Turning Passion into PoundsLast Friday was mine and Jessica Huie MBE’s ‘Turning Passion Into Pounds’ workshop with the Business & IP Centre and The British Library– and I’m proud to declare it was a resounding success. Yay!

WOW doesn’t come even close- it was a truly EPIC evening spent with a panel of women who clearly posses two brains each- making up the most dynamic, intelligent, go-getting and big-hearted panel I’ve ever had the privilege to collaborate with.

And the room-the audience were incredible, smart, ambitious women with a few men too, eager to create a change and chase their dreams!

…Joining Jessica and I on the night to speak were: digital strategist and publicist Natasha Courtenay-Smith who recently sold her Talk to the Press news agency, Executive Inner Life PA, Simone Dyer, Entertainment PR Guru Indy Vidyalankara and Celebrity Psychologist Emma Kenny- all whom shared their journeys to success, honestly-motivating the whole room.

Turning Passion Into Pounds Workshop

Photo by Diana Konefal

Inspiring, moving, empowering and pretty damn magical- are just some of superlatives the audience members shared with us after the event!

‘MAGICAL’ is the one that stood out the most for me because the energy in that room really was MAGICAL-magic was what I strove for as a director pre-blogging-something we hoped to capture on camera-magic borne from truth, sharing emotion on screen that would connect with an audience. It’s a feeling, a vibe and it’s contagious!

As speakers, I believe we connected emotionally with the audience- unflinchingly detailing our journeys highlighting the adversities we’d overcome and the many critical mistakes so necessary in becoming successful.

Turning Passion Into Pounds

Photo by Diana Konefal

We spoke of the stumbling blocks and character-building times which as tough as they were, didn’t kill our drive- and we stood open, laid bare on what worked for us- offering tangible tips on how others could follow our leads and achieve their own goals.

Rewarding, encouraging, I learnt and was reminded of so much that evening.

I hope those listening to my speech took away that every single one of our voices are individual and unique and digital storytelling is available to all.

I emphasised the importance of practising confidence until it becomes your default. To blog as a business owner too (having read) leads for sales go up by 126% for businesses which also have a blog.

I shared the different ways to monetise your sites from sponsored advertising, posts where you are paid to write, endorsement deals, social media packages, sponsored travel opps and reviews- but the importance of being genuine, to seek those collabs which are natural to you.

My own endorsement deals fit seamlessly into my blog-they are signposted as ads but they match my ethos and brand- I am Honest Mum after all!

I highlighted creating EMOTION on screen-sharing, connecting and hopefully making a difference to others.

What is so incredibly EMPOWERING about blogging is being able to work on your own time and your own terms in a field that is growing so quickly it can barely keep up with itself…A space where you are in control.I also encouraged the audience to consider the below before starting a blog/business.

Ask yourself what drives you-WRITE WHAT YOU WANT TO READ!

Grow a thick skin, creatives are naturally sensitive, it is a tough world out there especially when it comes to the ONLINE WORLD where everyone’s a critic but stay strong and learn to crack on without worrying what others think of you.

Which leads me to-Working on your confidence. Put yourself out there so you can grow and take risks.I listened to a speech from Margerate McDonagh last week who said gender bias and discrimination happens often unknowingly from birth-boys are encouraged to go on adventures, girls are protected and regarded more delicate so become less used to taking risks- so fight against some of your conditioning and make things happen.

Don’t fear mistakes. The biggest lessons have been from those mistakes, those errors, that’s how we grow and improve.

Sometimes connecting with others means being vulnerable-

Get out there and connect, not just with your own niche and target consumers-REACHHHHH out.

Blogging-wise you can earn early, I was approached after 2 weeks and that was 2010!

CONTENT is king so keep writing and pushing and approach others you want to work with. Google PR and the brand name, dm the brand on twitter asking for their PR’s details. Be open.

MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. DON’T wait for things to happen.

The workshop ended with the audience sharing their own goals and dreams in a vital exercise Jessica proposed where each member put their hand up and in turn asked for something they needed and shared what they could offer in return if anyone could match their request.

Many unions were made that evening and the panel also offered up their services too!

With an audience bursting with bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners, both budding and established, it was wonderful to meet and connect with so many after the event -I just wish I’d had more time and wasn’t rushing to catch my train back to York.

I want to end with some testimonials from the evening-

‘Turning Passion into Pounds was a brilliant evening and I would recommend it to anybody who is considering a career change or starting up a business. The way each panel member managed to extract their lessons learned from very personal life events, created a level of ‘realness’, that I have seldom seen at similar events’. 

