The Power of Blogging-Yes, Blogging Can Be a Well Paid Career

Recently, I’ve found I’ve had to explain to a fair few people in the ‘real world’ what a blogging career actually means.

Questions of late-

‘What, you earn a good living from blogging?’

‘How can you blog for a job?’

‘You earn more than when you were as a TV director, really?’

‘You have staff?’

I get it, this is a pretty new career in a brave new online world, one that has only become a full time job for most over the last few years (including myself) as the digital landscape exploded- but I must admit, I’m getting a little bit weary of all the presumptions around blogging, that if someone doesn’t quite understand it, they perhaps don’t value it.

And I don’t want to be a defensive person. That’s just not me.

I hate having to explain that I charge high fees, work with global brands and blogging pays well. Yet I do and I just have. I earn more than when I was a full time TV director. I employ 3 people.

It’s there for the taking, people.

That doesn’t mean a blogging career has to offer you high earning power to be valued either. That’s not how ‘art’ works.

Plus, not everyone wants to blog for a job.

I don’t mean to rant and heck, this isn’t meant to be a show-off post, I started this blog, like all bloggers without spending a penny. No overheads, no obligations. That’s the beauty of blogging. Create and opportunities will come.

I also appreciate that not everyone wants to make blogging their full time job-they don’t want to monetise their blog so they can keep it ad-free or don’t have the time or inclination to combine sponsored posts with personal ones along with social media work, consultancy, and potential modelling deals, endorsements, TV and online work and all the rest that I do regularly-and that’s OK, but many of us, we ‘digital influencers’  as PR’s like to refer to us, do just that, we influence and we’re paid well to do so.

I didn’t actively pursue this as a career, as it didn’t even exist as one when I started out in November 2010 and I certainly would blog even if I didn’t earn a penny from it, simply because I LOVE IT.

Blogging nourishes me and I’m lost without this space of mine and I’m grateful my blog is also my job, that every day I get to share my life and loves as my career-that I make videos for brands I’m passionate about and I’m able to use my voice for the better good, sharing charity campaigns and supporting those in need.

This job stimulates and satisfies me like no other. I work on my time and on my terms. It works for my family and offers me freedom and control and most importantly, it never feels like work because it’s so INCREDIBLY fun!

Want to be paid to wear these clothes, create recipes, go on holiday? Yes, it’s a dream job.

And of course, it requires hard graft and commitment to growth, I never stop honing my voice, acquiring new skills and passion. We are nothing without passion right?

I just can’t wait until professional blogging is deemed as more of a ‘normal job’ by society as a whole.

‘Hi Mrs Career advisor I want to be a pro blogger please’.

I welcome the day when I don’t have to explain my job to anyone. Honestly.

And I know that day is coming.

It’s almost here.

And the lesson I suppose is not to assume or judge, everyone’s experience and position will vary-many others, bloggers or not, might not realise quite how much they can even earn or the valuable possibilities blogging can bring.

You don’t need a million readers or followers to earn a great living, although of course, that helps- targeted niche audience matter-they are the ones advertisers want to attract and nurture.

There will always be a desire for talented writers, photographers and filmmakers on digital platforms so work at your blog game and keep delivering.

Yes, I’m an established blogger, yes my blog turns 5 in 2 weeks and this has been my full-time job for 3 years, but I started right at the beginning like we all do.

Bloggers, I simply say, be proud and stand tall, whether you choose this as career or not, whether you call yourself a professional blogger or not, because we’re only getting stronger, bigger, better and more kick-ass by the day.

Blogging pays.

The sooner everyone realises that, the better. For all of us.

laptop and Polaroid camera

Bloggers, if you want to read my many posts offering blogging tips and how to make your blog, your job, click HERE.

