Great friends-yummy mummies

The Power of Great Girl Friends

I’ve always been a bit of a girl’s girl, I’m still friends with many of my oldest girlfriends from school and sixth form… and university (Emma, Ruth, Amancay, Sharmin), then from working in the film industry for years and blogging; I just love how empowering good female friends are and I’d be lost without them!

I wanted to share some of my closest pals (there are more but no one could agree on the pictures-friends huh!)

Below with one of my besties, Carlie who I’ve known forever too!


Rachael and I met in Sixth Form and got close again when I moved back to Leeds. 

Great friends-yummy mummiesWith Julie below, who I’ve known since I was thirteen!

Vicki and Julie

With the fabulous Nicci whom I met when she cast a drama series I directed and we became great friends! 

Friends-Honest Mum

 Along with Amancay, (a filmmaker friend I met at Uni below), Nicci and I had the time of our lives at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year!  

Great friends-Honest Mum

With Sharmin (and Amancay) below, who lives in Amsterdam and whom I also count as a sister!

friends-Honest Mum

And talking of distance or time, it simply doesn’t exist when it comes to real friends. I met up with Emma who lives in LA last Christmas after not seeing her since my trip to LA year before and nothing had changed. In fact it might just have been one of the best girly weekends EVER!

best friends-Honest Mum

With my amazing friend Ruth whom I shared first time motherhood with, becoming firm friends.

Ruth and Vicki

Quick disclaimer, I’ve also managed to hold onto a male friend too (go me!)-Will-the only one left (worth ten of course) when all my other men friends fled post marriage and kids…such a dude!

best friends-Honest Mum

In all seriousness, aged 33 I I look around at all the friends in my life (OK I look at their twitter handles and FB profiles-ha) and feel truly content that the pals I’ve got, the ones which have stood the test of time and endured the ups and the downs are real forever friends, the keepers.

My Mum always says regard friends as ‘horses for courses’, not every buddy has to be your bestie or rock your world (great if a handful do of course), some are just (and only) great for a night of partying, a quick cuppa or a baby meet up (and not necessarily ones you’d call at 3am with a problem)! Of course I feel so many are all of the above and more, but I get what she means, simply don’t have huge expectations with every friendship.

You just need to connect in some way and it shouldn’t feel tough going…friendship is down to chemisty, if it works, it works…

…I’m always be open to new friendships too (you can never have too many friends) and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like blogging when it comes to acquiring more ‘sisters’!

Women can be cruel (as can men), jealous and competitive (healthy competition is great as long as it’s just that) but the ladies in my life, online and off are inspiring, strong, supportive, wise women I couldn’t be without.

Old and new friends who make me feel good, lift my spirits and simply ‘get me and all my imperfections’ and I them. That’s what’s important with people. To be yourself and have fun.

I’ve cut out the fake friends over the years, ‘the dementors’ as I call them, that drained my energy or weren’t sincere, leaving me time to focus on the good eggs-kids really help you hone in on who matters thanks to limited time!

There are of course friends I’m sad I drifted from, the ones I miss but that’s life and old friends can come back into your life at any time and they have with me like with my great friend Jules…

More than anything, I think real friends make you feel untouchable. The ones that tell you when you’re wrong yet simply want the best for you. The ones that know not to arrange to see you (me) when it’s PMT week and will drop everything in your time of need (PMT week) and remeber you’re not a psycho, it’s just that time! It’s not about giving gifts or even time when they don’t have it, it’s just knowing there are there. ..

Those friendships, those enduring, laugh out loud, weep together mates protect and empower me.

Because we all need and want friends (and I say that as someone who counts her husband as her best friend too)!

…Because as my feminist Mum who gave me a badge to wear aged 2 with the words, “women together are strong” always knew, together we can build one another up and back together again like no one else.

And that’s exactly what my blogger friends and I do to one another-

With blogging bestie Mirka below!

Blogger besties-Honest Mum

I once thought you can only count your real your friends on one hand but since becoming a blogger, I know that’s simply just not true,  I’ve run out of fingers… and it feels so good…


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