vicki, nicci and hayley

The Power of Great Friends

vicki, nicci and hayleyI’m a real girls’ girl and can’t live without the strong female friendships in my life.

They empower me, they inspire me and the girls that I really click with, just make me so happy.

You know those relationships that have really stood the test of time and gone the distance, those mates who totally get who I am, and who’ve been there for me, as I, them, as our lives have changed beyond recognition, over continents, children, new careers…the girls (and guys) who’ve held my hand when times were tough and jumped with joy (and shook their bootays when times were good.

I got rid of fairweather friends long ago and realised particularly since having kids (and with time so strained) that when you find those friends, those special ones who accept you for your flaws and all, and only want the best for you, you mustn’t let them go.

I’m so lucky to have such a wide, diverse and dynamic group of buddies from those I’ve known since I was a child, to film colleagues (actors and crew), and of course new blogging pals thanks to this blog here and being online.

Smart, savvy, funny women, men too, whose positive and contagious energy,  and unwavering friendship has never failed to empower and support me.

They make me feel my best and give me strength.

When I’ve had a sleepless night and need to meet a million deadlines, unsure I can get through the day, or find myself in deep water as I push myself out of my comfort zone, they make me believe things will be OK, even when they don’t always seem that way.

Most importantly, real friends ground me, when life seems crazy, they keep me real.

I’ve recently returned from a girly weekend at the Cannes Film Festival, attending with one of my best friends Nicci, a casting director, and my publicist and great friend Hayley whom I’m going into business with soon.

Laughter, fun, wild times, running into the sea together, partying until dawn, fine dining and frites after dark, dancing, it all made me feel so alive, that feeling that together, we can take on the world.

Or the Cote d’Azur at the very least!

Women together are strong. That’s what my mother always told me and she’s right. Girls to have your back, prop you up and keep you sane. Thanks to all my sisters from other misters who are doing just that.

Who are your great friends?

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