Windsor Castle

The Royal Wedding (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle)

Changing of the Guard in Windsor

You have to have been living under a rock to not know that the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle is taking place this Saturday, and as a Windsor-dwelling resident myself, I can vouch that the excitement levels in the town of the Queen’s favourite residence, are frankly off the chart (with Royal fans already sleeping on the streets in preparation).

I’m a little uneasy about it all if I’m totally honest a the streets are already bursting with more tourists than usual, along with camera crews from around the world on every street corner and road closures we’re all getting our heads around in time for the Big Day. It’s incredibly exciting, of course it (and has been watching the slow prep with marquees being placed and the Long Walk’s grass trimmed and primped in time) but a little unsettling too, which I imagine reflects how Harry and Meghan might feel right now too.

As an empath and huge worrier at that, I can’t help but feel a little nervous for Meghan in particular and the billions of eyes on her (literally) come Saturday May 19th, primed and ready to absorb her every move, dress, hair style and more with unsolicited commentary to follow- and I struggle to fathom quite how visible and public hers and Harry’s day will be.

Windsor Castle

As an actress I’ve admired for a long time, and a commoner too as Kate was before her (I hate that term), Meghan is truly relateable in every way, and I feel concerned by the level of scrutiny she’s already endured and the mass of it to come.

Being an actress doesn’t prepare you for Beyonce style stardom.

I feel saddened by the recent press and of course the ill-judged actions of her father, and of course other estranged relatives whom appear to court the press in her name, bringing great embarrassment with it. Yes, this is an unusual situation but her family’s actions are cripplingly selfish and greedy and must have caused great pain to both her and Harry.

Meghan needs the support and love of those she trusts yet is enveloped in controversy and the slurs of family members she no longer even knows (she’s not spoken to her half sister for a decade).

Marriage is sacred and precious and while we all want a piece of the big day and feel invested in this sweet twosome’s relationship and happy ending, I deeply hope they achieve some privacy too.

I’m in complete awe of Kate for example, being able to share her new babies with the world on labour day at that which seems unimaginable to me- and with such poise and grace too, and now Meghan will be following suit with the wedding and no doubt babies too.

My respect knows no bounds for these strong, brilliant women who have appropriated the most public of roles and in the face of grave pressure that will last their lifetimes.

I will personally be flying my flag and toasting to the happy couple on Saturday with the family, rejoicing in this landmark occasion and equally the new, vital progression their union stands for.


What a wonderful milestone in so many ways.

Will you be watching on the box or dancing in the streets?

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