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I know I’m only just about out of my summer wardrobe but the fact is, winter is on its way and soon as my eldest has been pre-empting, “it will be snowing”-well it always seems to in Yorkshire anyway!

In a crazy (cold) kind of way I’m excited for the winter, I love A/W clothes, all warm gilets and leather knee high boots; planning for my birthday in November, Christmas festivities and my eldest’s birthday after the New Year. Everyone is just so joyous at this time of year too aren’t they?!

If you’re like me, then you do a fair bit of travelling over the festive season, for parties (yay) to visiting relatives near and far.

I’ve teamed up with the tyre giants you can rely on, Michelin again, to make sure you’ll be at your safest on the roads, with their tips to drive safely this winter!

Michelin have undergone lengthy research to ensure we all drive as safely and efficiently as possible so I wanted to their useful tips for when the weather changes!

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As with all of Michelin’s initiatives, they also manage to break a lot of driving myths too!

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*Institute for Traffic Accident Research (VUFO) University of Technology Dresden: 12,000 accidents analysed over 12 years.

Myth 1: Snow is the biggest driving menace

Surprising 95% of winter road accidents are not due to snow. 57% occur when the road wasn’t even wet! Accidents often happen due to the cold as it hardens tyres and reduces grip. You should always use cold weather tyres when the temperature falls to ensure you are a safe as possible on the wintery roads.

UK_The Road Usage Lab_Winter_M&R 1_image_140915

Myth: Winter tyres mean snow tyres

Winter tyres are not just designed for snow,  they are made to combat rain and black ice too and assist you to break as effectively as possible when you need to, whatever the weather.

Myth 3: The city’s safer than the country

You may think country roads are more hazardous than city ones-well actually over 68% of road incidents in the winter happen in the city due to the constant stop-start driving meaning greater skidding and more accidents.

Fascinating stuff huh?! Why don’t you check out this video too?

Right, I’m off to change my car’s tyres to winter ones and I’ll try stick to the country roads where possible, how about you?

You can check out more tips over at http://www.michelin.co.uk/michelin-total-performance.

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