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The Power of Blogging-Yes, Blogging Can Be a Well Paid Career - Honest Mum


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34 Responses

  1. Pen

    You are very much a pioneer in your field and the majority of us bloggers don’t make a penny. That last sentence sounded bitter and jealous- it isn’t meant to be. You owe your success to your creativity, determination, business acumen and wit. Not all of us have those qualities. congratulations to you. X

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you for your kind words but all those things can be honed and crafted and you possess them yourself in bucket loads. I am embarking on a UK tour with the British Library after the soft launch with Stylist Magazine last year of mine and Jessica Huie MBE’s ‘Turning Passion into Pounds’ to help empower and inform others on working in the digital field. We are determined to help others in their goals of creating well paid careers from blogging, eshops and other means via businesses online. The next one in collab with BL is on April 8th 2016 x

  2. Rachel In Real Life

    My blog is just a year old and so I still class myself as a new blogger but I will admit I would love to make it my job. I know it is possible, you and others (whether solely through blogging or through other freelance work) are proof of that. I have lots of room for improvement and got into a tail spin the other day about the areas I want to improve then I read another post where someone recommended focussing on one area for say 3 months then another etc.

    • Honest Mum

      You absolutely can Rachel, I never thought when I started 5 years ago I would have a team here-I love blogging, it’s such a fulfilling career x

  3. Amber

    The thing is, you’re a bit of a pioneer in your field. You’re more confident and more self-assured than most bloggers I know, you KNOW your worth and you’re prepared to advocate for that – so of course you get it! It’s fantastic for the rest of us who are able to use your success to define our own worth but I’m sure that it must be quite tiresome for you to have to keep on explaining your achievements.

    You inspire me every time I visit your blog.

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you darling, I think it’s become tiresome more to the outside world, rather than the blogging world although I appreciate blogging isn’t quite mainstream to all, although we’re getting there aren’t we. I wasn’t confident to start, I was far from it and blogging helped me rediscover my voice and slowly get to this point. I hope it does inspire others, I am truly ambitious and hope to continue growing and pushing boundaries and I love that we parenting bloggers are being valued so highly x

  4. Wave to Mummy

    While I suppose you could say it is there for the taking, it is damn hard to grab hold of it! Takes lots of hard and unpaid work for it to work, and I doubt many have the stamina to keep going. It is not for everyone.

    I’ve found by the way that I can justify (to others) the time spent on blogging much better after I have started to earn money and reviews from it. Although it is a wonderful hobby and I love it as such, but sigh, not everyone gets it… If you class it as “work” suddenly people see its worth (and here I am talking of many people in my family). Although just writing, photographing and creating are just as valuable areas to spend time in!

    • Honest Mum

      Nope don’t agree about the free work, I have never done a lot of free work, not even at the start of blogging. It’s about writing a lot yes to establish yourself, something I did naturally wanting to carve out a space but it’s possible to charge high fees and earn a great living from it, I’m proof of that. I do think many more will understand how viable and profitable it is outside of the online world as it gets more mainstream but I was being offered high fees for an unknown style site when I started from scratch and again when I started 5 years ago people were offering good money for posts. Quality is king. You write a super blog and I believe it really is all there for the taking if you choose to make blogging your career.

  5. Mum in Brum

    Your posts are always so empowering – love them! I’d love to make blogging a full time career one day and it’s so great to see that it is possible. I do think that blogging on the whole is undervalued as a profession and many bloggers are selling themselves short when it comes to fees that they charge. I think bloggers need to start realising their true value and get paid accordingly for all of the hard work and dedication. Well done you for making it work and proving that anything is possible #Brillblogposts xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks lady, I hope more bloggers can see how much they can earn and achieve through blogging, it really is a stimulating and lucrative career. Thanks for your kinds words x

  6. Notmyyearoff

    People are always shocked when I tell them this and they often think it’s a “quick buck” thing. I think some even go in with the wrong intentions and think they have to sit back and all will come. I think it’s great when someone does it really well and it’s an amazing career to have when done right xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much, that means a lot. You are right, no sitting back, success comes from hard graft, whatever industry you are in xx

  7. tracey bowden

    I have just come across this whilst writing my ‘blogger bucket list’ to help me help my blog to grow and you are my main inspiration. I have recently admitted out loud to people that I no longer want to pursue my day job but develop my blog and writing and was met with similar reactions. I am by no means professional far from it but you show us it is achievable thank you for this post x

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you Tracey and that is the best way forward-put your intentions out there to the universe-your friends, work hard and you can do it! Thanks for your kind comment, touched x

