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The Creative Women’s Network’s Night Out

The Creative Women's Network

Friday night was one hell of a night out.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because the hangover is still hanging around and and it’s Monday (!) but I wanted to write this post for anyone who might feel a little lost right now,or fed up of being let down by so called friends and colleagues because amazing women (and men) exist out there, and your tribe is honestly one tweet away.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have made life-long friends in every chapter of my life from school to uni, working in the TV and film industry and later as a blogger and mum. I’ve accumulated many sisters and allies over the years. I’ve been let down too, of course, I’ve felt used and abused, rejected and unloved in my time. I’ve discovered who my real friends were, when the chips came crashing down and I’ve suffered illness and loss. That’s when you know who has your back.

It’s easy to be at the party but harder to pick up the broken pieces, right?

Anyway, last week, 26 brilliant, bold and sisterly women (some I’ve known forever aka Day 1ers, others I met for the first time that night) went for a spectacular dinner at the insanely instagrammable Jones Family Kitchen in Belgravia (thanks for the discount and bubbles by the way, hashtag ad, hashtag gift-although the GREATEST GIFT WAS THOSE GIRLS and thanks to Esther Bell for arranging the night with me)- and wow, was the energy ELECTRIC! Just look at our queen Frida glowing at us!

….We laughed, we cried, some of us got a bit drunk and disorderly (me, mostly, hashtag slut dropping mama, hashtag cringe) and most of all, that old cliche of ‘there was love in the room’ was 100% REAL!

The Creative Women’s Network was founded by myself and the lovely Maggie Woodley who has since left her more managerial role in the group due to work commitments, but is still an active member, as an antidote to the ever-present cliques and depressing hierarchical behaviour that can be so prevalent, particularly in the mummy blogging world which isn’t our bag. Not in a million years.

We wanted to build a community of strong women who could share, collaborate and bond with one another in a multitude of meaningful ways.

It started with regular empowering day events but soon morphed into evening get-togethers, as so many of us complained that we don’t get out at night, enough.  It’s not just for mums either, by the way. Whatever you do, if you define yourself as woman and like/ want to create, you’re in.

So this is it. A nourishing, loving and supportive af on and offline space where you and I belong.

FYI you can always sit with us, laugh with us, and get your creative hat on with us.

The private group on FB is open and waiting for you.

Roll on September for our next night out.

See you there!

night out

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