This is a bit tongue in cheek as I thought it would be funny to get my new steam mop out all glammed up before a night of cocktails with girlfriends to really show it off!

Pretty huh?! No, not my shoes, my matching white steam mop. Monochrome is so in don’t you know!

Totally worth a sparkly LDB right 😉

Seriously though, when it comes to doing household chores I’m a complete and utter Gadget Girl!

Any form of appliance or technology that means I can spend less time cleaning and more time with my kids or building my business is a winner in my eyes.

Although I’m a bit of clean freak and love everything to be organised and tidy, I hate to clean (who likes to, I don’t know?).

With two young kids, a career that means I make and blog a lot of recipes (with at least one a day) along with cooking generally, housework can feel like one epic, endless cycle.

As soon as I’ve finished cleaning the house it’s time to start all over again. And again. A Groundhog Day of tidying up!

This is why I’m always on the hunt for the latest and most innovative technology to make housework a whole lot easier.

So here I’ve picked out my Top 5 kitchen appliances that every busy mama needs in her life.

You can thank me later! Now I’ve just got a floor to steam! 😉

1. Hotpoint Steam Mop

I’m so grateful that both my boys love the outdoors as much as they adore crafting and painting inside.

As wonderful as this is though, there’s a huge downside to arts and crafts and wellies in the house-the mess, mostly on beautiful monochrome tiles and wooden floors!


Thankfully I was recently gifted the Hotpoint Steam Mop c/o Appliance House, a fabulous online website that sells top of the range, branded kitchen appliances at great value prices with buy now pay later finance options too, and I have to say that this mop has revolutionised my housework.

In fact it’s so easy to use, I can even do the housework in my favourite heels!

This was taken when I actually just steamed the floors (unlike the first picture pre-cocktails)!
steam mop

My mop eliminated tough stains with ease, was easy to control, so never felt tiresome to use, worked quickly and left my kitchen floor spic and span in far less time than it would have with a mop and bucket.

The heat of the mop means that more bacteria is killed than by traditional mopping and as the steam evaporates quickly so the floor dries instantly meaning there’s less chance of accidents and it also means that bacteria is less likely to ‘survive and thrive’ as they LOVE wet environments.

Another key factor for me is the fact that the mop runs solely on water, so there are no nasty chemicals, perfect for mine and Oliver’s sensitive skin as well as the environment too.

Steam mops work at a high-pressure dry steam function, this great Hotpoint model took just 20 seconds to heat up and it is super quick to use, saving time and also putting much less pressure on my back too.

The mop’s ergonomic mop head means that you can reach even the hardest nooks and crannies – it even cleaned those pesky tight corners between my kitchen units which I usually have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub (definitely not in heels)!

And what’s more, I’m excited to announce I have teamed up with Appliance House to offer 1 lucky Honest Mum reader a Hotpoint Steam Mop (Worth £99) of their own.

Just enter via the Rafflecopter at the end of this post to enter the competition and win one for yourself.

2. Duel Fuel Range Cooker 


I’m an avid chef as those who follow my blog know. I come from a family of restaurateurs and I post regular recipes on here, as well as having them featured on top websites including the Huffington Post and Woman Magazine (and I’ll soon be cooking on TV too so watch this space)!

Let me present to you range cookers which are designed with top chefs in mind. They really are the dream cooking machine.

Firstly they are huge! You could literally (well probably) feed an army with one of these things so it’s more than perfect for the feeding my family of 4.

Combining electric oven and grill and gas hobs, duel fuel range cookers are my preferred model of range cooker.

3.Boiling Water Tap 

I love boiling water taps as they are so much more efficient and economical than a regular kettle!

The taps are so well insulated that their stand-by mode costs just 3p a day. Everyone has the bad habit of overfilling kettles, but this tap eliminates that so it is far less wasteful and better for the environment.

It can be used for everything. From making a cup of tea to boiling pasta and even filling hot water bottles and removing candle wax.

And they look so much more stylish too!

4. Pop Up Sockets

Pop up sockets are every parent’s dream. Even though I keep a super vigilant eye on my two young sons, I do worry that they may play with electric plug sockets without realising how dangerous they are!

Pop up sockets help eliminate this danger.

Simple and effective, there discreet design means they are far more stylish than old fashioned plug sockets and also include USB ports – perfect for charging phones, docking stations and tablet computers!

5. Free Standing Wine Cooler

I’m of Mediterranean heritage and my husband Peter is South African, so we’re a household of wine-lovers.

Although we don’t drink loads, we love collecting nice bottles of wine and enjoy a glass when we get a night off.

On my wish list is a free standing wine cooler. Even though I have a pretty large fridge, I really need somewhere to store wine which otherwise takes up too much space on the shelves.

So that’s my list, I’d love to read yours in the comments.

Now for the exciting competition-

To win the fab Hotpoint Steam Mop (worth £99) courtesy of Appliance House please enter using the Rafflecopter below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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353 Responses

  1. Mike @ London Clean LTD

    I know what it is like to be busy and worry about balancing everything without losing your sanity. As a homeschooling mom of 5 incredibly different kids, including newborn twins, I have just about seen it all . . . But your tips are quite good… Thanks

  2. cat culmer

    I have a black tiled kitchen floor which I love but its an absolute nightmare to keep clean. Especially with a very messy 18 month old

  3. Pia Stephens

    Our kitchen floor is horrid old worn lino and we have 3 mucky little mess makers, anything to clean it faster, easier and better would be amazing x

  4. Sylvia Paul

    I have tiled floors in my kitchen, through to my bathroom and am finding it hard to get them really clean. I would love to try this fab product.