Marieluise Maiwald of Deying Gravity

…My great friend Leigh, blogger at Headspace Perspective said this,

‘Turning Passion into Pounds was a few days ago now – and I am still buzzing from the energy, inspiration and ideas! The women on the panel are from diverse backgrounds but share in common incredible drive to achieve their dreams. Each of the women were refreshingly honest about their journeys – it isn’t always easy, and it is so reassuring to hear that even they have self-doubt. The message I took away is that you need to work through that self-doubt and all the obstacles that are put in your way to live your life your way, on your own terms, making your passion a reality. I am already putting steps in to action, after months of procrastination. Thank you to everyone involved for a brilliant session – not only the panel, but all the attendees too for being so willing to share their skills and tips with one another. I only wish I could bottle the magic that was in abundance that evening’.
Leigh wrote about the workshop HERE.

Siobhan of To Get Her Further wrote this about the event HERE -read an except below:

‘A recurring tip that arose through the evening was the need for us all to be comfortable with fear and failure – that it is only by experiencing these that we will grow and succeed. So I faced another fear, and stood up to speak again in the Q&A – I still felt that same shaky feeling in my legs, and acidic feeling in my stomach, but it feels like it gets ever so slightly easier each time!The session ended with a sort of bidding/bartering event – women standing up to request a particular service, and offering to share something in return. It felt wonderful to see women helping each other, and working together in such open collaboration. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to experience this again!’

Another blogger friend of mine Amanda of Ginger Mum said, ‘The success stories by all the speakers both moved and motivated me. Everyone attending arrived as a fountain of untapped opportunity, and left as savvy, connected women ready to make their mark. The focus, achievements and life lessons shared by these hugely successful women empowered us all and inspired us to each maximise our own unique limitless potential’.

Read Amanda’s post of the evening HERE.

Friend Natalie of Just Because I Love blew me away with her words,

‘I thought Passion into Pounds would be a good event, I was wrong – it was amazing. Being a home based blogger and business woman can be isolating at times so to come together in a room of inspiring woman who are leading the way in their fields was exactly what I needed. From blogging tips to PR advise, tales of loss and love were pulled together to offer an event that was first class. I left having met many great people and have to thank Vicki and Jessica for offering that opportunity. Here’s to the next event’.

Turning Passion into Pounds is going on a nationwide tour along with more dates in London. News to follow on this blog here and over on Passion into Pounds site.
I hope to see you at the next one!

Please do check out the fabulous panellists’ sites:

Jessica Huie MBE is a PR maven and entrepreneur, check out her award winning PR boutique agency:
http://www.jhpr.co.uk/Emma Kenny has createdMakeyourswitch.co.uk to offer subscribers a holistic space to look after their mental, physical, nutritional and psychological needs.
Explore Natasha Courtenay’s free ecourse about personal branding and how to stand out

Indy’s kids art project and social experiment www.facebook.com/throughachildseyeaworldview is a must-visit and  www.indypendentpr.com is a specialist boutique PR consultancy for music, broadcast and entertainment.
The gifted Simone Dyer recently launched Executive Inner Life PA ‘Empowering women, to create workable, powerful lives that they LOVE!’ : www.simonedyer.com

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53 Responses

  1. Charlie

    What an amazing panel and it sounds like you shared loads of great tips. Even thought I have worked in corporate PR for so long it is so different putting yourself out there when you start a business and start blogging. I can’t believe I find it all so nerve wracking and I really do need to grow a thicker skin!!! But I am loving all the tips people share, the online family and how people really want to see you succeed.

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Charlie, we all feel nervous and have self-doubt, totally normal, it’s about practising not letting it win! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Joanna @mumbalance

    It sounds like it must’ve been an amazing evening! And some interesting links to follow 🙂
    I do agree that overcoming fear of failure is the hardest things. It’s the one single thing that keeps me from trying… It’s like self-censorship, I don’t even dare too dream to big in case I fail.

  3. Laura Edwards

    Sounds like a really great event and seems like you all really took alot away from it. I am only a few months into blogging and am loving it BUT it is scary putting yourself out there and facing up to the critics that come along with it. Amazing advice ‘crack on and not worry about what people think’, it’s so true x #Brilliantblogpost (first time linking up)

  4. Siobhan (To Get Her Further)

    Aw Vicki thank you so much for linking to my blog! And thank you again for such an amazing evening – it really was so inspiring and motivating to see how you really can follow your passion in life, and good things will come! The collective energy of women working together is really such a powerful force – thank you for sharing it with us!! 🙂 xx

  5. Sarah and Louise

    Wow! Looks like an inspirational evening.We are new to the blogging world and we’ve found it has an amazing community vibe Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. The idea of a conference is still a bit scary at the moment but great to read about this and the potential for the future! #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Oh don’t be scared, the energy is so welcoming and wonderful and there are so many amazing conferences out there xx

  6. Carol Cameleon

    Sounds like this was a very uplifting, motivating evening Vicky. Definitely something that appeals to me! Thanks for hosting #brillblogposts

  7. becca farrelly

    This sounds like a great event and I know I would be interested as I don’t (at the moment) earn anything from my blog but wish to in the future 🙂


