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The One (No Not that One)

Not The One (below), one but the one your partner/husband/friend with benefits has agreed if you ever meet (which is extremely unlikely) you can -‘ you know with’ or I don’t know, at least kiss.

Vicki and Peter-Honest Mum

I was thinking about this the other day because as you know I work in the crazy media world and have done since I was 21. I’m a loyal girl, love my husband madly but in my time I’ve been approached/asked out by the odd film star, TV personality, sound man (never went there) and a few years back, before I had Oliver my husband and I got chatting about this, you know fantasizing about who would be each other’s one (apart from each other of course). . .But let me start from the beginning.

I used to be obsessed with the HBO series Entourage-I mean utterly, crazily besotted with the show: the boys and in particular Adrien Grenier who plays the lead Vincent Chase.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the series, it follows the rise of Brooklyn boy Vince and his friends (his Entourage) as he makes it, then breaks it, then makes it again in LA. It’s Exec Produced by Marky Mark who it’s roughly based upon and is on it’s seventh or something series. You see since having O, I’ve not had chance to watch series 6 and 7 (I know, I hate myself for it) but I’m looking forward to doing so one day, when my child and sleep get to know each other long enough, to fully catch up.

So back to the story,  a few years ago I mentioned to my husband, that if I ever met Adrien Grenier and he might, MIGHT JUST like me (crazy I know), then I’d love him to be my One. The one I’d have a naughty kiss with. That  is all. One little smooch. My ( and I must add very gorgeous in that ‘I don’t even know it way’) husband replied he would then take Scarlett Johannsen. Fine. Done deal. Like he would EVER meet Scarlett.

I’d once shared a red carpet with her at the Cannes Film Festival but as my dear husband is allergic to film festivals (loves films but not the hoohah) so he missed his chance. Unlikely that would ever happen again unless I don’t know Scarlett shot her next film in Leeds… Phew *wipes brow.


So off I went to Los Angeles as my short film Broken was screening at a film festival there and on one of the days I was not at the fest, my good friend Emma (who’d been showing my brother and I round Hollywood), dropped us off at Rodeo Drive. After getting all excited about The Beverly Wilshire Hotel we suddenly saw tonnes of trailers, film crew and extras behind one of the designer stores there.

Then my brother Sol uttered the immortal words, “Vix, turn around, there’s Entourage”. And there they were: the Entourage boys walking towards us. It was like a dream… One I’d had before. That’s when I immediately morphed into my 14 year old self. Forget the fact I’m actually a director and have worked with pretty famous actors before-oh yeah forget all that. I tried not to squeal as I approached them. Tried. Not sure I didn’t. (Oh the shame) Their bodyguard had taken a shine to me so when they passed us, they stopped to chat for a while. No airs or graces, just cool, friendly dudes.

All I could say was, “I’m from London, I’m from London”. The character who plays E (Eric) Kevin Connolly started flirting charmingly with me (MAJOR SQUEAL), putting his arms round my shoulders beckoning me with ” Get over here London”. So we had a snap then they were called to the scene.

Where was Adrien though, my teen crush? Well as part of the scene he had to drive into the shot so was in a nearby jeep. So close, yet so far. I’d missed my chance to meet my One. I mean my other one.

We watched the scene being shot (Jeremy Piven really is as funny in real life as the characters he plays) and then I made a 100 dollar  long distance call to one of my best friends back in Blighty recounting every second of the incident. Like a 14 year old would do. My husband was pretty suprised we’d stumbled across the boys too (and probably a little bit relieved Adrien wasn’t there). As if in my wildest dreams that might have happened anyway.

So life’s a funny thing isn’t it. Funnily enough I rarely get starstruck. Apart for the time I was stood next to Martin Scorcese in Cannes but I’ll leave that story for another time.

So who’s your One? Or do you have several crazy crushes on celebs?

Disclaimer. I love my husband and in the tiny chance Adrien would have liked me, I’d have chickened out. The diamond bracelet is still on right Pete?

P.S I apologise for what I’m wearing in the photo. It was 2007 after all.

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias Broadbent.


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