  5. Leanne Perrett

    my whole downstairs is wood or laminate flooring and keeping it clean with 4 kids 2 cats and various visitors in and out my floors take a beating so being able to clean em easily would be fab

  6. Sandra Siddall

    I would love to win because it looks and sounds amazing and it would make lighter work of cleaning my kitchen floor with a conventional Mop & bucket’ also germ free which is always important especially with small children 🙂

  7. Lucy Robinson

    I would love to win this to clean my kitchen floor. It looks like it would make it lovely and clean. x

  8. Pauline Burroughs

    I’d love this for my kitchen floor. I’d feel it would be ultra clean

  9. Kirsti Peters

    My Kitchen floor needs a good going over and that;s why I want to win

  10. Rachel B

    I’m 6 months pregnant and getting to be a bit of a germophobe. This would be ideal to put my mind at rest.

  11. Fiona K

    This mop would be such a help. We have loads of tiles and hardwood floors in our house. I often find myself having to use a damp cloth on my hands and knees as I try to clean floors close to cabinetry, round the legs of the kitchen table or round the feet of our old-fashioned claw foot tub.

  12. Andrew Sales

    Would love to win as i have wanted a steam mop for ages ut not been able to get one.

  13. Susan B

    I have various 4-legged housemates who tend to be a bit messy. It would be both convenient and reassuring to use a steam mop and know the floor is really clean.

  14. Jessica woods

    I would love to win this because with two dogs 5 puppies three kids 5 and under a cat and a very messy partner I most definitely am always cleaning I feel your pain x

  15. Sammi McSporran

    Because I worry that mopping the way I currently do is doing nothing more but moving the dirt and bacteria around without really cleaning the floors. So I’d love to have a steam mop that I know is really doing the job!!

  16. Tracy Read

    I have just moved I to my new house and this would be great for making it sparkle!

  17. Catherine Gregory

    Because with 4 cats paddling about I would love to give my kitchen a really deep steam clean rather than the usual mop and bucket

  18. Lyndsey Jones

    I’ve wanted one of these for ages to get in all the nooks and crannys of my tiled kitchen floor but it never seems to make it to the top of the priority list!

  19. Nicola Andrijauskas

    I’d LOVE to win. it looks fab and just what I need to tackle my kitchen floor:-) xx

  20. Jacqueline Roberts

    I loved my steam mop but it started to block up and then loud out a huge bang and it was no more, hence why I’m entering.

  21. jamie millard

    we are doing a lot of gardening this summer. the kitcken floor is taking a pounding. this would really help.

  22. trevor linvell

    I want to win as it looks like a useful product and hopefully it will get me cleaning my kitchen floor more often


    This Cinderella wants something to speed up the cleaning so I’ve got more time to spend with Prince Charming.

  24. sally brown

    I would love to win, everytime i go to buy one something else goes wrong and I have to put the purchase off

  25. Kelly Summerfield

    Our old one has broken.. and two toddlers and a dog is not an ideal situation to keep the floor clean! xx

  26. Susan Carruthers

    I would love to win to save me getting down on my creaky knees to clean the kitchen floor!

  27. a.e.adkins

    Cats, kids & man = grubby floors
    Hotpoint steam mop = sparkly floors

  28. Victoria Prince

    What a gorgeous kitchen!

    I love the steam mop – I’d love to win because I have 4 dogs, and I am a powered wheelchair user that loves to get off road still – so whenever it’s wet I have muddy wheels, which of course have to come into the house. We have hard floors, but most of the year it’s a completely futile battle against wet and muddy wheels and then the mud the dogs bring in too! This would be incredible, it would make a massive difference as it looks much more practical for me to actually be able to use too

  29. Natalie Baugh

    I’ve been wanting a steam mop for some time now, living with two messy children and four cats im having to mop twice a day. A steam mop would just make things 10 times easier. Thanks so much for this fab giveaway 🙂

  30. Lyndsey Beckford

    Because I find it such hard work mopping the floors sue to my disability. This would take all the hard work out of it! 🙂

  31. helen newton

    Might sound a bit strange … but a steam mop has always been on my want list , would definately help with cleaning my mucky floors ♥♥

  32. shelley stevenson

    simply because is an amazin giveaway <3.. i dont even own a usual run of the mill mop so this would be luxury lol 🙂

  33. Melanie

    I hope it will improve my enjoyment of cleaning, although I doubt it. But if it speeds it up, I’m up for it

  34. david cavender

    i have a stone floor in the kitchen-it would ease the grind of mopping it up

  35. Claire Davies

    We have tiled floors in our kitchen and bathroom so this would be great for giving them a sparkly finish!

  36. Tammy Neal

    i woould love to win this because i,m sick of mopping and it doesn’t remove those hard stains! and i,ve got a dog who keeps coming in and out all day much worse when it has rained ahhhh Help! <3

  37. Donna Clinton

    Cleaning my kitchen floor is such a chore with a dog and 5 kids in and out all day so i would love to win to hopefully make it an easier job for me!


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