talika eyelash conditioning gel

Tuesday Beauty Spot: Talika Lipocils Expert Mythical Eyelash Conditioning Gel (for longer, natural lashes)

talika eyelash conditioning gel

Would you like naturally longer, darker and curlier lashes? If like me, you can’t stand the semi permanent Hollywood Lashes (I actually ripped mine off after spending £80 along with most of my lashes), then this product is for you.

A gel you dab onto the base of cleansed lashes using the foam tip of the applicator brush, you then spread it across the length of the lashes with what looks like the mascara part of the brush.

I’m lucky enough to have fairly long, dark and curly eyelashes but since the Hollywood lash ripping episode they haven’t been quite the same, so I decided to buy this gel to give them a lift. You see my little boys have the most amazingly long, thick lashes so there is no way I’m going to be the odd one out!

…Clinically tested on 30 women for 30 days, the impressive results showed growth of up to 2.4mm – a 36% increase in length – with natural colour intensification and a 50% increase in eyelash curl. Hello camel lids…I think!Derived from reconstructive surgery and a complex of 12 plants amongst other terms which quite frankly mean nothing to me (coleus forskohlii anyone?) this product means business plus the most important thing to take from all this, is Jennifer Aniston is a fan…yes she of fluttery eyelashes who never ages.

Literally a few days after applying this magic gel, I’ve noticed a real difference. My eyelashes look more nourished and longer, making curling and mascara time a quicker affair and let’s face it, longer lashes make you feel utterly fabulous. Fact.

There are several brands on the market but I bought this from my favourite beauty store Space NK for £28 and have even used it instead of mascara some days to give my lashes a break.

You can also apply it on the brows (although they do have a separate product for this) if you want to help stimulate patchy areas or are wanting a thicker Cara Delevingne style brow. I literally can’t wait to see how long my lashes get in 28 days!

Let me know if you try it too!

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