I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things lately. The things we so often take for granted as is natural in life, but contribute to my overall happiness.

I thought I’d list these sweet things for myself really, as a reminder of what matters when life can feel overwhelming and I need to regroup. To help remind myself what makes my heart sing.

I hope it inspires you to remember too.

  1. The sweet honey-scented skin of my amazing boys when I kiss their sweet cheeks and hold them close.
  2. My children’s contagious laughter when I tickle them, or we watch an episode of The Simpsons together.
  3. The Simpsons.  And reliving my childhood through my kids. They adore Fun House and Nightmare on YouTube, and I love feeling 10 again myself, a time where life felt and was so simple as childhood should feel.
  4. Waking up to sunshine. Despite the cold, those precious rays lift me up and remind me that spring is on its way.
  5. Writing a post like this, a book of 63,000 words, or a line in a card to a loved one. The joy that sharing brings.
  6. The way my husband looks at me, the same way today as he did when we first met.
  7. Speaking to my best friends every single week. Nothing beats a phone call bar a Skype call.
  8. Wedges, despite them making me trip my way through life. I love the way they elongate my legs and make me look as tall as I feel in my head.
  9. Chocolate mousse with dollops of extra thick cream.
  10. Celebs Go Dating, First Dates, Made in Chelsea and Don’t Tell The Bride. I live for Reality TV.
  11. Painting. I forgot how happy painting makes me feel but promised myself I’d pick up a brush again after writing my book and I’m so glad I have.
  12. When the food shop gets delivered and the fridge is fit to burst full of possibility and milk chocolate!
  13. Homemade cappuccino from our recent machine that’s brought immeasurable happiness to Peter and I.
  14. An exciting, unexpected email.
  15. A hello from a reader in the street.
  16. A hug with someone who needs it most and when I need it most too.
  17. Train journeys.
  18. Clouds forming faces in the sky.
  19. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Symphony with Andrea Bocelli.
  20. Dua Lipa and how much I needed her voice as a teen.
  21. A new dress. Bag, shoes or make-up. Cat eye shades.
  22. Candles.

What’s on your list?


Photo by STIL on Unsplash.

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The Little Things

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  1. Moonsparkle (ZM(

    Great post, I’m going to make my own list! I’m a Dua Lipa fan too. 🙂 A few of my little things are: Blue skies and sunny days, walking in the park, the smell of books, eating chocolate and iced coffees.



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