Beningbrough Hall

The Perfect Sunday at Beningbrough Hall in York

Beningbrough Hall

We ‘huge hearts in eyes emoji’ LOVE Beningbrough Hall, the Georgian mansion in York surrounded by fairytale-esque gardens currently dotted with Brothers Grim style pumpkin patches and rosy apple trees swaying in the breeze.

Dreamboat or what?!

Beningbrough Hall, York

There’s nowhere we like to lose ourselves more on a Sunday than strolling through BH’s glorious grounds, spotting golden fish diving beneath lilypads in the pond there or pointing at cows close by intent on mooing us ‘good day’.

cow against a sunlit field

From the minute we arrive our very own little carves run with glee to their happy place at Beningbrough, a magical playground nestled beneath a ceiling of branches deep within the Hall’s evergreen forest.

magical playground at Beningbrough Hall

With wooden horses, boats, swings, slides and a teepee area dedicated to building your own dens using sticks pre-collected for you, it’s a complete and utter haven for kids of all ages.

stunning woodland at Beningbrough Hall

Oliver discovered a ‘real life’  Stick Man amongst the golden leaves but in our haste to chase the sun, we forgot to bring him home with us back to the family tree- and Xander failed to hide his sadness!

child finds the real Stick Man

Look at this curled-lip cutie!

child sulks

little boy with a sad expression

Suddenly Oliver saves the day, remembering Xander’s beloved dog sculpture nearby and together they bound towards him!


happy child

child pointing

Yay, two happy children once more and ‘no Xander, we’re not getting a real dog, not yet anyway’!

children play with a dog sculpture

…We were so incredibly lucky with the weather as the sun beamed down on us after lunch, meaning coats were discarded with abandon and we could pretend it was summer once again!

pretty plants

Summer sunshine collecting conkers really makes for the best of both seasons!

And just look at that beautiful glare. Exquisite.

the sun shines through the trees

It was actually down to the surprise day of sun that we didn’t make it to the gallery inside the mansion. We do love a peruse though and recommend you check out the hundred 18th Century portraits on loan from the National Portrait Gallery there- and do book early to listen to Santa’s stories this Christmas, as we found it such a treat last year.

And aren’t these festive looking ruby roses just perfection…


I love this crazy picture of me in all my leopard/floral clashing craziness, below. I’ve decided I’ll dress like this in my 80s too. Self expression-and ivy bearded-(as Xander calls it)-houses are simply EVERYTHING. Talk about #housegoals hey, I wonder if we could just move in?!

Not sure my love of leopard print would camouflage me well!

family pose outside of a house covered in purple ivy

Seriously though, great thanks to Beningbrough for the most perfect of Sundays, a window of sunshine allowing us all to relax, run, reconnect and laugh-mostly at my flapping as bees ascended my floral dress convinced it possessed sweet nectar!

Until the next time…

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