  8. Right Royal Mother

    What an informative, ‘buzzy’ post – and event. I can’t even really begin to imagine what monetising a site etc. would feel like but having ‘How to Blog LIke a Duchess’ as today’s Tots100 front page feature felt incredible 🙂 and to be in a room with so much expertise and knowledge sounds amazing. Like Claire, I’m going to BritMums this year and I’m a) scared as hell that I won’t know anyone and b) excited as hell as I have a feeling it’s going to be a place full of people like me! Thanks for sharing – and you’re so right about facing fears. It’s the only way forward 🙂 #brillblogposts

  9. Nicky Kentisbeer

    It was a wonderful evening for all in so many ways. Every person on the panel had their unique inspirational story and delivery and it really did work so beautifully. So glad I came. I am already seeing things come out of the group, lovely collaborations and opportunities. Crack on with that tour!

  10. Rochelle

    I really wish I attended this event! I didn’t have the funds at the time, but I really hope you do this again. I am always looking for motivational and inspiring talks to keep me going in pursuing my career and balancing motherhood. The bit that got me was when you said you made the audience each state their aspirations and talk about what they can offer; I would have absolutely lol I hate public speaking let alone something I don’t feel confident about talking about myself to other people.

    Other than that I would have loved to attend. Please do this again xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Rochelle, not everyone had to share their needs and what they’d give in return, wasn’t mandatory, Jessica suggested it as it had worked so well in the past and it was incredible seeing it in action. Just watching might have helped you feel more confident, it was a fab exercise and a great way for others to reach out to one another. Loved it. Confidence definitely comes with practising it, hope you can make another workshop, we are taking it on a national tour (hopefully world) and there will be more London dates too x

  11. Franglaise Mummy

    This sounds fabulous, and as I said to you, let’s get this to Mauritius 🙂 I love that you give so much back, and help so many others on their way too. I was recommending you and your blog just the other day to a new blogger, and I’m sure she’ll find you so helpful and inspirational 🙂 xx

    • Honest Mum

      That’s so kind darling, thank you, I love it, nothing is more rewarding that helping others. I love learning from others too, we never stop learning and growing do we. I used to guest lecture at universities when I was a filmmaker and come from a long line of teachers so it’s in the blood x

  12. One Messy Mama

    I love reading about all your adventures! It really is inspiring to see how dedicated you are, and you still find the time to support little ole blogs like mine! It is so appreciated! x

  13. Regina L. L. Wells

    This is fab, Vicki! As I was reading all of the information that you imparted on the guests, I’m thinking, “Vicki has GOT to turn this into a series or video, or something.” Then, I got to the end and realized you already are taking this workshop on tour. Wonderful! This is powerful, and I am so happy to see you spread the knowledge and encouragement (I know that you certainly have been kind in sharing your knowledge and encouragement with me). Great job!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much Regina for your support, we do want to share more on video too and can’t wait to get this on tour and hopefully a world tour! Thanks for your kind words, they’ve really touched me!

  14. Someone's Mum (Danielle)

    Wow – it sounds like such an inspiring evening – and like I needed to be there! I just handed in my notice as a teacher after nearly 14 years. I hope to try to start making blogging and writing by career but I have no idea where to start really. You sound like a pretty amazing bunch of women 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much and well done to you-I have lots of posts full of blogging tips and my own story-check out: https://honestmum.com/career-professional-blogger/ then tons here: https://honestmum.com/category/blogging-tips-2/. Hope you can make our next workshop, know you will find it very useful x

  15. A Mum Track Mind

    This sounds like such a fantastic evening – I wish I could have been part of the audience! Thanks for sharing some tips here – I will definitely be putting myself out there! #Brillblogposts

  16. Mess and Merlot

    Wow – congratulations on what sounds like an amazing event. Thanks for the tips above and the links, will check them out too. ~Brilliantblogposts

  17. Babes about Town

    You all are bloody fantastic, I feel so proud of you – even those of you that I don’t know! Especially proud of you Vicki and Jessica for pulling this amazing session together and creating such a vibrant platform for strong, entrepreneurial and creative women to inspire others. Each one, reach one eh?

    So sad I couldn’t make the event but looking forward to your next London outing and here’s to your world tour. Love this post x

  18. Emma

    Very inspiring post. growing a thick skin has been top for me – not worrying to much about what others think. in the blogging world and work world! #brillblogposts

  19. Helen

    SO INSPIRING (as always)- loved the vlog, and all the pointers in the blog. Would love to make it to the next one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, the best way to learn is from watching how others do it, so attending an evening must be priceless for the attendees. I am one of those people who rarely reach out, and know I should/ have to.

    I love your fake it ’til you make it attitude! Still working on mine.


  21. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    Sounds amazing. I am going to Britmums Live this year and it will be my first conference. I’m hoping it will be as inspirational as Passion into Pounds sounds like it was. But als0 looking forward to meeting the amazing bloggers I have been connecting with. #BrilliantBlogPosts


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