Today at the Supermarket, Something Unexpected Happened


To illustrate this post, I’m sharing an old picture of Oliver, who decided to give the bread from a picnic we were having to some nearby ducks. Kind kids are an inspiration to us all. PRETTIER than a supermarket shot too!

…So today at the supermarket, something truly lovely happened. And just when you’ve got to thinking that we live in a tough old cynical world…

I happened to be shopping solo in Tesco for once (and what a joy it is to not have little people trying to bribe you into buying toy cars and sweet treats) when I finished my massive clean eating ‘full of good intentions’ shop and reached the counter.

Placing the fruit, veg, quinoa, lentils (you get the picture, can you tell I’m showing off?!) onto the conveyor belt, a lady in front of me who had finished her shopping stopped, turned and said with a smile, “Can I help you?”.

I was a little confused, she didn’t work at the store and had packed and paid for her shopping and was ready to leave. Sweet, in her 60’s, well turned out and polite, she looked NORMAL (ie not about to nick my shopping)…

“I’m not in a rush and can see you have lots in your trolley, I’ll help you pack if you like”

I told her not to worry, but she insisted it was no trouble and just like that a lovely stranger helped me pack my trolley for a good ten minutes, chatting away that didn’t want me to feel pressured to pack quickly with the queue of people behind me and now no one need wait.

Right there, my faith in mankind was renewed again. Although I have to say I do think the world is FULL of wonderful people. I just suppose it was the unexpected!

As we packed the last bag, I asked the lady her name (Colette) and thanked her again. Colette told me she tries to commit one random act of kindness a day, be it helping the elderly with their shopping or into their car and she even paid towards a young mum’s milk when she got to the till once and found she hadn’t have enough to cover it all.

How caring is that?

I consider myself a kind, generous lady, always donating money and items to charity and being there for friends and family as much as possible. Of course if I saw someone hurt or in need of help in public, I would try and be of assistance but I must admit as a previous London/metropolis dweller I would struggle a little to feel comfortable asking a stranger if they needed a hand with packing for example like Colette did with me, today.

Well I’m going to change.

Every day I want to try and follow Colette’s random act of kindness and help other people.

Yes of course I’ll be sensible, never putting myself in danger or the like but I too want to make one small gesture a day that could mean A LOT to someone else. Simple really.

Why don’t you join me?

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