Vicki stroking a leopard


Thrillaxing. What am I on about? Holidaying that’s what. A holiday that’s so thrilling, it’s relaxing. 64% of UK travellers think ‘thrillaxing’ is the best route to a relaxing holiday according to new research. Still not sure what I mean?

Thrilling activities on holiday can range from more extreme sports like ice climbing and bungee jumping (not for me, I’m a wimp) to scuba diving and safari trips, surfing and country bike rides…you know, anything that constitutes more energy than flopping from your sunlounger to the ice cream kiosk and back.

It means doing something on your holiday. Something incredible, remarkable, fun and unforgettable. Actually seeing the country you’re visiting, making use of the stunning surroundings you might not see again and most importantly getting active to help you feel more relaxed when you hit home shores again.

The most amazing trip that springs to mind personally was visiting my husband’s family in South Africa. After copious amounts of barbecued food till we could eat no more, we took to Table Mountain, went on safari and meandered and drank ourselves merry across the wine routes. This was pre Oliver but we’d do it all again with him (it just might take a little longer and there would be slightly less wine involved).

Below is a picture of me, yes I, stroking a leopard while on safari the first time I visited the country. No I wouldn’t recommend it, nor would I do it again (the safari yes, the stroking, no) despite the catalogue pose. In my defence it was tame and about to shoot a movie. Famous last words…

Vicki stroking a leopard

South Africa was a once in a lifetime experience and luckily as my in laws live there, we have had the chance to do it again. That’s not to say you have to go abroad or even spend a lot to feel the benefits of a ‘thrillaxing holiday’. The key is to do something physical whiles you’re there to feel the real benefits.

Holiday portal iExplore found in their study that ever increasing numbers seek an active, more adventurous holiday to escape the stresses of our day-to-day lives.

iExplore helps people seeking holiday inspiration discover their travelling style and more than that, it matches you to the type of active holiday that best suits your interests, budget, pace and experience. Whether you fancy river boating, dogsledding (yes, really), watching the Grand Prix, gazing at the northern lights, taking a volunteering break or even a family safari, which I hope to soon (sans stroking the animals), iExplore can help find the right holiday for you. Just click on their inspirator quiz to help find your perfect holiday.

So what you waiting for? Go forth and thrillax dudes!

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.


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