Bolton Abbey

The Move: A Change of Plan

Bolton Abbey

Taken at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Those who follow this blog will remember that I wrote a piece on our proposed move to the outskirts of London or Windsor a few months ago, sharing that the family and I were set to relocate. Well, those plans have now changed and we’re staying put in Yorkshire.

A few things have happened (some ongoing) since that announcement, influencing our decision to remain here on the outskirts of Leeds in the pretty village we call home.

A close relative who has been unwell for over a year hasn’t fully recovered as we’d hoped and whilst we are positive that will be the case, moving now isn’t the right thing to do.

Alexander is also starting school in September (and has in fact just received his place today to join his brother at the village primary) and moving without firm plans for schools down South for either of my boys felt incredibly daunting and stressful.

An interested party who had wanted to make a private offer on our house also retracted, which while surprising at the time, was a blessing in disguise as it gave us the space to reevaluate if a move now was wise after all.

On top of all that, as you guys know, I have a busy schedule, working as a full-time blogger and vlogger whilst also writing a book which I deliver my first draft of, in June (it’s out next March) so an imminent move was freaking me out in all honesty. It felt like too much change at a time I crave stability so I can get my head down and crack on.

So that’s the story. We’re not moving. Not right now anyway. We might well move in the future of course. LA is our long term plan particularly as I hope to one day juggle my digital work life with directing my first feature film, returning to my filmmaking career, but we’re sticking up North for now and the foreseeable.

We love it here, we overlook open countryside and live close to my family and my job means I can work remotely and from anywhere. Peter and I have also discussed the possibility of another baby at some point (definitely not something for right now but in the future) and I can’t imagine being too far from my folks if that were to happen. Their love and support meant everything to us when we moved here from Bristol when Oliver was a baby, and Xander was born in Leeds with my parents being a vital source of strength to us in every way.

I will still travel lots to London of course and I’m usually there weekly (good job I love traveling by train, hey), and we’ve discussed buying a house in York perhaps in a year or two, with the commute only being 1 hour 45 direct to King Cross. Who knows hey?

Right now though, I feel happy with our decision.

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The Move: A Change of Plan

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