Earth to Echo poster

The Earth to Echo Effect

Earth to Echo poster
I mentioned on Facebook recently how mesmerized my son, Oliver, aged 4 1/2 was by the movie of the moment, the modern ET, Echo.

I’ve never seen a film, any film in fact (and we’ve watched many in his short little life) affect him quite as much as this one.

Heading to the cinema laden with popcorn (sweet and salty mixed) and a treat of coke (for me, Oliver had a few sips), we sat, captivated for the duration of the whole film. Oliver didn’t fidget once!

So what’s it about:

Tuck, Munch and Alex are a trio of best friends who on discovering their neighborhood is being destroyed by a highway construction project take matters into their own teenage hands.

Forced to move from their beloved neighborhood, just two days before they must part ways, they begin receiving a strange series of messages and white noise on their mobile phones. Convinced something crazy is going on, they head for the dessert and discover a tiny alien stranded on earth: Echo.

In need of their help, the boys and a female friend, Emma come together to protect their new buddy and help him find his way home. This journey, full of wonder, adventure, love and enduring friendship is their story and it WILL. BLOW. YOU. AWAY.

From shaky hand held shots with a nod to the You Tube generation this is cinema at its finest. Emotion on screen. Unflinching, powerful, character driven storytelling that gets you in the gut. I won’t lie, I weeped like a baby at the end!

I was worried it might be a little too sophisticated and mature for my 4 1/2 year old son but he was taken by it all and loved every single minute.

Some of his thoughts after the film:

“I love it when they ride to the dessert on their bikes…then boom all the pieces fly everywhere and make Echo”…”I love him so much”.

It’s definitely the ET of our kids’ generation and we’re counting the days until it’s out on DVD! A powerful must-see movie!


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