anyone although many people have told me my personality reminds them of Miranda Hart. Never quite sure whether to take that as a compliment although I do find her hilarious at times! x

  2. Mrs H

    Your Uncle Mike definitely has George’s eyebrows and eyes. He looks lovely! What a handsome family. I think Mr H looks like David Tennant and I’ve been told I look like Sandra Bullock, PJ Harvey, Helen Baxendale and Billie Piper. I obviously just look like any celeb with long dark hair! But I’ll take Sandra Bullock. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  3. Heledd - Running in Lavender

    Stranger things have indeed happened in Manchester. Years ago when I was at Uni there, my friends and I were having a drunken meal in china town after a big night out and, I kid you not Huggy Bear (from Starsky and Hutch) walked in. Random and so strange, it was about 2am!!
    My friends think that my hubby looks like Ben Stiller, I don’t see it myself!
    Fun post xx


  4. You Baby Me Mummy

    He does really look like GC! He really should work that, I am think hotel/flight upgrades etc, tables in restaurants! I have an extremely dull family, no-one looks like anyone famous! x

  5. Sam

    Wow Vicki he really does look like the man himself!! My friends always think my uncle looks like Tom Selleck and some of them used to think my dad looked like Dirty Den from Eastenders back in the 80s! When I was in my early 20s I used to get complimented that I looked a bit like Mariah Carey (which seems laughable now!).

  6. Babes about Town

    Hehe love this post. Of course I’ve known about your Uncle George for a while, and you forgot to talk about how your Dad is also Mr De Niro in hiding ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also am proud to come from a huge and ridiculously goooood looking (can’t say that without the Zoolander accent) family and I do spot celebs who remind me of various relatives. One of my aunts looks exactly like a young Aretha Franklin. Singer Alexandra Burke could pass for one of my cousins (you need to see their family, although I reckon the cousins are actually better looking ha). Oh and we’ve convinced ourselves Maya Angelou had some link to us on my dad’s side! She genuinely looks like an auntie ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  7. Vicki Montague

    Oh my goodness that is really mad! He looks just like him! I hope he earns some money out of it when people go up to him wanting photos ;). I don’t have any such look a likes in my family. Shame!

  8. Ebabee

    Gorgeous family and hello Uncle Geroge, I mean Mike! I’ve had people tell me Scarlett Johansson but the best one – Nawal Msaad who was all over the press a couple
    of months ago for smuggling cash in her undies! Ha, ha… never thought I would be famous for that trick!

    • honestmum

      Ha Nomita that’s hilarious and you do look like Nawal. Cannot see Scarlett but will be looking at you more carefully next time we meet-either way you are one beautiful lady x

  9. Kerry Brind

    A fabulously good looking family! Some people have all the genetic luck. My husbands nan used to say that I reminded her of “that Keely Bruuuk”, does that count?!

  10. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Wow he really does look like him! Especially from that angle! You are one good looking family! When I was travelling I got told I looked like Kate Winslet (think titanic with long red curly hair) or a young Emma Thompson. I cant quite see it myself and think the British accent played a part, but I will take the compliment! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • honestmum

      Thanks Caroline for your lovely words, can totally see that about you, was stood very close to Kate Winslet at the Baftas a few years back (I was there as the editor of a film magazine) and she is STUNNING! Glad you enjoyed this post x

  11. Mel

    Oh my goodness he does! I clicked on the link after seeing your title and thinking, “alright, maybe there will be some vague resemblance”, but he DOES look like George Clooney. Incredible!


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