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I’m on a constant search for the nail hardener to beat all others and seriously, this time I think I might have found it.

Enter stage left, Duri’s Rejavacote Nail Growth System which has made my nails as hard as rock and longer than before, within literally days.

It heals and cures split, cracked and destroyed by Shellac and acrylic nails in a short time and I’m shocked at how good it is.

So you start with clean, dry nails and apply one coat as the base before a coat or two of colour if you so wish before using it as top coat. Then simply apply it daily for 7 days before removing with nail polish remover at the end of the week.

When nails improve which Oh boy they will, just apply it every other day or whenever needed.

This is really a genius polish which dries quickly and REALLY works to strengthen and grow your nails. You’re welcome!

£14.99 from my local salon but prices vary online.

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