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The Simple Things I Love About Motherhood

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Mother’s Day has gotten me thinking about the simple things I love about motherhood, the little moments that make me appreciate being a mother more than anything in my life, when my kids aren’t tantrumming of course, fighting over which Peppa Pig episode to watch or refusing OVER and OVER to share with one another (yawn)….but here are the times when it’s truly JOYOUS:

Oliver-Honest Mum

Photos by Kirsty Mattsson Photography.

1. Kisses and cuddles

We’re a tactile, loving family and I adore nothing more than kissing and cuddling my beautiful boys. Their smell is infectious (especially the baby), I wish I could bottle it!…I must say though, Oliver, 4 has recently announced that he doesn’t like kissing which makes me a little sad. I still receive the biggest hug and kiss from him when I collect him from pre-school and before bedtime but they’re not quite as frequent as before… I suppose I just have to respect that right now, he’s just not that INTO me *wail.

2. Trampoline Time

The 3 of us have so much fun jumping around on our massive gifted trampoline looking out into the golden farmer’s fields behind our current home as we mostly try to out-jump one another! Did I mention we’re a competitive family too (ha)?!

3. Woodland walks

I always feel so content sprawling through the nearby woods, wellies on, basket in hand as we collect pine cones whiles playing our usual game of searching forThe Gruffalo. Embarrasing moment-old man in a hat is most definitely not the Gruffalo (sorry dude).

4. Dancing around the living room

Dancing features a lot in our lives, I dance and drive (well at the traffic lights at least) and we all have a good ol’ booty shake to Virgin dance playlists most nights-Pharell’s ‘I’m Happy’ is our current fave. My kids certainly have rhythm! Go boys!

5. Baking

Those who follow this blog know we’re a family of foodies and we all enjoy a good bake off session, most recently making tonnes of my famous oat cookies which two weeks later, we’re still eating…

…This Mother’s Day I was spoiled with love, a stunning bouquet of sunflowers and a beautiful homemade Italian meal, I’m one lucky Mama!

What are the simple things you love about motherhood?

…Beginning in March 2014, Oxfam set out to call upon the British public to join them in celebrating the importance of mums around the world by donating to their Mother Appeal.  The appeal has seen the message spread far and wide, including a record-breaking attempt at creating the world’s largest Mother’s Day card in London in late March.

The core of Oxfam’s work has always been about empowering those in need to lift themselves out of poverty and strife.

In countries like Sri Lanka, mothers have struggled for years to raise their children amidst years of conflict.  Many have lost loved ones and had their families or communities ripped apart.  But through raising awareness and ultimately raising funds, Oxfam and the people of Britain can help people begin to rebuild their lives.


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