September 30th saw my husband Peter, and I, enjoy a special evening in London at the Esso Synergy Fuels launch event. 

For those not aware, I’m working with Esso over the next 3 months and have been crazy-excited for the launch night for weeks.

Staying at the delightful Tower Hotel nearby, our suite certainly proved to be a room with a spectacular view as we overlooked the River Thames and fittingly, the Tower Bridge.

hotel room

tower hill hotel

Our room had a nautical feel to it too, the windows were rather cruise like and we felt instantly relaxed there-

River Thames

Also there wasn’t much time to relax as I had to start preparing for the night… I wore an exquisite black lace dress c/o Kaliko, a cropped cardigan c/o Fever London, earrings c/o Yosa, heels I’d designed myself with Upper Street and an Anya Hindmarch silver clutch.

Having had my hair styled on set the day before, for a shoot for Superdrug that will go on Red Magazine’s site in the spring, meant the mane was tonged and glossy so I simply applied a glam evening look make up wise-smokey eyes and a pillar box red lip, and was good to go!

vicki psarias

vicki psarias

Cabbing it to the inconic Underglobe, a venue space directly under, but part of the Shakespeare’s Globe,  it was time to walk the red carpet and take some shots.

Peter and I filmed the night too so you can watch it below, and the press snapped my picture, mostly in or posing by the magnificent McLaren 650S

Suits me huh?!

 McLaren 650S

Getting my pose on like the blogger that I am 😉

esso launch

Highlights were of course, meeting hero, 2009 Formula One™ World Champion, Jenson Button- such a sweet, and yes ladies, handsome chap- as well as also having the chance to chat to the gifted composer of ‘War of the Worlds’ Jeff Wayne who created the score to the famous Esso Tiger commercials of the 70’s to the 90’s.

It was a real honour to meet and be photographed with these chaps.

jenson button

It was good to see if wasn’t just me posing too!

Jenson Button

Jenson Button

Jenson is a truly humble, sweet man who spoke of his favourite roads to drive in Monaco where he lives and his career highlights.

Jenson Button

…The two main men of the night-Jenson Button and Jeff Wayne

jenson button and jeff wayne

After the photos and speeches came an evening of live entertainment with the première of a revamped version of Jeff Wayne’s ‘Tiger theme’, a powerful piece, that played alongside an animated illustration of Esso’s forecourts through the ages projected onto the historic walls of the UnderGlobe.

We also watched in complete awe as celebrated Britain’s Got Talent dance troupe UDI performed several bespoke virtual reality spectacles.

esso launch



As there were only around a hundred special guests, it was a relaxed evening despite being so heightened and exciting.

Being so intimate meant lots of time to meet, greet and chat with the distinguished guests.

It was wonderful to speak with Karen Dickens, Esso’s global fuels programme executive who also gave a welcome speech and interviewed Jenson and Jeff on stage.

It was also brilliant to meet the other digital influencers working with Esso for the next three months too-

It was cool to also meet:

Sam Fayne – Seen Through Glass
Paul Wallace – Supercars of London
Tim Burton – Shmee150

Peter and I instantly clicked with these guys, and we all had a real laugh together-Peter recognised them too being a supercars fan so that was cool!

And these boys sure know, (and own super cars), so I’ve added purchasing my very own Lamborghini to my #lifegoals too!

We can squeeze the kids in the back right?! 😉

I might not have a Lamborghini (more like a VW Touran) but I’ll soon be embarking on some fun trips around the UK with two family breaks and one for just Peter and I, over the coming months.

We’ll be filling up at the new Synergy forecourts on our way and I’ll be sharing our adventures with you all through the blog, on social media and via videos we’ll be shooting of our adventures.

I simply cannot wait to hit the road-if only it were in a McLaren 650S.

One more for the #lifegoals hey 😉

Here is the film:

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69 Responses

  1. Lizzie Roles

    Wowsers Vicki what a night! How exciting. We have a Touran too! You suit the Esso car not sure how it would go on the school run, maybe a weekend car? Huge congrats on the campaign, you looked amazing too and made me take a second look a Kaliko. Gorge dress, shoes, lippy and great review of the night xo

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much, feel honoured to be working with Esso for the next three months and it was a wonderful night. So glad you liked my dress. Touran’s rock but dreaming of a McLaren one day just for me x

  2. Su {Ethan & Evelyn}

    Wow! This is totally awesome! You get to hang out with Jenson! I am so excited and what to know what Esso has got installed for you. The hotel looks so nice with a perfect view, getting you ready for the perfect night. The event went so well. What a fab night and you look so gorgeous as usual! I really like the vdo also. Great editing work. Thank you for hosting. x

  3. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Vicki, so cool, I’m living vicariously through you and boy are we having a great time! The entire trip looked awesome, and I loved your outfit, especially the shoes, so incredible! So happy the night went well and you had a great time, and thanks again for sharing!!!!

