Preparing for a day out with Robinsons.

I’ve never been trampolining at a centre with the kids before so when Robinsons invited us for a day out, we literally jumped at the chance (get it?)! Boing!

We love a good bounce on a trampoline, here. Our massive trampoline however is now in my folk’s garden which can better accommodate its enormity than ours can so it’s been a while since we’ve had a good jumping session making it all the more exciting for us to attend.

What’s not to love about jumping around, getting exercise in the most fun of ways with all the family?! Nada, that’s what!

After breakfast, we made sure we drank some of Robinsons Squash in apple flavour. There’s real fruit in every drop, and no added sugar* making it an easy and tasty way to keep our water consumption up.

We also took along our small squeezy Citrus 0% sugar Squash’d drops along with some water bottles so we could sip on these throughout the day.

Robinsons Squash in apple flavour, with Real Fruit in every drop and No Added Sugar

Honest Mum's son drinks Robinsons squash

Robinsons Squash in apple flavour, with Real Fruit in every drop and No Added Sugar

drinking squash

Arriving at Kirkstall’s Jump Arena just half an hour away, we firstly watched a safety video on the do’s and don’ts of trampolining before popping our jumping socks on and starting our hour session which involved bouncing around without a care in the world! Brilliant!

watching a video at the Jump Arena


It was definitely our kind of Saturday, that’s for sure.

having fun on Robinsons' Thirsty Day Out

boy jumps on a trampoline

fun trampolining

Jump Arena

The staff were utterly amazing and couldn’t do enough to make sure the kids were safe and happy; one chap even did a cool flip for us that we caught on camera. Just wow!

flip on a trampoline

Shout out for the fab music in the Jump Arena too. From Ed Sheeran to Bieber, Little Mix and more, I had to actually remind myself that I was on a day out not a night out! I can’t lie (Honest Mum, hey) but this mama was busting some moves in our session (as were a few other parents desperate for a night out like me). The best bit? My kids were so busy jumping, for once I wasn’t accused of being embarrassing so win, win!

Serious note to self: arrange a night out with the girls, pronto.

child has fun at a trampolining centre

kids playing on bouncy bricks trampolining

Jump Arena

…Now let me tell you, all this jumping (and mama-dancing) required regular refills, so when we took quick breaks from all the fun, I added the Robinsons Squash’d in Citrus (no added sugar) drops on-the-go into our water bottles so we could stop and have a drink.

Robinsons Squash'd

Robinsons Squash'd

boy drinking Robinsons

child drinks squash'd

You simply mix the drops with water and can make up to a whopping twenty drinks with it. The kids loved the lemony taste too. Squash’d really does makes it so easy to get water into little ones and I loved that the Squash’d bottle could fit easily into my pocket and bag.

We refilled again with snacks in the cafe too when the session was over.

having a snack and drink after a trampolining session

Robinsons Squash'd

What a super day out. Thanks Robinsons! We can’t wait to get our bounce on again, there soon. There was so much to do from throwing balls in bouncy games of catch, to playing basketball and even walking a trapeze!

child plays basketball at Jump Arena

Child plays bouncy basketball whilst trampolining

fun at Jump Arena

child walks the trapeze

I was even buried in bouncy bricks by my kids at one point and couldn’t get out of the pit, much to the kids’ amusement! Thanks guys!

child plays at the trampoline centre on bouncy bricks

child covers mummy with bouncy bricks whilst trampolining

What a complete laugh!

smiling child

boy jumping on a trampoline

child plays basketball when trampolining

Once back home, I made up some more squash to enjoy over a movie and well earned rest!

back home drinking Robinsons squash

Drinking Robinsons

brothers drinking squash

What a fun time we had.

You’re in for exactly the same treat too as Robinsons are offering a Thirsty Day Out for a family of 4 which you can win below.

As part of Robinsons’ January mission to help the nation enjoy drinking more water with the real fruit of Robinsons, they are also giving away thousands of prizes including fun days out for you and your family.

From riding the rapids on a swimming fun day, to practising your pirouette with our family ice skating prize, a fun-filled day out for the whole family is guaranteed. There are over 100,000 chances to win by entering your unique code, which you can find on participating promotional packs at For more information and details on how to enter the competition, please look through their FAQ’s here.

Good luck too if you’re entering there and here for my competition!

Please enter via Rafflecopter

UK only

No cash alternative

Ends 16.2.17.

If the winner does not respond within 1 week of receiving the email, a new winner will be selected.
Disclosure: I’m working with Robinsons in a paid relationship. Robinsons is helping my family enjoy more water, with real fruit in every drop. Find out more here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Trampolining With Robinsons

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85 Responses

  1. Kayleigg Tear

    Looks like a great day! My OH takes these to work with him as they take up less space in his lunchbox!

  2. Louise Crocker

    Days out with the family are always fun but more importantly it’s time together without the distractions of home where there is always something to be done.

  3. sion gibby

    looks great – just hope i don’t embarrass the kids with my “bouncing” if we win!

  4. Stephaney

    I can’t think of a more wonderful way to spend time with your family! In the end it’s these moments we’ll think back on and cherish forever.

  5. alison clark

    I have my niece and nephew in the summer holidays and am trying to find lots of fun days out for us rather than 1 big holiday this year.

  6. Lia Burns

    I would like to win because we are soon to be a family of 5 so I’m trying to make the most of being a family of 4 whilst we can x

  7. Hayley Colburn

    There’s no better prize than quality fun time with the family, you can’t put a price on memories and we absolutely love making them 😀

  8. Claudia Carroll

    I have 2 lively boys that would love an exciting day out. They are easily pleased and a pleasure to take out. Fingers crossed

  9. Charlotte White

    My boys love doing anything as a family and they love robinson’s juice <3 what a fantastic prize! Fingers and toes crossed 🙂 xx

  10. Samantha Parkes

    Me and my little girl love our adventures in the school holidays, recently took her a indoor trampoline park near where we live and she absolutely loved it.

  11. Maria P

    My daughter loves jumping and she is always full of energy, so she would enjoy that day out very much!

  12. Rachel Craig

    Getting out as a family is important. Leisure time togethther builds bonds and good memories which help to sustain us through difficult times.

  13. Kerry Smith

    It looks like you had great fun Vicky. I’d love to win because we don’t do enough together as a four

  14. Tracey F

    Because I’d absolutely love to treat my two children and my very hardworking husband.

  15. Hannah Smith

    I’d love to win as working part time sadly doesn’t leave much money for fun days out at the moment.

  16. Rebecca Nisbet

    would be great to treat the girls! its been hectic arranging the wedding and a loss in the family, o it would be lovely to do something for them!

  17. DonnaH

    I’d love to win a family day out, my other half had a knee op in December so we haven’t been able to get out and do much as a family for what feels like forever! Im so looking forward to him being able to get out and about again – bored children are hard work!

  18. Nicki Simpson

    We love Robinson s squash in our house, my little girl loves all the flavours that are pink or purple! We love days out too….. that’s why we would love to win

  19. Ema J Lowe

    would like to win and perhaps try something we haven’t done before as a family.

  20. sharon stanley

    with three children and lots of growing expenses days out can prove out of our financial reach. I would love to win so that I can treat my girls so they have something to talk/write about after the holidays.


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