heart melterMy son, Alexander has only lived on this planet for 5 short years yet his compassionate and caring nature knows no bounds and never ceases to amaze me.

This post here promises to warm the coldest of hearts, I promise.

When you’ve lost all faith in the world, please read this piece and remind yourself of little Alexander and his kind nature and all the kids like him, who are, quite literally, our future-and thank goodness for that.

  1. Although I’m plant-based myself, I haven’t yet gone into detail about animal-cruelty with Alexander. The next quote is simply in response to him figuring out things for himself and after asking where some of the food he eats comes from, ‘ I don’t like eating animals because I don’t want to kill animals for my dinner. I like animals so I don’t want to hurt them. I don’t want to see their blood. I want to see them see happy and being alive’.
  2. Out of the blue walking in the sunshine earlier, Alexander blurted out, ‘I miss Zachara and wish she wasn’t in heaven’. We lost my aunt, Alexander’s godmother, my Auntie Zak, last year and I think of her every single day. So does Xander. I’ve never seen a bond between a godchild and godparent like the one those two had. Zak would call him her son. When visiting her in Spain where she lived when Xander was a toddler, he would wait by the front door of our villa for her to come and collect us every morning, shouting her name. He endlessly FaceTimed her and she was a huge part of his and all of our lives. Our hearts are forever broken.  I know that Alexander will always keep her memory alive.
  3. When he caught sight of me in a new pale blue Zara dress, Xander showered me with these words, ‘Oh Mummy, you look beautiful in your wedding dress’! Haha!
  4. In Waterstones book shop earlier, Xander spotted my book on the parenting shelf and looked as proud as punch. Before we left as we paid for some children’s books and Pokemon cards, he ran over, brandishing my book on his return. ‘I want to buy this Mummy’. ‘No Xander, let’s leave it so someone else can buy it’. He hung on tighter. ‘No, I want to buy it with my own money’. Bless that boy for wanting to buy my book with his pocket money. I wouldn’t let him of course, but what a moment. One I will never forget.
  5. Me commenting to Peter that I wish I was as cool and successful as a writer I was interviewing for the blog. Xander bellowed, ‘But Mummy you are famous’. Me (laughing) ‘I’m not’. ‘Yes you are Mummy, you are a famous blogger, Vicki at honestmum dot com so should feel happy about that’.
  6. Earlier today, Me ‘OK, so I’m going to buy you some Pokemon cards because you’ve been unwell but there’s no need to tell your brother and cause World War 3 over it’. Him (crying) ‘No Mummy, you know what I’m like, I have to be honest and tell him’.

What a little dude.

What heart melting things have your kids been saying recently?

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7 Responses

  1. Emma Peach

    Kids always speak from the heart. My little girl often tells me I’m the best mummy in the world, which is lovely to hear because I often feel that I’m not!

    Emma xxx

  2. Rebecca - Glutarama

    I love these moments, well done for writing these few down. I really must do the same, Lewis (11) is so very thoughtful and see’s things in a light I never would (he’s HF Autistic) the things he says are remarkable. xxx

  3. Jodie

    This is exactly why we should all be open in our feelings and thoughts!! How priceless!!

  4. Merkitty

    Aww, these are all adorable things to have heard your kids say. Kids are so pure and I can see why these melted your heart. ♥


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