My post No Boys Allowed got a lot of debate going on on the blog the other day and some women mentioned little girls’ clothes were much more fun and they found greater choice for girls, struggling with boys’ gear for their own or for presents.

A few women on Twitter requested I share some tips of where is best to buy as I’ve never had a problem with boys’ clothes or finding cute ones and as you can see below, they’re out there and in abundance!

I couldn’t get my child to model a catwalk show so I rifled through various pics and have cobbled this together. Enjoy.


This is Oliver looking fully fed up as we dined out with the whole Big Fat Greek family. He’s wearing a Gap black and white striped shirt with crossbones (although latter not visible in picture). Gwen Stefani would be proud!

leather jackets

Apologies for the low quality of the picture-was taken on my phone! Here we are in matching leather jackets and check shirts. His leather jacket with faux fur trim is Zara Spain (a gift from my gorgeous Auntie Zac) and his shirt is from M&S. Mine is all Topshop.


A recent find in my local Lloyds Chemist (yes really) this £2.99 Little Inca King style hat adds effortless style and warmth of course, to his cute little outfit. The jumper was hand knitted (love homemade knits) by local Grannies I found at a charity fair and trousers were from French Connection last year.

holiday clothes

Holiday clothes should be cheap and cheeful. The shorts are last year’s John Lewis and T shirt is Sainsbury’s.

dressing gown
This was taken the other day. O’s snuggly dressing gown is from Sainsbury’s TU label as are his Thomas the Tank Engine PJ’s.

And in here is his first Mulberry outfit. Yeah right. There’s a long awaited handbag in there for me for my birthday!

O’s little cardi above was picked up in a local charity shop. My leopard print coat is Topshop.

Hope this helps all you ladies struggling to pick up cool threads for boys. Other cool shops for boys are Mothercare (Baby K range is cute) Next, Boots Mini Club Range (which I love) and H & M.

If you want to go designer, my favourite brands for boys are Timberland, Ralph Lauren, Emile et Rose (for babies) and Diesel. I tend to get them in the sale though as kids grow out of clothes so quickly!

Photographs ©Peter Broadbent


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22 Responses

    • honestmum

      @BargainMummy a purple leopard Mitzy Boho Bag as chosen by the husband when I opted for a black Alexa. He said this was more me!

      Here is the google image I found!,r:4,s:0

    • honestmum

      @Rachael yes Boots Mini Club is fab for either isn’t it. I’ve bought soem fab girl presents from there and their summer dresses are just gorgeous!

  1. EmmaK

    ooh he is just so lovely!! you are a one lucky mama. you’ve made me all broody…but husband is a jaffa….seedless….oh you know had a vasectomy!!

  2. Susan Mann

    So cute, he looks so adorable. I think boys clothes aren’t too bad, there are always some great tops out there. They are just limited to their bottom halves. But they always look cute. x

  3. KyNa Boutique

    There are some great clothes out there for boys now, its just a matter of knowing where to look.
    I make sure when stocking the website that there is an equal mix of boys & girls clothes and is where i get most of their clothes from, along with of course Zara, Gap & H&M.
    I like them to have individual style and always get comments on how well dressed they are.

  4. Mum of all trades

    I have bought some beautiful clothes for the boys over the years. I love H&m and Zara. Because most clothes in our house get passed down through all 4 boys I don’t mind paying for some of the more expensive brands as they really last. Catimini and marese have gorgeous clothes for boys. My youngest at the minute is the 4th wearer of his miniman duffle coat, it is in great condition. Now of course the older boys are starting to express their own thoughts on their clothes which has made for some interesting ‘discussions’ between us!

    • honestmum

      @Mum of All Trades that’s wonderful that you can pass clothes down between your boys. Designer wear really tends to last and those designs are often classic so never really age. Will check out Catimini and Marese. Thanks for tips!

  5. Isra

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I found some amazing and fun stuff for my son when he was younger, and since setting up my business (online children’s clothes retailer )he always has the latest and really stylish and unique stuff! Your boy looks amazing, x

  6. julesey10

    I LOVE boys clothes! I strive to make him look as funky as I can. I never struggle to find something preppy and cute in Next and I adore rummaging in tkmaxx for some designer bargins. Baby boy especially clothes wise is so easy and I loved designer petit bateu clothes and emile et rose too. Their stuff was so soft. Again as u say the boots range is surprisingly good and very funky colours. This time round I can’t wait to get stuck into whichever flavour clothes I need for baby! (Altho tutu skirts, hoodies and blinged converse do hold a certain appeal for me right now for some reason) Funk those babas up and be brave is my advice for anyone having boys. As women it is so easy to fall into the ‘pink’ girl thinking but boys u can turn into ur very own preppy boy and have fun with it!
    I also say keep their curls as long as u can. Nothing better than a skater boy baby! 😉 xxx

    • honestmum

      @Julesey10 totally agree with you lovely. You have one cool kid and long hair on boys is so cute. I call it American style hair and O’s is actually a bit too long at moment-everyone keeps saying what a pretty girl he is!

  7. Kylie @kykaree

    Great post!

    I am always getting compliments on Joseph’s clothes. I like it bright and cheerful, so ours tend to be Polarn O Pyret, Next and stuff I collect from charity shops and also trips to Germany and to Australia.

    I like him to look a little different, but like a little boy, not a mini man, but the odd shirt is fine.

    It’s amazing how much is out there for boys, and there are some beautiful things.


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