  4. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, you look very glam (love the shoes), perfect for a glam event)! Jenson Button sounds like a really nice chap in interviews, so I can imagine he’s a proper gent in the flesh.

    Hope you got to keep the McLaren!


  5. rachel

    what a fantastic evening and this vlog is fantastic.. i need to get some tips from you, you’re bloody marvellous!!XX

  6. Notmyyearoff

    What an amazing evening. The McLaren looks wow, as do you…and as does Jenson! 🙂 I look forward to seeing more about this campaign!

  7. Stacey

    Hello!! What an amazing night – I am so proud of you. I have never heard of the Underglobe – I will have to Google that one! I really should have heard of it seeing as it’s part of the globe. Xx

    • Honest Mum

      It’s an events area in the basement of the Globe, so stunning, thanks for linking up lovely, fabulous to have you join. I’m really proud of you too x

  8. Beth

    WOW! What an amazing experience. and how lucky are you to meet that gorgeous HANDSOME bloke 😉 xxx

  9. El

    Wow, how exciting! It looked like you had a brilliant night and yes the McLaren does suit you. I look forward to reading more of your adventures! Maybe post a “How to travel in Lamborghini with kids?”

  10. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    What a fabulous event! The McLaren really suits you – you definitely need one! Love your outfit choice & the hotel is amazing, it totally looks like you are on a cruise! The whole event sounds so fun! #brilliantblogposts x

  11. A Moment with Franca

    This is just WOW WOW!!!! I can’t believe you met Jenson Button! I’m so jealous!! I’m a massive fan of F1 so this is amazing!! Everything sounds great!! You really did have a fantastic day! Congratulations again lovely!! I guess now that you are soooo busy it would be really difficult to meet again! Anyway, thank you for hosting! 🙂 x

  12. New Mummy Blog

    Oh WOW WOW WOW, what an amazing night! There are so many things that popped into my head reading this, so here’s a list… Wow, you met Jenson Button, he’s gorgeous, I’m so jealous!, 2) what a lovely hotel room, I love he hotels along that way, they’re so much nicer than those more central 3) I LOVE YOUR SHOES!
    Thank you for hosting, and showing me the other side to being a mummy blogger…. The glamorous one, not the pooey one 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Hehe love this comment, thanks, so glad you liked Jenson ;), the hotel and my shoes! Not every day is as glamorous as this sadly! x

  13. Bee

    Oh my goodness, he is a rather handsome chap isn’t he? My husband loves nothing more than the F1, being a little amateur racing car driver at the Toyota Sprint Series he would be astounded to be at an event with Jenson Button! Can’t wait to hear about your two trips away ❤️

  14. John Adams

    Oh what I’d give for a VW Touran! Looks like you had a great night and a brilliant campaign. I look forward to reading of your adventures as you tour the UK. Thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts

  15. Fatima @ Baby Toddler Me

    It sounds like you had a fab evening Vicki… congratulations on all this amazing success you’re having, and how cool that you get to share it with your Peter. Keep on rocking, gorgeous lady! x #brillblogposts

  16. Jen

    Wow! That was an amazing night. I loved that you documented it through pictures of the evening. Congrats on this new adventure and as always thank you for hosting. #brilliantblogposts

  17. Angela at Daysinbed

    What a fab experience. I just love your shoes and couldn’t help noticing them in the pictures lol! i really enjoy reading about the places you go and the great events you attend and I love the picture of you in the car- “getting your pose on” so cool!

    Angela x

  18. Sarah

    Wow, looks a really exciting event. I agree with Debbie’s comment – they really should let you drive the McLaren! I for one would love an Honest Mum review on one – how else would I know if it might be the car for me?

  19. Random Musings

    Looks like a fab night in a lovely hotel. Loving the McLaren 650s, see if you can talk them into letting you drive it for a review lol! Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts


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