Sport Relief

It has been a real honour to be an ambassador for this incredible charity and I have been humbled by all the support and sponsorship money from you guys.

We raised £1035 and counting and we couldn’t be more grateful. Your money will help some of the poorest communities both in the UK and abroad.

This was the first year of the Games for Sport Relief and it was a joy to take part.

There were tonnes of fundraising activities taking place across the whole of the UK in the lead up and of course over the Sport Relief weekend – no matter your age or ability, there were plenty of ways to get involved and put the FUN in fundraising.

With two young kids, we opted for the 3 mile walk as a family and took a pram too in case 3 year old Xander struggled. Thank goodness we did too because he decided to sit in it from the off!

Sport Relief Games

While Oliver (6) exhausted himself from running part of it it was thanks to Daddy and some serious piggy backing that saw us all through! 


The atmosphere was electric on the day with passers-by clapping us on and brass bands playing at junctures throughout- it was one of most fun and joyful family days out we’ve ever had.

Sheffield Sport Reliefwarm up

brass band

And most importantly it was all for a great cause. 

Sports Relief supports so many incredible charities across the UK and further afield. I myself have seen-first hand how the money raised makes a difference when I visited the Yorkshire based charity, STEP, earlier this month.

Finish line

…Post-run, there was no time for resting as we headed to check out the entertainment provided by local businesses which had set up stalls to help kids and adults test out different sports from table tennis to football, rock climbing, boxing and beyond.

table tennis football rock climbing table tennis

Xander and Oliver ABSOLUTELY loved their boxing session with the boxers from. Xander in particular with Sharon Holford, a former champion no-less & now teacher at Aspire Amateur Boxing Club, saying he’s a natural! She literally couldn’t believe he’s only 3.

Check out the little video:

baby boxing champ boxing

‘So you wanna be a boxer in the golden ring…’

So you wanna be a boxer three year old boxing boosh! boxing gold boxing glove laughing fun

With football games and a session on the bicycles which helped Oliver feel more confident without stabilisers, Sport Relief had done an incredible job of supporting and inspiring kids and adults too, to become more active.

cycling kids' bike helmet

After all that exertions we treated ourselves to flapjacks, frothy cappuccinos and milk for the boys at the achingly cool Marmadukes Cafe and Deli (owner of the best tiles in town) -and then it was fish and chips in Ilkley on the way home.

pretty tiles

After exercise comes fries, right?! Haha! Well I think my pint-sized athletes deserved a treat.

Stay healthy though peeps!

What a wonderful day.

Sport Relief

Nothing feels more rewarding than helping others.

Huge thanks to you all for helping us to do just that.


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15 Responses

  1. Ebabee

    Well done to you for raising so much for sport relief and all of you for completing your walk – especially the kiddies. Love the video of Xander boxing – how cute is that?! Beautiful pictures of your beautiful boys as always.

  2. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas

    An amazing day for you guys! So proud of you and your family for supporting Sport Relief games, and well done for completing the 3 miles walk/run xxx love Alexander with the boxing gloves! A natural, and Olivier on his bike too xxxx

  3. John Adams

    Loving the gold boxing gloves. You should get a pair Honest Mum branded. I think our three year old would also have stayed in the buggy for the duration. Well done on raising os much.

    • Honest Mum

      Haha I need some gold branded gloves-how cool would that be. Thanks for your kind comment John, we had a wonderful time for a great cause.

  4. Regina L. L. Wells

    Congratulations, Vicki! I am so happy and excited for you! I have been loving watching you with Sports Relief and STEP (a fabulous program!) and am so happy that you have raised so much money for STEP. It’s really cool that your entire family was able to participate…I bet you all were wiped when you went to bed that evening. My goodness! Good job, doll!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much, we all slept well that night. Such an honour to be a tiny part of such an incredible cause. We had the best day x

  5. The DADventurer (Dave)

    Well done for completing the walk (with kids!) and supporting a great cause. Looks like you had fun during and after the walk – love how Xander is still pretending to be a dog, bless him 🙂

  6. Lizzie Somerset

    What a day! I admire you walking 3 miles with the kids, wise move taking the buggy. The entertainment afterwards looked fantastic! Great work for a great cause well done xo


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