  8. Michelle Reeves (The Joy Chaser)

    This post made my smile Vicki because there are sometimes raised eyebrows or blank faces when I tell people what I do! Until recently I described myself as a freelance writer (true as I have worked for print magazines and other websites) but now I proudly say I’m a professional blogger working with some amazing brands and using the experience I’ve gained over the past *gulp* almost 6 years to share the lessons I’ve learned moving away from negativity to help others. You’re a trailblazer honey, doing what you love with passion and pizazz – keep on keeping on!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks sweetpea, I feel the same about you, you inspire us all to be the best us and I love that you own the title, you should, it’s a dream job right?! Keep being awesome hun xx

  9. mummyofboygirltwins

    Really amazing to read this and see how far you’ve come. It does show that hard work and positivity really pays off. Plus you’ve obviously very talented and driven too. Great inspiration (as always) for bloggers and great advice. Thanks for sharing. Jess xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much darling, you’re talented and driven yourself and blogging is bursting with opportunities all there for the taking xx

  10. Alice @ The Filling Glass

    To a newbie blogger (how long can I keep saying that?!), you are a figurehead in the blogging community. I can imagine it is very frustrating to have people questioning the value of what you do, but it is easy for people to be like that when they don’t understand something rather than learn. Your self worth is inspirational, anyone should be proud of what they do. I recently described myself as a writer (to the postman, to explain why I’m always at my computer!) and it felt good:-)

    • Honest Mum

      Yay as you should Alice, self worth is crucial and as digital careers are becoming the norm, it will get easier. Thank you for your kind words, there’s never been a better time to blog!

  11. Carla

    This is fab. I dream of calling myself a professional blogger, actually I call myself a blogger already but have not yet had the industry recognition. My blog is almost 7 years old now. I started as a hobby and only really started trying to make it my career in the last 12-18 months. It is great to know that it is possible, by someone I’ve met in real life. Thanks for pioneering this new career for those of us who dream of it. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll have the real income and recognition to be able to call myself a Pro-blogger! Keep on telling us how it is and for cutting through the fluff.

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much but I say call yourself a professional blogger already, there are no rules about when you can define yourself as one, it’s your job, you’re a pro. I remember starting out as a director many years ago and the best advice I had was to tell everyone after my MA directing MA that I was a director, yes I’d directed award winning shorts but I wasn’t working full time as a director and before I knew it, defining myself as such, behaving as a director and having the work to show for it, meant I was indeed directing full time. Go for it x

  12. Ebabee

    Very well said! And so true – it’s frustrating to explain what you do. But that is changing. When I ask Anya what she want’s to do, she often says she wants to be a blogger! Ha, ha – she gets it and she’s just six!!

    • Honest Mum

      That is so wonderful, same, Oliver is so proud of my career, he tells everyone that ‘Mummy is a blogger and her blog is honestmum dot com’, adorable. These are the bloggers and vloggers of the future! xx

  13. Charlotte Taylor

    Thanks for this. Im not an established blogger but have recently started. I felt the need to do something so not as to be ‘just’ a stay at home mummy, when a lot of people began to ask me what next? I am finding justifying blogging as difficult as explaining my decision not to return to work, I should not need to justify either! I love food and cooking and would love to earn a living from it, i just need to be able to allocate more time to grow my audience and develop my blog more now xx

    • Honest Mum

      It can and will happen, I always say everyone needs a ‘maternity leave’ to grow a business, baby or not and in time and with dedication you can create a thriving business. I’ve blogged a lot about making your blog a career too and you can read these posts here: xx

  14. Kate Peers

    How inspiring a read. I can understand the annoyance of having to explain that what you do is a “real” job, I am sure that within 5 years it will be seen as one – as for now – keep winning and enjoy being one of the pioneers!

  15. Leila (A Polyglot Mum)

    Thanks for this Vicki. I’m not a professional blogger by any means and being a language/distance learning blogger is very different to yours but you have just reminded me why I started it and the fact that it was just my space to put my thoughts out there, no matter what you get back. Thank you again for re-inspiring me! xx


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